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FLF Meeting Notes 4-24-24

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

April 24, 3:30-5, Felton Library Community Room 

Facilitator: Nancy Notetaker: Val

Present: Moana, Beth, Marilyn, Donna, Nancy, Michele, Timothy, Valerie

Welcome and introductions. 

Opening Question: Do you have an idea for an opening question to add to a list?

  • What is your favorite author/book series when you were a kid?

  • What are you reading right now?

  • What is your earliest library memory?

  • What are your summer plans?

Review agenda. Any additions? 

The Library World 

What’s happening in the system and at the Felton Branch?          Phil and/orJackie

  • We should be going live with LINK+ some time next month (May 7th? maybe...)

  • This is where you can borrow materials from 70+ libraries throughout California. Items can all be requested by the patron without the need for staff involvement!

  • More info to come...

  • SCPL as a system has finally hired a new Training Coordinator who we will meet tomorrow at our Staff Day, but they won't officially start till June.

  • We finally finally have hired a Volunteer Coordinator for our system. This has been a position that has been empty for a very long time, so hopefully we will now see more usage of volunteers. We also meet this person tomorrow at Staff Day.

  • Probably no surprise here, but all libraries will be closed tomorrow 4/25 for Staff day and will reopen on friday with our normal hours. 

  • Yesterday we got to meet the 3 candidates for Director of SCPL, and all 3 were strong contenders in very different ways. So however the final selection works out it looks like we will be in good hands.

  • * Felton was one of the two locations chosen for them to visit, because of our amazing branch! All 3 were very impressed with all of our work here, and very interested in the community that has helped grow our branch.

Library Advisory Commision:    Nancy                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • LAC: Goes over policies

  • Recent meeting talked about the code of conduct

  • Book Mobile presentation by Jesse Silva

  • 23 sites that they visit every other week

  • Heavy rotation in Watsonville (county areas); considering one or two more stops in SLV

  • Book buddies

  • LINK+ was discussed a little

  • Next meeting in early May (6:30 p.m.–7:30 at Branciforte branch)

FLF Reports 

             Treasurer’s first quarter report                                                         Michele

  • 60K CD

  • Community Foundation Fund went up to $108,000+ (flexible fund managed by the Community Foundation that we initially placed $100K in)

  • Book Cart - made $611 in first three months; sales at Mark Shargel event $92

  • Community Foundation Improvement fund

  • spent down completely for recent projects (lights, shelving, staff requests, interior updates)

  • Over $4,000 for the library store that is being clarified

Park report                                                                                         Nancy

  • Janice Kuch, Master Gardener–helping with a class teaching the lifelong learners

  • Linda Anderson - head of Naturalist Program at UCSC; manages CA native garden there

  • Excess native wildflower seedlings planted last weekend

Wentzscope has been ordered!

  • Should be here end of June

  • More detail on how they’ll be displayed next month

  • Samples needed!


Community-led Learning  Michele

Thanks to volunteers for introductions.

Timothy: Mountain Lions; Homemade Sauerkraut

  • Great so see how lively this library is!

  • Mountain Lions event had 40-45 people

  • Timely and relevant topics

  • Would be great to repeat the Mountain Lion presentation in the future

  • Discussions around institutionalizing composting here (e.g., Live Oak has it June–Sept)

  • Side note: should continue exploring requirement that Librarian or FLF person must be in the room for all of these events

  • Coming up this Saturday

  • Marilyn can send Beth the land acknowledgment

Drawing class: Wed 5/15 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m.

  • Moana will introduce.  Michele will send materials. needed from FLF (Moana can attend)

Water color class in June (two wednesdays 12:30–2:30)

  • Nancy Brookie Connor, beginning watercolor

  • Nancy will introduce and attend

Ping pong club                                                         Marilyn/Timothy

  • Capacity is currently set for 50 people for online registration. Perhaps remove registration number?

  • Most people pre-registered for the first meeting; maybe 2–3 walk-ins

  • 14–15 people were there with one table

  • Second table (outdoor, good/heavy, slight repair) being donated

  • Beth and husband can help pick up the donated table (Marilyn, Timothy, and Beth to coordinate)

  • Next club meeting, move other furniture out of the way 

  • Marilyn to get 5+ more paddles

  • 3 p.m.–5 p.m.

  • Currently one Wednesday per month

  • Interest in having two Wednesdays per month

  • Need more formal sign-in next time


  •  Approve $2500 for Summer Reading Program ($2100 plus $400 Taiko 6/22)

  • Library request to Friends of SC County Libraries

  • 6 chapters; at least 4 will give

  • Felton also asked to fund the Taiko drummers

  • APPROVED: $400 to Taiko and $2100 to the big pot

  • June 8 event: 

  • $1,250 currently budgeted

  • APPROVED: Up to $2,000

  •  Change FLF meeting time to 3-4:30?

  • Keep Meetings at current time

  •  Branch Out! Celebrate the Felton Library and Discovery Park June 8 

  • Confirmed activities and refreshments Michele

  • Marianne’s Ice Cream Bicycle

  • Everything will be $4

  • Ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covered bananas, etc. 

  • 250 items for sale

  • Credit card, Venmo

  • Pure Valley Water - Free water

  • Girl Scout Troops (two troops)

  • $1–$2 per serving of lemonade

  • Request that the girls use paper cups (instead of plastic)

  • Popcorn Machine

  • Free!

  • Beth will work on picking this up end of May

  • Will need electricity, so should be in patio

  • Phil said we could run extension chords as needed (John should have lots of those)

  • Exhibitors



County Parks

Publicize park activities and bubbles

County Parks Friends

Animal pelts, ocean driftwood w/yarn project

Felton Farmers Market

question and answer game with a photo board. Participants pick a photo and there is an associated question. If they get it right they receive a $5 coupon for fresh fruits and veggies at the Felton Market for June only.

Felton Library Friends

Animal track rubbings. Storybook Walk. backpack demo

Felton Library

SRP table. storytime? Crafts? Book display

Quail Hollow Friends/astronomy club

Microscope with pond water and telescope for viewing the sun

Mt. Parks Foundations

Natural History Museum


Fish prints activity and RCD info

SLV Museum

Gold/geology activity.

SLV Water District

beanbag toss with watershed focus

Friends of SLVW

Watershed relief map with water. Info table

Valley Women's Club-Eduction

Tissue paper flowers

UCSC Master Gardeners

Native info, making seed packs, wildflower seeds

  • Musicians (2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.)

  • Patty Maxine and Friends (open)

  • Vicki Neville Coffis (youth show)

  • Allen and Norris

  • Plateau Jazz Band

  • Musicians will get paid a little

  • Sharron Allen helping with sound

  • We’ll bring chairs out for people to sit

  • Moana put together a great poster already for it

  • Advertising

  • Social media, newspapers, etc. 

  • Michele has a spreadsheet with the details on marketing/advertising

  • Activity at FLF table will be animal track rubbings

  •  Volunteer sign up 

  • Setting up chairs, etc. - outreach to other volunteers needed

  • FLF table volunteers needed

  • 10:45–1

  • 1–3:15

  • 2 people at a time (perhaps one talking with people and one supporting the activity)

  • Popcorn machine

  • FLF table will have signage

  • Chat with people about what we do at FLF and seeking future FLF committee members and volunteers

  • Let folks know we’re involved in supporting the library and the park

  • Park exploration bag sample Beth

  • Nancy to ask Moana to create a logo/patch in Canva to see whether her contact can generate something to go on the bag

  • “Discovery Park Pack” with 2 logos

  • Silk screening likely won’t work due to density of the fabric

  • Timothy suggests a thin wooden label; perhaps rivet into the canvas

  • Beth will also ask Sew Rose to see whether they can sew patches into the fabric for us 

  • Buttons: Could be a good temporary fix

  • Beth to send out info on native pollinators for review/approval

  • Valley Art Tour

  • May 18 & 19, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

  • Coming up and will be really cool!

  • Timothy’s boxes are in the display case in the library and featured in the art tour.

  • Ask Wild Roots for Community Day in September or October?

  • Yes! Michele to ask.

  • Change retreat/planning to September                                    Nancy

  • More pre-planning for the planning needed                                       

  • Summer break from meeting in July

  • June will be the final meeting the first half of the year

  • Timothy going to the East Coast book sale in July and can look for/grab whatever is needed (small quantities; special needs)

  • FLF Banner: Arrived and looks good (with Beth)

Next steps Next meeting: May 22        Attachments: March meeting notes, Park report

Next Meeting (5/22): 

  • Val cannot attend

June Meeting (6/26):

  • Marilyn cannot attend


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