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Meeting Notes 3/2/2021

FLF Meeting Notes: March 2, 2021

Felton Library Friends Steering Committee Notes

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Angie Lyons, Donna Ziel, Valerie Haff, Diane McCormick, Judi Sherman, Jennifer Mount, Kirsten Hill, Cindy Sekkel

Desired Outcomes

  1. Strengthen relationships among members

  2. Shared understanding of current/future Library and FSCPL activities

  3. Agreement on Vision and Mission Statements

  4. Agreement on purpose of community outreach

The Library World

The SCPL System (Library Advisory Commission) Bruce

No report.

The Felton Branch Angie

  • We had our birthday; signs were out all week. It’s been quiet and one person on staff has been vaccinated. Angie on the SCPL Equity Team, putting together recommendations to make hiring more equitable. Also focused on making the collection more equitable and diverse. Some discussion about several of Dr. Seuss’ books that have anti-Asian references and racially insensitive material. It is the policy of most libraries not to remove books based on an author’s perspective.

  • Valentine bags were very appreciated by staff. Thanks to Diane for bringing them.

  • Status of hiring for third librarian: applications are closed; hiring committee chooses those to be interviewed.

  • Scotts Valley will be having work done on the building; will close in September when all hold items come to Felton.

  • Donor wall has been repaired.

  • Storytime on Instagram. Angie expects that browsing will happen in the fall, with no chairs in the library.

FSCPL Michele

Process of hiring the part time ED is going forward. New operations manager is full time and the ED will be 60% time.

Review the FLF Vision and Mission Statements


The Felton Branch Library and Discovery Park is a vibrant community center for learning, sharing, and discovery–a welcoming place with space and services to inspire and connect people of all ages.

Unanimous agreement on the vision.

Mission (below reflects changes agreed upon by members)

Felton Library Friends actively supports the Felton Branch Library and the adjoining Discovery Park by:

  • Identifying and supporting the Library, Park, and community-led programming and services.

  • Collaborating with community organizations to mutual benefit.

  • Partnering with the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Santa Cruz County Parks, and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District on agreed-upon projects.

  • Advocating for the needs of the Library and Park.

  • Fundraising for identified needs not covered in Library or Park operational or capital budgets.

Community Outreach:

What is the purpose of Community Outreach? What do we want to accomplish? (Note: red is the overarching purpose. The bullets include descriptions from the discussion).

The purpose of Community Outreach is to inspire and promote connection and community growth; to help people to grow in their community and in themselves.

  • Inclusion: reaching out to as many different people in the community

  • Learning about other organizations to help them meet their goals (reciprocity?)

    • What are some of the local associations that bring together subsets of people (like SLV small business association); understand what they might want; where they might convene? How can we help other organizations meet their purpose?

  • To educate and inform the target audience about who we are and what we do

    • Learn from them how we might work together to meet each other’s goals; sense of the library being a community center

  • Collaborate with community organizations to create a team of volunteers for the park and library

    • Creating volunteers for action (county not supporting park maintenance)

  • Inclusion: create an opportunity for discovery for those who think the library isn’t for them

The FLF World

Treasurer’s report Michele

  • As of the end of January $65,580 in our account. Pledged $10K to the park and $50K to the library for improvement of the teen room and community room.

Park Team Jenn

  • Running into some roadblocks about adding native plants to one bed in particular. We need to come to an agreement about how FLF works with the library and park to move ideas through the bureaucracy.

  • A bench will be installed under the shade sails; permission to put plant markers in.

  • Another community workday on Saturday. FLF has a list with names of people interested in working at the park. An email went to the list.

Donor Relations Team Donna

  • Meet in the future as needed. Currently contacting major donors who have spaces named. They will be highlighted in the newsletter. Contacted Veruittis and the Community Foundation. Written thank you notes to some donors.

  • The Valley Women’s Club donated $500.

Events Team Diane

  • Valentine’s Bags delivered

Communications Team Valerie

  • Met with Rebeka Scott and Grant Simmons; we are able to proceed with our own site. Grant will be available as tech support. We’ll be linked to FSCPL site. Set up monthly communication with Grant. Provides “bench support” with log in information and back up.

  • Met today with Mary Andersen who will support us to build the new site using Wix. Set up communication protocols. Might have a draft in 2-4 weeks.

  • Request to approve $500 for website design and training to input to website. Motion by Michele Mosher; seconded by Judi Sherman; carried unanimously.

Next steps

Next meeting: April 6, 2021

Agenda Building:

  • Update on BC Library Friends organizing

  • Next steps toward conducting Community Outreach: What are some actions we can take (brainstorm)?

    • What/who is the target audience?

  • Consider FSCPL Values; Confirm FLF Values

The following values are key to guiding the FSCPL in all of its actions and decision making:

∙ Innovative/Creative

∙ Transparent/Responsible Stewards

∙ Community-centered

∙ System-oriented

∙ Results-oriented

∙ Collaborative


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