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FLF Meeting Notes 10-25-2023

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

October 25, 2023, 3:30-5, Felton Library Community Room

Facilitator: Jenn Notetaker: Val

Attendees: Valerie Haff, Beth Ahlgren, Timothy Lydgate, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Jennifer Mount (FLF). Jackie (Felton Librarian). Myra Weir, Kari Gunn (Boulder Creek)

Welcome and introductions.

Opening Question: About what percentage of your reading is fiction and nonfiction?

The Library World: Jackie

System Updates:

  • Yolande’s last day was 10/19. Eric Howard is now Interim Acting Director

  • Gregory Yeh’s last day was 10/19

  • Ana Maria Treadwell has been hired as the new Community Relations Specialist and will start 10/28.

  • Change in supervisors: Jesse Silva will be supervising the Bookmobile staff. David Addison will supervise Tel-Info staff

  • Aptos- A transformer was installed on 10/15 bringing electricity to the branch! The Library is now waiting for a certificate of occupancy from the County. We will provide a separate email to all staff when we reach this important milestone. An opening date has not been set yet, as we may run into extra slow downs with the holidays.

  • Live Oak Annex- A punch walk is scheduled for November 2nd. There is no opening date yet, and as a library collection is not included in this building, opening it will be easier and quicker than opening branches.

  • Downtown Building Project- It was determined that a support wall will need to be added. The consequence of this counterintuitively increases our office space.

  • Capitola - The Friends of the Capitola Library are paying for a solar roof, but the project doesn’t have a building manager yet.

  • Boulder Creek- will be getting a generator. No date for installation has been determined yet.

  • Garfield Park now has a Friends chapter

At Felton:


  • Our seed library kickoff program with Karla was a success and we would love to have her return. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with our community, and actually answered important questions for the library, as well. 19 attended.

  • Latin American Heritage Month “Special Preschool Storytime and Craft” was also a success with 38 people in attendance. Adults applauded at the end! We then made traditional paper flowers.

  • Breaking down the short Story with Doug Morris was also a success! 9, 8, and 6 people attended each individual date

  • 15 folk attended our Santa Cruz Noir Panel

  • Food & Crime will have to be rescheduled. The author’s car broke down over the hill. And it was Friday the 13th!

  • The Teen Generative Poetry Workshop had a talented group of 4 teens contribute

  • The Public Teen Art workshop with Lea de Wit was a huge success! We had 13 teens contribute, gain community service hours for school, and we will hopefully see some of them return for ACT next month!

  • Mobile Health Clinic is going well

  • 20 people attended our screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas for Matinee Movie Wednesday and got treated to popcorn as well as making their own pretzel candy creatures with California Film and Cultural Center

  • Make & Explore has continued to be a hit with both regulars and newcomers

  • Tomorrow, we will do our Spooktacular Storytime and craft

  • CreateAbility Hour’s time has been moved an hour earlier, starting at 11 so that Hope Services may bring their clients. It keeps growing! September we had 25 people join us

  • We look forward to the return of Soul Collage with Peggy Black on the 28th

  • First preschool storytime in November will be a Dia de los Muertos theme and craft

  • Doug Morris returns for a NaNoWriMo program for November 7th @4

  • The Community Ofrenda is already up and will be marketed from today until a week after Dia de los Muertos


  • November 10th and 11th, the library will be closed for Veteran’s Day

  • Our new Teen Room tables have arrived! We are waiting for fill to return to unpack them together and put them in place

  • The Teen Art installation is up in the Teen Room and looking fantastic!

Follow up discussion:

:Perhaps connect with Doug Morris and Diane in the future for help in reaching out with high school teachers/students

FLF-funded Programs - Jackie to follow up internally to get the ball rolling on discussions around additional FLF-sponsored programs; funding

Next Youth Services Meeting - Discuss how big programs are planned; quarterly planning (ahead a quarter)

FSCPL Report

Santa Cruz Gives - run by Volunteer Center in Santa Cruz

  • Application by local non-profit organizations to provide community support

  • Friends of SCPL applied to help fund the Correctional Centers Program further and were accepted.

  • Cabrillo incarceration program - Jackie may be able to put Donna in touch with Jesse to coordinate efforts

FLF Reports

Park Team-written report Nancy

Improvements team--check out the first phase of lighting in Teen Room and teen art wall

Treasurer's report-3rd quarter.

[Michele has treasurer’s detailed report information]

CD: SCPL Friends can create a combined CD for all chapters. Discussed investing $60,000 of FLF’s funds for one year. Current CD returns are 5%.

  • Managed by SCPL Friends treasurer

  • Where will it be invested?

  • Who is responsible for tax implications/gains?

  • Transfer needs to happen by Dec. 1st

  • Motion approved in concept, with further information obtained from FSCPL Treasurer (highlighted questions above)

2024 Budget discussion

  • Operating at a deficit in 2024, which is good for spending donor money - group approval for this trend!

  • Our Community Reads would like us to donate some money

    • Offer Aptos Friends $300 toward the Our Community Reads program

Land Acknowledgment - Jackie to connect with Marilyn re: land acknowledgement

Backpack proposal update.Beth talked with Phil

  • Additions:

    • Monoculars vs. binoculars: easier for kids to use

    • In the backpacks are field notebooks that might not be appropriate for smaller hands. Possibly include a clipboard with paper instead?

    • Backpacks are pretty cheesy - need new backpacks; current packs are low quality and may not be sturdy enough for longer-term use

      • Currently 6 backpacks here at the Felton Library. Ideal to have 8 or 10.

      • Beth can reach out: Would local shops donate backpacks? Patagonia? REI? Will need to use the SCPL Friends non-profit ID.

    • Field Guides: coloring sheets with information

      • Margaret Ingram - Beth is working with Margaret on details

      • Can print out materials from Quail Hollow website

      • Would like things to be simple for kids

      • Ideally a coloring sheet the library can keep a master of and continue to reuse (e.g., kangaroo rat)

        • Damselflies, dragon flies, bees, lizards (animals specific to the park here)

    • Idea inspired by Scotts Valley Friends: Set of laminated cards with pictures of acorns, squirrels, etc. that kids can check off when they see them

    • Next steps: Beth and Margaret talk about how to produce the information they want to put together.

Our Community Reads: The Monk of Mokha by David Eggers Michele

Seeking Events Contributions from other branches

  • Possibly films that would fit with the book

Seeking support ($) from the chapters

  • SV & Capitola have each given $1,500

  • Money would go into the pot. If we host an event, funding can come from that pot.

  • Extra copies of the book will come to Felton

  • All-county program because they do a lot on Zoom

  • Offer Aptos Friends $300 toward the Our Community Reads program

Discussion with SV reps regarding shared programs Timothy


  • Focus on adult programs at SV

  • Felton has a lot going on compared with other branches

    • 23 community-led learning programs in Felton in 2023

  • Author Talks

    • In the future, ask authors whether they’d be interested in doing the same talk at BC or Felton in a few months

  • Share advertising

    • Include link to Felton newsletter in SV newsletter

  • SCPL - range of what is paid for adult programs = unknown

    • Children’s programs = up to $500 / event

  • Summer Reading Programs

    • Each chapter contributed $2,500 (SV and Felton)

    • Tom Noddy program - didn’t seem appropriate to young children

Ping Pong club

  • SV had a club one of their staff members oversaw, but he left and the volunteer left

  • We have SV’s old table and Phil will get paddles and balls from SV

  • We need a volunteer - Timothy & Marilyn are interested in helping

  • Room in the Community Room - ready!

  • Future club tournaments/gatherings

  • Ping Pong waiver - requires librarian oversight (i.e., in the room) for minors; Saturday scheduling is possible, but Jackie is required in other directions on those days

    • Cannot advertise to teens, but can let them participate if they show up

    • Advertisement must be for 18 and up

  • Can it fit under Community-Led Learning?

    • Should meet about Community-Led Learning on a broader level

    • Jackie’s programs require long proposals with adult/children program approval, then to marketing, etc. Having Community-Led Learning could be more streamlined

  • Timing: Aim to start in January

  • SCPL is changing the way official volunteers are onboarded

RCD Event

Call for 2 volunteers and funding for RCD Living on Rural Properties (see attached flier)

Resource Community Development (RCD)

  • Living on Rural Properties - has exceeded capacity for Community Room

  • 11/6 at the Community Hall in Felton from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  • We’ll contribute $150 for food

  • We’re co-sponsoring

  • Val and Timothy may be able to volunteer

  • Nancy has been the liaison with Angie from RCD

Publicity for programs:

Can SCPL filter by zip code?

  • Diane Cowan? Marketing?

  • Friends Donor List?

  • Brainstorming for how to become larger in our individual communities (beyond the newsletter)


  • Personal stories still useful to share


  • Used for promotion to get more folks signed up for FLF newsletter

Park Dedication Event:

  • Heidi Harris met with Michele, Diane, Nancy to revisit the original idea for a park dedication

  • June 1st or 8th Diane to check with Library, Nancy with Parks

    • Family Event

    • Close parking lot

    • Food trucks

    • 8–10 organizations already interested in doing tables

    • Music

Leadership Team. Jenn Mount needs to step down from FLF LT for now

Holiday meeting schedule

No meeting on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Meeting on 12/6 for a combined Nov/Dec meeting

Agenda building: OCR program and funds, movie theme ideas, park event; adult library event, connections with teens through the high school (Jackie, Doug Morris, Diane); updates on backpacks and land acknowledgement; FLF-funded programs for youth and adults; pingpong; movies for adults


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