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FLF Meeting Notes 11-20-2022


Felton Library Friends works toward the following mission:

  • ​Identify and support the library, park, and community-led programming and services

  • ​Collaborate with community organizations, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Santa Cruz County Parks, and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District on agreed-upon projects

  • ​Advocate for the needs of the library and park

  • ​Fundraise for identified needs not covered in library or park operational or capital budgets

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

November 30, 2022, 4:00-5:30

Felton Library Community Room

Facilitator: Michele M Notetaker: Diane McCormick

Attendees: Michele, Valerie, Diane, Moana, Donna, Marilyn. Staff: Phil, Ivan.

Welcome and introductions.

Opening Question: What’s one particular thing (out of many) that you felt grateful for on Thanksgiving Day?

The Library World

  • Library Advisory Commission--no report fromJenn

  • What’s happening in the system and at the Felton Branch?

    • Ivan is leaving for a librarian position in San Luis Obispo system. We’ll miss him!

    • Laura has been hired as FT LAII, and Jessica in a 20 hr position at Felton

    • The adult librarian position based in SV is still unfilled.

    • Phil suggested that the FLF newsletter profile new staff. Michele suggested that a flier with staff photos and a couple of sentences about each one be posted in the library.

    • Phil asked if FLF meetings could be on Tuesdays so that both Jackie and he can attend. Michele will poll the Leadership Team. This works for all present. Michele will check with Nancy and Jenn.

  • FSCPL: Michele.

    • End of year mailing for donations is going out. Measure O was soundly defeated; connecting with Yes on O people who love libraries is an upcoming challenge.

FLF Reports

  • Park Team:

    • Michele showed a plant ID stake that Nancy ordered and will install with Kristin. All were impressed!

  • Improvements Team

    • Phil reported that 2 couches have been reupholstered

FLF discussion

  • GIft basket for Felton staff

    • Diane Holiday Basket - Contents proposed from staff. Diane will purchase.

  • FLF Funds Michele

  • Funding for further library improvements to come from remaining Community Foundation grant funds held by SCPL--see accounting below.All agreed to this

    • Vote on staff request for equipment for Community Room (see below)

      • Phil has heard that funding specific purchases for 3 items for the Community Room listed below (plus one or two sandwich boards) may be available from the library. Michele will contact Eric Howard to confirm.

      • If FLF is funding these items, Donna motions and Moana seconded to approve up to $1500 for specific purchases for Community Room listed below plus one or two sandwich boards, if the SCPL can not fund. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Revisit SCPL Request to FSCPL for funding library programs: Summer Reading (SRP), Homework Help and READ salaries, Adult programs

    • FLF will transfer $2500 to SRP (1/10 of the $25,000 requested) and $1500 to salaries to FSCPL towards the SCPL requests.

    • FLF will not give funds to FSCPL to give to SCPL towards their request for $31,000 for the misc / unclarified programs for 2023. We will honor the fact that our donors gave to FLF for enhancements and programming specific to Felton branch. We have budgeted $2,500 for programs in 2023, and would like Felton staff to request funding for specific programs in 2023.

    • FLF funds from Community Foundation grant in 2019 are held by the Library, with about $30K remaining. In the future, we will draw on these funds for agreed-upon physical improvements to the branch.

Advertising programs

  • Fliers:

    • Moana has made a new flier for specific programs in Felton. It’s posted by checkout machines. Valerie will share with her parent network.

  • Social media

    • Community-led Learning programs got most participation when we partnered with organizations with outreach (Mtn Theatre, RCD)

    • Mary Andersen posts some CLL programs to FLF Facebook

  • San Lorenzo Valley Chamber-Mary Andersen said she’d keep a lookout for events in newsletter to publicize.

  • On line resource: Val suggested ‘Lookout’

Community Led Learning

  • Team will meet Dec 12 to discuss potential programs January-March.

  • Proposals can be submitted - email FLF website or ask at desk for proposal form

‘Our Community Reads:

  • Organized by Aptos Friends. Book is ‘Mary Coin’ by Marisa Silver.

  • Felton program February 25, Sat, 2:30. Patty Maxine and Alison Steele with music of the depression era and short feature film on Dorothea Lange.

Book Donations for the book cart can go to Michele and Nancy/Glen

Donna says that Cathy DeWild from SCCOParks is working on Quail Hollow Park programming,

Land acknowledgment statement

Marilyn - the 4 versions have been sent to Amah Mutsun tribal leaders.

Next steps

Next meeting. January 24 or 25. Skip December.

Agenda building: for January: Land acknowledgment statement


FLF Funds from 2019 Community Foundation Grant, held by SCPL

Budget: Felton Friends Donation $ 52,740.00Vendor RequestOpening Day 8,021.21 FY 22 Summer Reading 2,500.00 Hybrid Programming $1,000.00 Staff Appreciation 100.00 Couch Upholstery 2,500.00 Teen Room Re-carpeting 7,040.00 Slat Wall Panels 1,821.32 Balance of Funds Remaining $ 29,757.47


$684.00The Wizard Mobile Audio / Visual Presentation Podium / Lectern ITEM #: WB256878 MPN #: WZD $259.00Job Rocker $259 AmazonCombines music box and mic, etc. Self powering. $129.99Mobile White BoardReplacement $ TBDSandwich boardsTo advertise programs. Total $1,072.99


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