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FLF Meeting Notes 01-24-24

Felton Library Friends Meeting Minutes | January 24, 2024

Facilitator: Michele                                                   Notetaker: Diane

Welcome and introductions. 

Attendees: Moana, Michele, Nancy, Diane, Marilyn, Donna, Phil, Jackie, Beth, Timothy, Valerie

Staff: Phil, Jackie


Opening Question: Name one thing you would like FLF to accomplish in 2024?

  • Continue good use of community space

  • Plants for indoors: Moana will provide and water

  • Successful June 8 park/library celebration

  • Ping Pong!

  • Discovery Park backpacks

  • Finish teen room + internal steps

  • Loving the activity and seeing lots of patrons!

  • Implement a Land Acknowledgement, local wood source?

  • OCR event: maybe serve coffee from the women’s co-op in the movie

  • Continue Park Improvements

  • Expand our FLF group

Review agenda. Any additions?

Book donations coming from Timothy’s source

Library System Updates: Phil and Jackie

  • Closure 2/19/24 for Presidents Day.

  • Aptos Grand Reopening Sunday February 4th 1-5pm.

  • Live Oak Annex planning will follow once Aptos is open - opening likely in late March.

  • Capitola is staying open on Sundays for the next 6 months on a trial basis, to see if it's needed on Sundays with Aptos open.

  • 9 Induction Cooktops (they come with cookware) added to collection for checkout (magnetized) - come from climate action grant by City of Santa Cruz.

At Felton: Facilities & Staff

  • Should have 2 new Library Aides starting @ Felton next month.

  • Sign holders for the New Adult & New Juvenile book displays are working great, thank you!

  • Request: can we get some drop ceiling hooks for the teen room ceiling?

  • The fireplace is still a mystery… but hopefully our maintenance guys can fix it as they will soon not have all their concentration on Aptos.

  • But Monica’s arrangement on the mantle keeps the area nice and welcoming!

  • People continue to love the Seed Library, but it keeps running out (not a massive problem this time of year!). Karla Delong said she had lots of seeds to bring us and will soon!


  • Due to its popularity the Dignity Mobile Wellness clinic will be here 2 days a month starting in February- the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month.

  • We have 3 special storytimes & crafts this month: Lunar New Year on 8, Valentine’s Day on the 15th, and Black History Month on the 22nd.

  • Mister Boom Boom's MusicPlayPatrol African Drum Circle will be here Tuesday 2/20 11am-12pm - program for Black History Month.

  • Family Matinee Movie Wednesday will feature Pixar’s Soul in honor of Black History Month

  • Our Lego Friday Fun program will start on Friday 2/16 3-4:30pm and run by Laura B. every Friday.

  • Triple P will be returning on February 24th, 3-4:30 (running monthly)

  • Our Tuesday Tech. Help run by Laura B. is currently the most popular in the system (by the numbers). So we are moving towards starting a 2nd Tech. Help program to match the interest, but this is still in the works.

  • Ping Pong program: looks like we now have all the equipment to move forward. Jackie can create a Marketing Request, for a March or later start. This will be under the CLL umbrella, but a waiver will still need to be signed by participants.

  • TBD: We are talking to Scotts Valley and Jill Steinberg, owner of Tuggie, the Cairn Terrier about bringing Tales to Tails back to Felton! 


  • Jackie and Laamie are attending SLVE’s Science Night on February 9th, providing a STEAM project (thaumatrope) for approx. 200 students!

  • Bobcats Night: Jackie will be attending on February 13th, promoting the library and our services

  • No library card drives, at this time, but Jackie is on the lookout

Park Celebration Plans

  • Unfortunately, Happy Birds has fallen through because the presenter doesn’t want to come on a weekend (Felton is still getting a performance for SRP, possibly on a Wednesday)

  • SRP performer for park day (we agreed on having a separate performer to the SRP events)

  • Shared ideas for spring programs - exchange ideas between library and FLF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

FLF Reports 

Treasurer's quarterly report Michele  

We need an updated report from FSCPL, challenged at the office with Bruce being out. Temporary ED Monica Parikh is dealing with backlog.

Book cart - $2305 dollars in 2023


 Improvements team                                                                                                 Diane      

- Lighting improvements in the Teen Room are a go.   


Community-led Learning: Marc Sharget talk    Timothy  

- $400 in sales

- Full house!

- Generous donation from Marc on books sold after the event


Ping pong program                                            Marilyn/Timothy  

- We need an outdoor table

- Maybe start in March

- Review a good date between library team and M/T

- Waivers are needed (annual renewal) a single time for all programs at the libraries,


Seed company donation requests Marilyn

- sent letters sent to various nationwide organizations

- BVD and Renee Seeds donations - recognize donors?

- Review with library how to get a plan in place = Nancy and Michele


June 8 event

  • Share event description and partners Nancy/Michele

  • What activity for FLF booth? Make bookmarks?

  • Friends of Quail Hollow interested and maybe to partner with Astronomy club

  • Astronomy Club (Diane contact and copy Donna) partner with QH team?

  • Science Club high school. Diane and Jackie coordinate

  • Name of event. Brainstorm possibilities. Diane

  • Several good concepts 

  • Landed on: 

  • Branch Out! A Celebration of the Felton Library and Discovery Park

  • Approved $100 Honoraria for musicians - Yes, go!

  • Jackie and Marilyn to review power for music

  • Stage?

  • Children’s performances and activities in library

Generator - will it go before June 8? - Phil to know

- Indigenous Peoples attend and have park sign unveiled?

Nancy to pursue

- Staff thoughts:

- Do we need extra staff that day

- Storytime Form to be submitted by Jackie

- SCPL to org the summer reading sign up? More than just Felton staff

- Community Room and patio event ideas

Sunprints on the patio? Jackie

Jackie’s teens looking for volunteer hours

Teen Room activity for teens? 

Facilities for Event:

- Event form to confirm if tent and tables are needed. Jackie to check if she has this. 

FLF volunteers needed for upcoming events:

  • Coffee art OCR event Wed. 2/7 1-3pm-anyone registered for this?

  • Moana may be able to attend at noon to help set up - confirmed with Michele

--OCR event Wed. 2/21 1:30-3pm. Volunteers to serve Costa RIcan coffee     

-77 Total potential 

-Jackie to help set up

-Consider decaf. Small amount

- tasting cups?          


 -Introduction for Dr Steven Leib Community-led Learning talk Sat.  2/24. 1-2pm  

- Marilyn to check    


            FLF March Newsletter

- Moana will finalize by adding programs, and send out via Mailchimp 2/29

Next steps

Next meeting:  February 28. 3:30


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