Today, March 1st, volunteers for FLF joined an Americorp team to help restore the land at the new Felton Library site. Linda Skeff of our Restoration Team started the day with an orientation for the volunteers on what we are trying to achieve.

The land is overrun with blackberry plants, and as many of us here in Felton know, getting rid of these plants is a big job. Before the volunteer day, the Americorp team had already removed 600 crowns of blackberry! Amazing! We are so grateful for their help in this effort. Below we have some pictures from the effort today as FLF volunteers joined Americorp in removing more blackberry plants. We also have a video below of Linda describing how to get rid of the blackberries. If you have this problem at home, you’ll want to watch this video for Linda’s great advice.

Thank you, everyone, who came out to help today!

Slideshow of FLF Volunteers Working with Americorp on Land Restoration


Linda Skeff Talks About Blackberries