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What kinds of programs will be offered by County Parks, the Library, and SLV Water District?

Library and Park staff are exploring the many ways they will collaborate on programs, utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Program topics from County Parks would include birds, native plants, and nature crafts.
  • Popular library programs such as homework help, summer reading, children’s storytime, book groups, and craft days will be offered in the new space.
  • The SLV Water District is interested in providing watershed education, as Bull Creek is a water source for our community, and programs promoting conservation.
  • Community groups and individuals will be invited to make suggestions and conduct programs.
  • The library and park will also be a fun and educational destination for school field trips and other group visits.

Who  designed the new Library?

Local architect Teall Messer has created a beautiful design for the library. Teall’s work can be seen throughout the region, and includes many public buildings of note. Read about him at

The library interior is being designed by Berkeley-based architects Noll and Tam,

What will happen to the old library building?

The historic Belardi building that currently houses the Felton Branch Library will become the southern branch of the San Lorenzo Valley Museum in Boulder Creek.  Link to SLV Museum

Will the library be energy efficient?

The building will be solar-ready, pending funding for panels, but until then, even without solar panels the design is 16% more efficient than the basic state energy model.

Grand Opening February 22!

The San Lorenzo Valley is about to gain a fabulous new public space! Santa Cruz Public Libraries has informed Felton Library Friends that the grand opening celebration of the new Felton Branch Library will be Saturday, February 22.  Speakers involved in the...

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See Latest Construction Progress

The contractor continues to make significant progress on the building's construction.  Building framing, including both wood and steel, is nearing completion and the space has really taken shape.  Sheer walls and roofing are nearly in place and the building has been...

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Topping it Off Party with Thompson Builders

On Wednesday, April 17, representatives from Felton Library Friends' Steering Committee, Events Team, and Capital Campaign Leadership Team, joined Thompson Builders in a "topping it off party" at the new site. The building framers are now moving on to another project...

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