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Meeting Notes 06-22-2022

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

June 22, 2022, 4:00-5:30

Present: Marilyn Marzell, Michele, Val, Moana, Angie

Facilitator: Michele Notetaker: Val


Participants spoke to the question: How do you do most of your reading: books, downloaded

books, audio books.

Library news/updates: Angie

Angie is leaving

- Last day July 16 th

- Job at Dominican University in San Rafael

- Interim manager replacement TBD

Felton hours changing

- 10-6 M-Th

- 10-5 Fri & Sat

- Closed Sunday

- Sunday is lowest gate count

- Scotts Valley will have same exact hours

- Boulder Creek is open Tues – Sat

LA2 interviews next week

Summer Reading – off to a good start

STEAM kits – being used frequently!

July 14 – Outdoor Program with Sparky the Miniature Horse

- Horse-themed story time with a little horse

- Summer reading table at that event because it’s two weeks from the end of signup

- Moana will volunteer to cover the table

Angie will put our monthly meeting as a recurring meeting on the library calendar

Parks Team: Michele

Marilyn has agreed to join; Jen, Moana, Nancy also in the group

Meeting the week of the 17 th

Advocating for shade in gravel pit area – equipment received, working on strategy for weighting

it and “locking” it

Story walk is installed and looks good

Nancy is working on the plant ID signs—investigating variety (e.g., multiple ceanothus)

Sun Dial – an hour off now that the time change isn’t going to happen anymore

Communications Team: Val

Overview of Library Speakers brainstorming

- Reviewed working document for tracking ideas here:

Aiming to invite other FLF chapters to our July meeting to share ideas (BC, SV)

Potential Speaker: Amah Mutsun Tribal Band - native gardens (e.g., Pie Ranch)

- Val to contact Nancy re: contacting Ally, Chariman Lopez, Nathan Vasquez, or Mathew


Land Acknowledgement: Marylin

Acknowledgement examples

- Frequently include the wording “the unceded land”

- Museum has a blog about the three different peoples who were part of this region

Nancy and Marylin can craft something for discussion at next month’s meeting

Branch Improvements: Michele

Yolande wants to take the list of everything the county needs to approve to them all at once,

but the process is slow going

- Spreadsheet exists with the list

- Hoping to have another meeting soon

Diane talking to local carpet company as possible installers (who have worked with county


Need to figure out what should be done with the couch elements in the room.

- They can be reupholstered. Michele did get an estimate for that.

- How many of them should there be?

- Shelving?

Teen Room Furnishing

The group walked through the Teen Room and discussed furniture options, including examples from a document.

-Suggested that two couches, maybe at at right angles in corner, were enough

-Liked the round chairs, probably room for 2 based on the cutout provided by Diane.

-Using the cutout of high table dimensions provided by Diane, thought it would work in place of two regular tables near door.

-Suggested one regular table might remain

- Moana to provide examples of glass-topped write-on tables (e.g., for tutoring)

-Would like better access to white board

-Unsure where shelving for materials and display for fliers should go

-Unsure what to do with art wall--looks bad with nothing on it.

-Maybe put shelving here with couches framed by shelving, as in Capitola

July Meeting:

- Discuss land acknowledgement

- Felton movie license (was not discussed at this meeting)

- Possibly conduct another walk-through of the Teem Room

-Invite SV and BC Friends.


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