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FLF Meeting Notes 12-06-23

Felton Library Friends Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2023, 3:30-5, Felton Library Community Room 

Facilitator: Moana & Timothy                                                   Notetaker: Diane

Attendees: Nancy, Diane, Beth,  Timothy, Michele, Moana, Donna, Marilyn

Staff:  Jackie, Laura

Welcome and introductions. 

Opening Question: What’s one FLF accomplishment you feel especially good about?

The Library World                                                                 

    LAC: Nancy will be appointed for one year as 5th District representative.                                                          

What’s happening in the system and at the Felton Branch?                   Jackie / Laura `

System Updates:

  • A consultant, Teri Black and Company LLC, has been hired for the Library

Director recruitment

  • SCPL is hiring 11 new people for the system

  • Thais Hogarth 20hr LAII @ Felton

  • Arden Rosenthal 30hr LAII @ Felton

  • Odessa Cross 30hr LAII transfer to Downtown

  • Lizz Borbas is leaving Boulder Creek (we have hired a temporary replacement)

  • Aptos- tentative February opening 

  • Live Oak Annex- no updates (unlikely that it will be open to the public before

  • February). There may be: a holds vending machine, wifi work area, collection, 3

  • study rooms. Not sure how it will be staffed, yet. There may be County Parks

  • staff, but there will have to be library staff, too.

  • Downtown Building Project- no updates

At Felton:

  • Holiday closures: December 24th, 25th, 31st, and January 1st

  • Tables in the Teen Room are here and look great!

  • ACT selected bean bag chairs (x2) for the Teen Room and an order has been placed as of last week! 

  • While gaining LAIIs, we are losing most of our aides (they shelve and tidy) to promotion. So, we are looking forward to a new recruitment of aides for the library system early next year.


  • Our Seed Library is doing well, but we keep running out of seeds because it’s so

popular! Don’t worry, Laura B. is processing more :)

  • Nancy & Michele proposed they would do some outreach to seed


  • We are looking into getting an additional Mobile Health Clinic visit per month

starting in the new year, as the program has been quite successful. We even

received a glowing patron testimonial praising the program.

  • Native American Heritage Month “Special Preschool Storytime and Craft” was a

success with 45 people in attendance. 

  • Journal Your Way to NaNoWriMo Success with Doug Morris was a great success

with 13 writers in attendance (I hope to do more programs with Doug-he is a

dream to work with)

  • CLL’s New Lives for Old Books was a success with 13 crafters in attendance

  • 24 people came to our screening of Matilda for our Family Movie Matinee in


  • We had an average of 30 attendees for our Make & Explore STEAM program last

month-the Circuit Turkeys were a hit! We have more simple circuits to explore for

  • he winter holidays as well as cinnamon salt dough ornaments

  • Youth Programs (with the exception of ACT) will take a program break after next

week, and will return on January 11 th .

  • Our Community Ofrenda display and program was popular and filled with

touching sentiments this year, once again 

  • 17 attendees for our CreateAbility Hour program for adults with developmental

differences. We made leaf rubbings for fall and we will do cinnamon salt Dough

ornaments this month

  • Our FAFSA program was well attended by 24 adults / teens

  • ACT is increasing its numbers with 5 people attending last month in addition to

other regular members who were unable to attend

  • Laura B. regularly gets a full roster for her 1-on-1 Tech Help program. We are the

only library in the north that has this program, now

  • Soul Collage finished up its series of 3 events on December 2nd. It was a hit and

we are talking about making it a monthly program.

  • On the 14th, Laura B. and I will do a special Winter Solstice Storytime (followed

by a winter craft), celebrating the winter holidays and the scientific event, itself

Staff/FLF discussion items:

  • Connections with schools.

  • Becca Rubin. Head of the Bobcat Club at SLE. 

  • Michele emailed her,Librarian and Principal 

  • Requested Jackie attend a BC mtg. 

  • Librarian would value having brochures. 

  • Michele to resend contact email. 

  • Library Card drive for middle schools?

  • SV video of LC drive. 

  • Jackie to make outreach to BC club member and librarian 

  • Diane and Michele to make master list of school contacts

  • Holiday gift baskets for staff - ideas?

  • Savory snacks

  • Wine and nonalcoholic beverages

  • Staff count - 6 

  • Diane to coordinate. 

  • Target Wednesdays. 

  • Lego Friday Fun day status

  • Place is reserved on Fridays. 

  • Somewhat on hold, but Jackie will rekindle

  •  Volunteers for movie matinees for adults, chess club, bridge club--shall we put out a request again in the newsletter?

  • Jackie would propose to target the existing programs.

  • Ping pong would be good. 

  • Go ahead and recruit chess and bridge volunteers  - wanting to confirm staffing support

  • Confirm program support: 

  • Adults: Jackie has to run the leader through onboarding - background and finger programs adult programs only,but if a child comes along, okay)

  • A volunteer that is trained must be there.

  • Youth programs must be supervised by Jackie. 

- Ping Pong - New cover needed. Paddles and balls coming from SV? Marilyn to contact and pick up from SV . Time slot needed. - Timothy and Marilyn            

- Tai Chi - Will be restarting in the spring.    

- Land Acknowledgement - Jackie to reconnect internally. But, likely to be in the park, so to be coordinated through Parks Dept.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

LAC nomination Nancy 

  • Nancy to fill Jen’s slot until April 

  • In 2024, the commission will be reopened. 

FLF Reports 

Park Team-written report                                                            Nancy 

- Proposal for additional play are

- FLF to prpost the tree cookies. 

- Human nest and sundial - need work 

- sundial, clean up graffiti.

-            Improvements team--check out the first phase of lighting improvements in Teen Room                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Community-led Learning                                                                                       Michele

  • Planning for the next 6 months

  • For programs that are not FLF. Individuals can do outreach direct to present programs. 

  • The plan is to meet with Library leadership in June to gain approval of expanded programing. 

  • Steve Leib, MD. The Blue Zone. interested in giving program thru CLL.  Jackie will contact. 


  • Marc Shargel presentation Jan 13 1:30-3:30. Volunteers for sales

  • Volunteers - Timothy, Donna, Nancy

  • MIchele to get a Square - maybe from Marilyn

  • Plan for large sales area

  • OCR event Wed, 2/21. 1:00-2:30. Volunteers to serve coffee                   Diane

  • The Monk of Mokha book

  • Mariyn on the coffee - Diane will call Marilyn and detail all. 

  • Rowan will do all the tech program set up. 

  • Jackie to do a display 

  • Diane to check on registration, capacity? Who checks in? Intro, etc?

  • Movie is ‘A Small Section of the World’

- OCR - coffee art program. FLF will supply. Michele has contact with the art. Nancy can host. 

  • Land acknowledgement plaque proposal                                                               Marilyn/Nancy, 

  • Timothy is still interested in supplying plaque. Get mounting instructions etc. 

  • New ‘walk’ to review locations. Sat 12:15, Dec 9.

  • Is there a name acknowledgement program? - Nancy to check.

  • Backpack proposal update                                   Beth

  • Beth Working with former librarian

  • Suggestion: binoculars. Laminated. Sheet with intro., pencil zipper pack., ruler, magnifying glass. Pencils, sharpeners. Make a ‘paper’ book - nature journal. What would we want on the content? Tags on the bags - may be note with ‘lessons’.. One enclosure for all ages. Work on flip over for other ages or languages.

  • Maybe mail sack instead of backpacks. Could we print logos? 

  •  laminated cards from Michele? 

  • Jackie did - LibraryYou Tube channel. Nature Journalling. 

- Beth has been approved as a park volunteer. Will add our park to the database. 

  •  Ping pong program: Marilyn/Timothy. January is too soon to begin.  Michele will email Marilyn the SV contacts for equipment                                                                                  

  • Events--meeting re park event. Future events TBD                   Michele 

  • Park Appreciation

  • Meeting this Saturday on details. 


Next steps

Social event at Michele’s - Jan 10. - 3:30-5pm.

Next meeting:  January 24 

  • Seed company donation requests

  • Lego Friday Fun day status

  • Land acknowledgement plaque proposal 

  • Backpack proposal update  

  • Park event  

Attachments: October meeting notes, Nov. Park report


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