FLF November 30, 2010

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Beth Benjamin, Edna Lyles, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Phyllis Taylor, Frank Adamson, April Zilber

Monthly book group: The committee drew up a list of possible themes for 2011, to be finalized by Nancy and Marilyn Robertson. The year’s schedule will be posted in the branch, on the FSCPL and FLF websites, to the FLF membership, and put in the FSCPL calendar. The next meeting is December 21, with the theme os “seasonal stories, traditions, and holidays.” Action items: Nancy & Marilyn finalize list, Michele assist with poster, Paul post to web and membership, Paul post Dec. 21 theme to membership and web, someone post year’s schedule to FSCPL for calendar and web.

Reading in the Redwoods book group will return to the branch due to an arrangment made by April and others. FSCPL will once again list it in the calendar and webite. Action item: Paul post coming meetings to FLF website and membership.

Barcode project: A coordinator is needed to work with the branch manager. Paul has a list of people, with contact information.

Poetry event: Someone will be needed to take the role Paul has played in communicating with poets, receiving poems, gathering them for the judge, etc. Paul is willing to be MC.

Task Force discussion: Nancy and Paul discussed the progress of the Task Force, the variety of models being considered, and related topics.

PM 12/1/10

FLF October 26, 2010

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Michele Mosher, Phyllis Taylor, Edna Lyles, Lucy Martin, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Harry Meserve.

Phyllis opened the meeting with a poem by Mary Oliver.
Phyllis may be able to attend the November JPB meeting, representing FLF.
Phyllis reported on the FSCPL capital campaign and on her progress with the Read to a Dog Program. Members praised her on her persistence. She also expressed a desire to promote a book group for teenage boys.
Members discussed ways to publicize the increased branch hours, including some sort of Saturday event. Nancy suggested the possibility of a system-wide “1st Friday for Libraries” similar to the 1st Friday program for art galleries. Members expressed interest in Saturday story time, even if provided by volunteers rather than staff. Harry suggested that FLF research social networking methods of getting the word out, such as meetup, online forums, etc. Michele will post the new hours to the BC family network.
In addition, a suggestion was made for some sort of event or report to the community in December.
Nancy and Paul updated the committee on Task Force activities. Harry’s slogan “one library with ten “outlets” was much appreciated.
Nancy will discuss with the branch manager how FLF can assist with Felton re-barcoding, currently scheduled for mid to late December, and if helpful, with re-barcoding at BC.
PM 10/26/10


FLF September 28, 2010

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Beth Benjamin, Tim Duncan.
This meeting consisted of a free-wheeling discussion of the SCPL system, the JPB, redevelopment, community libraries, and other topics related to Felton.

Members agreed that, even during a period of waiting for a report from the Task Force, FLF should periodically email its membership and maintain as much momentum as possible for a new Felton branch.

Felton and all other branches will have an increase in opening hours starting October 15.

In November, the Felton branch will need volunteers for several projects.

The next steering committee meeting is October 26.

PM 9/28/10


FLF July 27, 2010

Present: Frank Adamson, Bob Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Phyllis Taylor (chair), Beth Benjamin, Paul Machlis, Lucy Martin.

Beth read her poem, “Gulf Song,” concerning the oil spill.

New Leaf Community Day on June 24 raised over $1000 for FLF. FLF is once again tremendously grateful to New Leaf Community Markets for its support.

Phyllis reported on FSCPL work on donor appeals and grant applications. She also reported on ongoing challenges to her wish to being the Read to a Dog program at the Felton branch.

Nancy reported on preparations for the Task Force, on which both she and Paul will serve. Meetings will be held twice monthly August to December.

The Steering Committee approved a response to the Grand Jury report and requested that Paul submit it to the Press Banner.

Nancy reported on the tremendous success of the summer programs for children. The series was considered extremely beneficial for both the Library and the community.

Members discussed the ongoing issue of branch closures and in particular Lucy’s observation that the metaphor of a tree — with a trunk and branches — may not be useful. She suggested a better metaphor to be a “family,” in which all of the members make up the family (library system) and in which the loss of a family member is a loss to the entire family.

PM 7/28


FLF May 25, 2010

Present: Frank Adamson, Bob Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Phyllis Taylor (chair), Beth Benjamin, Edna Lyles, Paul Machlis

JPB: Paul and Michele intend to attend the June 7 meeting.

June potluck: Phyllis would like to host this event, and will inform members by June 10 regarding the status of work on her house. Nancy and Michele offered their homes as backup. We agreed to leave the potluck offerings to chance.

New Leaf Community Day on June 24 needs volunteers to represent FLF and hand out fliers for the Children’s Summer Programs.

Phyllis reported on FSCPL activities, including their fun
draising goal, a retreat with a consultant, and the LSB pilot project involving volunteers.

Nancy reported on the JPB task force that will work from August through December. Applications from citizen volunteers will be due June 30 and meetings are expected to occur twice a month on Thursdays 8-10 a.m.

Paul reported on Boulder Creek branch activity, including the formation of Save Our Library (S.O.L.) at a meeting at the BC Rec Hall attended by him and Beth.

The committee had a brief discussion of County funding, the history of library funding in the SLV (Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, and Felton) as well as the funding for the Felton Community Hall. We agreed to continue the discussion at a subsequent meeting.

Phyllis reported on her progress with the Read to a Dog children’s program. She is close to finalizing plans for a pilot program at Felton, and may contribute to the program being implemented at other branches.

Michele shared publicity on the Children’s Summer Program events. Although FLF has not yet received word on grant funding, we agreed that if funding is provided, a separate press release will cover that support.

PM 5/26


FLF April 27, 2010

Attending: Donna Ziel, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Edna Lyles, Phyllis Taylor, Lucy Martin, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Sean Wharton


Next FLF Steering Committee meeting is May 25.

Next JPB meeting: Paul, Michele, and Phyllis will attend. Time is probably 6:30. Nancy will email the agenda and packet to the Steering Committee.

FLF will have a potluck June 22.

Members signed a get-well card for Susan Heinlein.

Poetry Reading arrangements were reviewed.

Phyllis reported on efforts to get the Read to a Dog program going.

Nancy reported on the Tea and Book share, attended by about eight people. The next one will be May 20 (confirm date).
Joni Martin wishes to form a children’s book group at Felton.

JPB update.

Nancy reported on the April 1 Board resolution for the 2010-2011 budget, which cuts hours to the larger branches and cuts the collection budget. A consultant on staffing issues is scheduled for June. A task force will look at long-term budgetary issues beginning soon. Also discussed were the recently issued state library statistics for 2008-2009, the purchase by the Friends of self-checkout machines and the anticipated efficiencies expected from that, plans for a check-in system, and plans for a volunteer policy. Members discussed that volunteers should be used evenly throughout the branches, rather than only in community branches.

Media update

Paul reported on recent misleading articles in the Sentinel and Press Banner and on possible strategies for dealing with the attack on community libraries. FLF is getting assistance from people outside of the Steering Committee who helped in the Felton FLOW effort.

Redwood Mountain Faire

FLF decided not to involve itself in a dessert booth. Michele will report back to Boulder Creek Friends, who might wish to take it on alone.

Summer Children’s Programming

Nancy reported on the work she, Michele, Phyllis, and Janis O’Driscoll (Library Administration) have done on a series of events at the Felton branch. The events, to occur on Tuesdays from 1:30 to 2:30, prior to the Farmer’s Market, will include the Great Blindini, Food Matters, Tales & Trails Storytellers, Zun-Zun, Greta Peterson, the Singing Scientist, and Make Your Own Books [more precised names and dates will be posted on the web]. FLF will provide volunteers for set up. The events will take place outside on the deck and grass, and will include free snacks provided by the Farmers Market.

PM 4/28/10


FLF March 23, 2010

Present: Sue Kuivanen, Frank Adamson, Bob Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Phyllis Taylor, Lucy Martin, Beth Benjamin.

Sue Kuivanen talked about her new book, Parent’s Diet Handbook. FLF purchased two copies to donate to the Felton and BC Branches.

Nancy Gerdt talked about the library budget. FSCPL will be raising money for technology that will eventually save money, such as self-check machines. There will be an extra JPB meeting 4/19 to discuss the strategic plan. An email should go out to our large list informing people of this and asking if they can attend.

The group agreed to submit a grant application by April 1 for children’s summer programming to the Mihalik Memorial Fund at the Community Foundation. If it is only partially funded, FLF will pick up remaining costs.

Phyllis is researching the Read to a Dog program. Janis O’Driscoll is interested in the library piloting this at Felton this summer on Thursday afternoons.

FLF and BCF may have a booth at the Redwood Mt. Faire June 5 if the Faire committee decides to have NPs sell food. Nancy will contact BCF.

Michele will contact New Leaf regarding a FLF Community Day, preferably in May.

The FLF Steering Committee will have a potluck in June.


FLF February 23, 2010

Attending: Glenn Lyons, George Wylie, Kathie Richie, Sean McGuire, Donna Ziel, Peter Burke, Michele Mosher, Edna LeMay, Phyllis Taylor, Lucy Martin, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Joni Martin, Sean Wharton, Jonathan Drake, David Bohrman, Terry Bohrman.

FLF agreed that while the chief focus of FLF is a new Felton branch building, we wish to donate $1200 for improvements to the amenities in the current branch, as determined by library staff. Paul will convey this offer to the Library Director.

FLF agreed that it will not produce a Felton Library Festival in 2010. Members agreed that they are interested in participating in the Redwood Mountain Faire, if possible in collaboration with the Friends of the Boulder Creek branch.

FLF met with Supervisor and Joint Powers Board member Mark Stone in a valuable discussion of FLF’s work, the library budget, and the need to continue advocating for improved library service to the San Lorenzo Valley.

(A report on the discussion with Mark Stone was made by Peter Burke in the Press Banner on February 26).

PM 3/2/10


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Present: Nina Moore, Sean Wharton, Beth Benjamin, Thomas Wynn, Joni Martin, Lucy Martin, Trudi James, Phyllis Taylor, Frank Adamson, Joan McVay, Michele Mosher, Nancy Gerdt.

Members engaged in a fruitful discussion with Library Joint Powers Board member Nancy Gerdt of issues relevant to the Felton branch. Topics discussed and points made by attendees include:

The Library Strategic Plan as an important step in planning the future of the system

Unpredictability of library funding sources (both property and sales tax revenues fluctuate)

The need for a strong branch close to the SLVSD campus in Felton

The need for public buildings in the SLV for meetings and computer access for all

The importance of community branches for reducing our carbon footprint (transportation costs)

Current hours are so reduced, it is difficult to even plan to go to the branch

The idea of a community without a library speaks to the dumbing down of America. We need close access to books and other materials

The library is an enriching facility for the nearby schools

SLV residents want an adequate library for their children

Importance of a library for self-employed people wanting a “third place” to work

Importance of interlibrary loan services

Importance of having our children “Grow up with a library.”

Importance of a local community based learning center.