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Case Study: Felton Public Library – Interior

Brittany D. Dhawan, AIA, LFA

Studio 144 Architects

While employed at Noll and Tam Architects, Berkeley

New Felton Public Library, Felton, California

Felton Public Library was a venture between primary architect Teall Messer, AIA and Noll and Tam Architects. Brittany was the project manager for the interiors scope with Noll and Tam Architects. The library opened in February 2020.

Felton Public Library is part of the Santa Cruz County library system, and Brittany and the team worked with the librarian Susan Nemitz and project manager Damon Adlao to design the new library and to create a place that responds to the needs of the community. Early on in the design process it was identified that the new site for the library would include a new park that brought adjacent Bull Creek out of its culvert to a lovely new daylight area for children to interact with.

Brittany worked over 2 years on this project, from early schematic design phase through most of construction. She went through all phases of design, value engineering and permitting with this project.

L: Freda Dhawan, Brittany Dhawan's daughter, in one of the willow reading pods, R: The custom super graphic by DesignTex over the acoustical wall panels

The open library building has one end for the Children’s Section of the Library, and the other end is an adult reading area centered on a fireplace.

Adult reading area with the fireplace

Detailing of the new fireplace with split rock tile & a live edge wood mantle

Several aspects of the building interiors were detailed and specified by Brittany, including the fireplace and its cladding, mantle and hearth. The wood ceiling was a collaboration of detailing between Teall and Brittany, with product coordination by Sophie Jackman and Trina Goodwin at N&T. The interior lighting was done by Max Pierson-Lienard of Miniscule Lighting. The interior signage was done by Matthew Williams Design. The glass butterflies artwork was done by Lea de Wit of Boulder Creek.


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