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FLF Meeting Notes 3-27-2024

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

March 27, 2024 3:30-5, Felton Library Community Room 

Present: Moana, Beth, Marilyn, Timothy, Donna, Nancy, Michele.  Staff: Phil, Jackie

System Updates: Phil

  • Aptos Grand Reopening might be on June 1st to coincide with the start of the Summer Reading Program… 

  • All branches closed Thursday April 25th for a SCPL Staff Day.

  • The Veterans Information Center is becoming a study room at the Downtown Library.

  • Our County Corrections Facilities (CCF) team will now be known as the Jail Reach team, in an effort to move away from using words like ‘corrections’ that don't reflect what the team truly does.

  • Starting Monday, April 1st, access to the Kanopy collection will be restricted to "PLUS packs", which are themed, pre-packaged collections of titles that will be unrestricted and available to all users.  (Patrons will no longer have to use tickets to access titles.)  We are purchasing the following six PLUS packs:  Favorites, Easy Watching, British Cinema & TV, World Cinema, Diversity, and Episodic Series.  Patrons will no longer be issued a monthly allotment of tickets.  This change from the pay per use model will make budgeting much easier, and the upside is that patrons will have unrestricted access and will not be limited by views.

These changes will not affect Kanopy Kids, which will remain available on a pay per use basis.

Felton Facilities & Staff

  • Wentzscope: We have completed our research and are excited to be getting this item for the library. We will figure out more details as time goes on, but the item will start its life at the end of the wooden bar in the Juvenile Area to the left of the slat wall.

  • Arden & Laura have made an informational brochure for the Seed Library, you can grab one on your way out. Now we have all the information, I have made the request to have a page for the Seed Library added to the SCPL website. Our IT department is working on it.

Programs: Jackie

  • We had our first Ping-Pong Club today!

  • Triple P has returned to the library and will be here every 4th Friday

  • Lego Friday Fun has taken off (41 attendees on the 1st, 43, on the 8th, 49 on the 15th, and 67 on the 22nd!)

  • Our Tech Help Fridays are also going well, although we had to cancel last week do to the unforeseen plumbing circumstances

  • We had our first SAGA program on March 13th. 2 teens attended. We hope to build our numbers and gain momentum! One of our ACT teens said she could help promote it. Description: SAGA creates a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for teens of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We will have activities, snacks, and lots of fun. Bring your friends and meet new friends and allies! 

  • We will be making water xylophones for CreateAbility Hour this month

  • Women’s History Month Storytime on March 28th

  • Understanding Mountain Lions on March 30th

  • ASL storytime in April with Alejandra, is on Tuesday, April 9th @ 4pm

  • Sauerkraut and Composting are coming up in April

  • New Parents’ Support Group with Beth Lilienthal and Hanne will start on Tuesday, April 2nd, 12:30-2, occurring weekly


  • We had an independent studies TK-6 class visit from Pacific Elementary School, Davenport. The kids had a great time with the library tour, storytime, kite making, and browsing the library and visiting the park! 24 people attended. 

Park Celebration Plans 

  • Jackie said Taiko Drummers are being contracted to perform at 2pm. Marilyn asked that the time be changed to 2:15. 

LAC - Nancy asked if there were any questions about the collection, which will be the focus in the next LAC meeting.                                              

FSCPL ED search has started.  Monica Parkh will be interim until June.                                                                     

FLF Reports 

Park report: Nancy reported that permission has been given for including tree cookies as building materials for kids.  Michele will ask for a volunteer from SIRS to make them.

Wentzscope: We will order for the children's area, to be delivered in June.  Cost is $5520, which will come from the Dondero fund. We need to research possibilities for slides.

The Improvements Team met this morning and reviewed a few final details for the Teen Room.  Staff made requests for items totaling $3,786.95, which was approved by the Leadership Team to come from the Community Foundation funds held for FLF by SCPL. 

CLL report and volunteers for intros.  Michele 

Understanding Mountain Lions in Northern California. Saturday, March 30. 1-2 pm. Timothy will attend and introduce.  Michele will send info.

Homemade Sauerkraut. Wednesday, April 10, 4-5:30 p.m. Timothy and/or Marilyn will introduce Karla. Michele will send info.

Basic Composting Workshop. Saturday, April 13, 1-3 pm  Michele will introduce

It’s Not Too Late to Grow a Bountiful Garden from Seed. Saturday, April 27. 10:30-12.  Beth will introduce. Michele will send info


 June 8 event 

● Participating organizations: there are 13 organizations providing activity and information.

  • Volunteers FLF table : we will need one Lt member for each 2 hour shift, and another volunteer to do the activity.

● Ideas for activity at FLF table: nancy showed little faces on a stick for flower pots.  We’ll also look for other ideas. Could backpack introduction be the activity?

● Park backpacks: Beth showed some great materials for the bags.  We will look for possibilities for a canvas bag with a flap that can hold the materials.

● Popcorn machine.. Beth will go to John’s in late May to get the machine and instructions for use.  She’ll clean it..

● Ice cream by Marianne’s,  lemonade by GS troop.

● Music-need a tent.  Ask Marilyn to see if any musicians have one.

Retreat planning meeting: Our June meeting will be 2 hours and will focus only on future directions FLF may go in as an organization 

Adjourn to Empire Grill for Diane’s farewell- Diane had to go, so we couldn’t do this.

Next steps Next meeting: April 24: treasurer’s first quarter report 

Attachments: February meeting notes, Park activity bags, Wentzscope27-2024


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