Felton Library Friends, along with library supporters throughout the County, worked hard for passage of Measure S. Now that it has passed, we’re eager for building to begin, at long last, on a new Felton branch library building!

Felton Library Friends met for the first time on May 23, 2005, a full eleven years ago! Some of you may enjoy these selected excerpts from the minutes of that meeting:

On Monday, May 23, about twenty residents of Felton and surrounding communities met at the Felton branch to discuss how we wish to continue to work together, now that we have saved our library from closure. It was a very successful and enjoyable gathering of people who care deeply about the Felton branch and about the library system as a whole…

The next meeting of “Felton Library Friends” will be at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday June 21, outside of the Felton branch. At that meeting we will make a decision on what to call our group…

New Felton branch building. We discussed the design prepared years ago, current possibilities for a dual-use building, the status of the land offer, the status of Measure B funds originally intended for Felton library services, the desire for a Tier 2 Felton branch, and possible alternative uses of the Belardi building if the library were to move. We agreed that only after the FLOW vote in July will our community be ready to start focussing on such a large issue…

Little did we know what a “large issue” the new branch building would be! We fought closure of the small branch twice more, and led the County-wide battle against consolidation of our library system into a small number of regional branches. We fought for better hours and programming for small branches. With the assistance of Supervisor Mark Stone, then Supervisor Bruce McPherson, and County staff, we worked hard towards acquisition of the Verutti property adjacent to the post office. Among the many boards and committees on which FLF members served were the Library Joint Powers Board, the building design committee, and the library task force charged with recommending solutions to the budgetary and staffing problems in 2011.

And now it has all paid off. Thank you to every Felton Library Friend who has written letters to the editor, attended FLF brainstorming meetings throughout the years, spoken in front of the library board, donated to FLF, or who has simply maintained belief in the importance of this new branch in Felton. Special thanks must go to Nancy Gerdt, who spearheaded this effort in so many ways.

Together we have not only retained library services in our community but are now primed for an excellent modern branch library facility in the San Lorenzo Valley, with an exciting nature-education center on the adjacent parcel of land.

Stay tuned for information on future meetings of Felton Library Friends. We have much to do that will help shape our amazing new facility. Are you ready for some fun?

Truly, libraries build community. And just as truly, communities build libraries.