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FLF Meeting Notes 04-28-2023


Felton Library Friends works toward the following mission:

  • ​Identify and support the library, park, and community-led programming and services

  • ​Collaborate with community organizations, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Santa Cruz County Parks, and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District on agreed-upon projects

  • ​Advocate for the needs of the library and park

  • ​Fundraise for identified needs not covered in library or park operational or capital budgets

Felton Library Friends Meeting Notes

April 28, 2023, 3:30-4:45

Felton Library Community Room

Facilitator: Nancy Notetaker: Valerie Haff

Welcome and introductions.

Nancy, Michele, Val, Phil, Beth, Donna

Opening Question: One word to describe how you’re feeling about spring.

Review agenda. Any additions?

  • Beth: Radius Gallery @ the Tannery; names of artists for possible programs

  • Get Out & Explore Backpacks: Currently waitlisted (lengthy list) so we don’t have any here now

    • Laura Whaleygot the grant to put these together

    • Currently 8 in the whole SCPL system

    • Nancy will talk to Laura about getting more

    • Phil says we have so many park passes right now (no waiting list for those only) - 205 in the system; 36 available

    • Will include info in the newsletter

Approve last month’s notes

  • Approved

The Library World

Library Advisory Commission Nancy

  • Grappling with changing structure of who does the HR and bookkeeping/accounting; wanting to double fees (keeping at $500K for a couple years); all library employees work for City of Santa Cruz (even outside of city)

The system and the Felton Branch: Phil

  • Thank you for cookies and flowers :-)

  • Staffing: Inter-library transfers; hoping to be able to fill 30-hr. position with someone from another branch/already trained

  • New umbrellas for the patio arrived

  • Funded Staff Training Day yesterday - planning programs at the branches, how to get feedback for them, best times, demographics, etc.

  • Design for downtown mixed-use project is complete; now just applying for the grant from State Library system

  • Libraries might have Narcan in them

  • Teen Room - Closet Doors have arrived and will be installed in next two weeks

  • Teen Room - Shelves ordered (75 days to arrival)

  • Gavin Newsom’s partner, Jennifer, “First Partner Visit” - was successful at Felton Library; “First Partner’s Summer Reading Club” - childrens’ and teens’ books

  • Sound Swell Concert - June 24th, 1-5 p.m.

    • Sound Swell = online database of local musicians

    • The concert is a Library program

    • Sound Swell concerts are occurring at other branches too (though Felton will be largest–3 bands)

    • Working on getting the bands

    • Geared more toward adults

    • Highlighting local musicians

    • Will be in Community Room and patio here at the Library

    • Possible issues with food/beverage

    • Future: Would be great to have protocol for opening up back half of parking lot/opening up patio doors outside (or shutting off parking lot for the day)

FSCPL: See written Chapter reports. Branciforte Branch opening 5/13. Michele

  • Monthly meeting

    • chapter president and library director and others

    • Notes sent out as part of the board packet from the friends to keep board informed

FLF Reports

Treasurer’s Report--First quarter 2023. Michele

Park Team Nancy

  • New gravel in the gravel pit (no storm contamination)

  • Mulch for some plants

  • Jim/Ralph putting pop-up back up for kids’ area

  • Wish we could have a team to hire once per month to help with weeding, but not ok w/Parks

    • Nancy emailed Rotary and waiting to hear

  • Next fall, might want to pay to redo grass near sun shade/hill (now that sprinklers are fixed)

Improvements team Michele

  • Teen Room: once bookcases are installed, meet again to discuss furniture and lighting

SV/BC Friends Meeting: Beth

  • SV operates a bit differently than Felton re: building/facilities access

  • We’ve offered to lend them storybook walk The Hike

  • Nancy has “The Hike” in her storage–great to share that elsewhere

  • Author talk from SV author: For Forks’ Sake

Author talk reports

  • Train Talk - 60 people here; sold over $600 worth of books

Amah Mutsun talk on land acknowledgment Marilyn

  • Future discussion about getting a sign put up


Storybook Walk Nancy

  • Book #1: Wonder Walkers

    • Video online for how art was produced for this book

  • Book #2: Water Is Water

  • Jackie - talk with her to determine whether there are other books she had in mind

  • Laminating - last year it was Jackie as per agreement; Phil will check to see if she has time to do so again; Michele will share past agreement with Phil

  • Install first weekend in June at Garden Work Party?

Programming: Nancy/Phil

  • Define three strands:

    • 1) Community-led Learning: Art, Environmental Sciences, Local History

      • Val to update Community-Led Learning page on the website to include link to the CLL form and to clarify CLL vs. SCPL Library Program form

    • 2) Programs led by Community volunteers subjects outside the three CLL areas of focus: e.g, juggling, parenting classes

    • 3) library programs for youth and adults

    • There is now a spreadsheet that lists app potential programs that Phil and Jackie look at regularly on Friday

    • Honoraria - Guidelines system-wide are that we can offer honoraria, has to be approved, $250/year limit, etc.

    • Programs: Each branch has different protocol/system for hosting programs (e.g., Felton is the only branch that has CLL)

    • Have a meeting with Jackie to discuss quarterly planning

Plans for this quarter in each of these three areas

1. Community-led Learning Michele

  • April: Author talk; tour of Kirby St. facility

  • May:

    • 5/3 - growing dahlias

    • 5/13 SLV history museum is doing a big exhibit in the community hall down the street and will do some talks here

    • 5/17 Sumi-e class

    • 5/31- floods and the ecology of the river (beneficial floods); Sam Adelson of Coastal Wateshed conservancy; filming

    • 5/27- Sailing talk

2. Programs led by volunteers

  • Jackie was absent. Phil thinks a juggling class is being arranged

3 Library programs

Jackie was absent. Phil thinks a - Triple P - Power of Positive Parenting is being scheduled (promote at the schools)

Volunteers: what can they do in the library and for FLF? All

  • Not currently onboarding volunteers yet

  • Need a new volunteer coordinator

  • Not currently much needed from volunteers


  • Manipulatives:

    • might be possible to start putting those out

    • Phil/Jacki - need to discuss/figure out placement (perhaps on low shelves along windows; perhaps low box shelves)

  • Garden Beds in Patio:

    • Girl Scouts coming early May and GS will help water/staff to help

  • Water pump on patio

    • Hoping to use it this year

    • Not going to have it on all the time - perhaps Thursdays during/around STEAM program


  • $22K/year for energy costs at the library currently

  • Contact Jenny/Jeannie (sp?) (gone on vacation June 1st)

  • County owns the building

  • Yolande discussed possibly getting money for all library buildings at once

SV Branch Programs

  • Trisha Timm: Low turnout at SV

  • First Five Turnout also low

Library Card Drive at local schools

  • Recently at SV high

  • Hoping to get it system-wide

  • FLF - could support this in the fall along with BC Friends for SLV MS and HS

Next meeting May 26. Agenda building: Report on Marketing meeting-Moana and Val. Programming.


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