Dear fellow Felton Library Friends,

Have you heard? We’re now in official campaign mode. We are so excited to have this opportunity to work on passing the June 7th ballot measure that, with a YES vote, will mean our goal of building a new Felton branch library will become a reality.
So what is happening?
A county wide campaign is underway and is working to bring all 10 branches of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries into the 21st century. Each area in the county has a committee working to get the message out.
In SLV, our committee is planning neighborhood coffees and town hall meetings, seeking endorsements, volunteers, and campaign donations, presenting to local groups and much more.
Can you join us in making this happen? This is our chance to build a beautiful new library in Felton.  Here’s what you can do:

  1. Endorse this Measure at:
  2. Volunteer to phone bank, put up a yard sign, or help in other ways. Please for more information.
  3. Donate to the campaign:
    Our Libraries Our Future

    PO Box 8305
    Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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Please email with questions or ideas.