Use this page to make any request for changes to the website. This can be a request for content to be created, a fix for something that’s broken, or simply something that you’d like to see.
Click here for instructions for this page
  1. Click Create New Ticket.
  2. Enter a subject and then a description of what work you want done on the site. (Just like email!)
  3. Pick a category for your request:
    • I’d like new content created – Use this category if you want a new post/video/photos, etc on the website. This can be a request to cover a future event. Or it can be content for something that’s already happened, like meeting notes. If you have text for the content, you can put that in the Description. If there are photos, use the attachments area at the bottom to attach the photos. If this content needs to be published by a certain date, please note that.
    • I’d like something changed – Use this category if there’s something that’s already on the website that needs to be updated or perhaps removed.
    • Something’s broken – Use this category if something on the website is broken, like a broken link or a post that you tried to publish that’s not showing up.
  4. Choose a priority. Here’s how to decide which priority to choose:
    • High – Major issue such as the website is down or has been hacked.
    • Medium – There’s some urgency to this issue. Should be done in the next couple of days. This will probably be the most common selection.
    • Low – No urgency for this issue. It just needs to be done whenever Shelly has time.
  5. (Optional) Load any attachments, such as images that need to go with content or maybe a screenshot of the problem you’re seeing on the website.
  6. Click Submit Ticket.

You can always check on the status of your request by clicking Tickets. This will show a list of all the tickets submitted and what their status is.

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