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Community-Led Learning

What is Community-Led Learning?

Community volunteers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their interests are invited to develop and deliver activities and programs. In Felton, the focus will be on these areas for adults: Environmental Sciences, Local History, and Arts and Crafts. 

Community-Led Learning places the interests and skilled contributions of community members and local organizations in the center of neighborhood library life in order to become more reflective of and connected to the San Lorenzo Valley community.

How can I get involved?

The process of leading relevant programs at the Felton Library begins with filling out a simple form describing a program or activity you would like to see happen at the library (available here or at the library front desk, to be returned to the library).

The Felton Community-Led Learning team meets regularly to review all suggestions. Team members include Felton Library Friends representatives, SCPL staff, and volunteer Community-Led Learning Coordinators specializing and deeply networked in the following areas: Environmental Sciences, Local History, and Arts and Crafts. The team collectively decides which activities in each of the three areas will be implemented. Suggestions outside these areas require further consultation with Felton Branch Library staff.  

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