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Meeting Notes March 23, 2022

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

March 23, 2022 - 4:30-6:00


  • Michele, Diane, Nancy, Jenn, John, Claire, Moana, Valerie, Donna

Desired Outcomes

  1. Strengthen relationships among members

  2. Shared understanding of current/future FLF, Library and FSCPL activities

  3. Confirm Diane McCormick as FLF Secretary

  4. Agree on format for April meeting

Facilitator: Jenn. Notetaker: Diane

Welcome. Question: What’s the last good book you read?

  • A few that were mentioned: How to Catch a Mole, How we Talk, The Fatal Shore, The Cobra Events. The Untethered Soul.

The Library World

Library Advisory Commission Jenn

Meeting this week, met the full committee - virtual and in person.

  • New Strategic Plan. Reviewed new goals. Reviewed why folks come to the library. Nancy's question. How to provide community input? Jenn will research and report back.

  • How to make partnerships with the community - define the resources. How to make the library more inclusive. What is represented? How do we promote and support all people?

  • New designs within the system.

  • How to recruit and retain with salary constraints. Pipeline for career choice.

  • Presentation by Heather Norquest summer reading program.

What is happening in the system and at the Felton Branch? Angie/Jackie

  • Not present - skip report.

Homework help in the library (John Schneider, tutor) John

- Intro to John. Retired teacher, recently relocated. Experienced with Lompico water.

- K-12. - Mostly math requests. Looking for skills improvement.

- Writing support is a strength.

How many typical - 1-2 students. 2-3rd grade students.

3-5 - Tuesdays. - John’s availabile in the Teen Room

How to make John’s resource available

  • How can we support awareness?

    • Make teachers aware


- Connect with students with IEPs--can Clara do this?

Distribute email list of our members to John (unsure what this means-MM).

- Outreach to Felton Librarians - what outreach to local schools

FSCPL Michele

  • Looking to integrate the chapters with the board.

  • Looking for chapter presentation to the board in June

  • Successful fundraising campaign

FLF Business

Nancy Nominated Diane McCormick for secretary.; Donna seconded the motion.

  • Passed unanimously by Leadership Team memebers

FLF discussion

FLF will sponsor a meeting with SCPL new director Yolande Wilburn April 27.

Nancy will do Intro to her background and invite people to sign up for FLF newsletter and come to meetings.

Yolande want to talk about her early days at SCPL and her vision of what the system is working toward

- - What are our questions:

- What can be done to promote Early childhood literacy

- Combining park and library programs. Summer reading - use the park

- Felton programming - Can we promote more & diverse programs. Adults?

- How will we be a part of programming in N. Co region

How can we promote Felton specific programming (separate from system wide)

PR: Michele will do. She asked for valley organizations to receive invites and recorded the input.

FLF Team Reports (as needed).

Treasurer’s report: Michele

  • $72,476. Account + Comm Foundation Flex $111K +

  • $60k budget for improvements

  • Book Sales - $200+ per month

    • Children’s books needed! (3-6 years of age)

    • Donations welcome - email FLF for pick up

Park team Nancy

- Special event - Apr 9: Water Agency Jay Ryan. volunteer event for the banks of Bull Creek.

Looking for 30 volunteers - they will train and asking for people to bring key items

  • Can get supplies from Quail Hollow

FLF providing refreshments - Marilyn - Coffee.

Donna to get Pac Cookie donation

Library opening early for bathrooms

Communications Team Valerie

  • Val and Moana met to review Mail Chimp.

  • Flyers for HW help (mid-May stopping)? Maybe in fall.

  • College application assistance

    • John could assist.

    • Cougar Club connection ? - Diane to research.

Branch Improvements team (see attached notes) Diane

  • Carpet first consideration. Showed samples to group for feedback.

  • Apr 10 - teen presentation.

Events Michele/Diane

  • Diane brought Valentine basket to the staff

  • April 27 - Yoland mtg. Nancy will introduce her. .

    • Will nvite public to the FLF meetings. Newsletter sign up.

Next steps

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 27 with Yolande Wilburn 4-5pm

Agenda building:

  • May 25th - meeting

  • Felton Library has movie license that could be renewed in June if it is being used. Moana’s husband Devin is interested..

    • Does LaSelva have movie night. What is their program?


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