Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Beth Benjamin, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Frank Adamson, Phyllis Taylor, Anita Lande.

FLF website: Voted to hire web consultant to assist with migration from Dreamweaver-based site to a more accessible Blogger or WordPress site. Reviewed purposes of site: available for public searches on Felton and SC library issues, hub for information during political action, information about Felton Library events, provides contact info and donation info. Suggested features: comment area, search box, FAQ, calendar, links to JPB, FSCPL, other sites.

JPB report: need for continued action to preserve and improve SLV library services.

FSCPL report: discussion of how Friends money (from fundraising, book sales, etc.) is spent, how expenditures are decided and reviewed.

Summer programs: FLF is sponsoring five children’s programs in addition to the two offered by FSCPL on Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 6/14-7/30. FLF will participate in New Leaf Community Day to raise approximately $1000 to finance these programs, and New Leaf will be listed as a sponsor of the programs.

FLF meetings: The May FLF meeting will occur Monday evening, May 23 in order to include more people in the discussion of next steps for FLF.