FLF November 24, 2009

Present: Frank Adamson, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Michele Mosher, April Zilber, Nancy Hofmann.

At this informal meeting, FLF members honored Nancy Gerdt on completing her four-year term on the Joint Powers Board, and thanked her for her willingness to serve a second term. Members enjoyed tea, sandwiches, and sweets while discussing issues related to the Felton branch. In addition, Nancy Hoffmann demonstrated her Kindle 2.

Paul Machlis 12/09


FLF September 29, 2009

Present: Frank Adamson, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, , Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Phyllis Taylor, Michele Mosher, Brent Gifford, April Zilber, Sue Kuivenan, Lucy Martin.

Paul gave the literary reflection on two series by Alexander McCall Smith. April will do the literary reflection in November.

Phyllis will attend the October JPB October meeting

Sue suggested that FLF propose to pay for a sign outside the library with the current hours. Bob will approach Heidi Jagger-Smith, branch manager at SV, about this.

The Library Town Hall meeting will be in the Felton Community Hall meeting room on October 28 at 6:30 to gather ideas and input for strategic plan for the future. We would like to see a large turnout, and asked that each steering committee member call or talk to 10 people. Committee members also signed up to call some community members connected with various organizations and businesses.

The group evaluated the Felton Library Festival. Michele will record and save all comments. Brian Frus presented a wonderful slide show of the Festival which everyone was most impressed with.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 24.

Michele Mosher 9/30


FLF August 25, 2009

Present: Frank Adamson, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, George Wylie, Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Hofmann, Phyllis Taylor, Michele Mosher, Brent Gifford, April Zilber, Sue Kuivenan, Lucy Martin.

Nancy Hoffman read a poem by Mary Oliver. Brent will give the next reflection.

New Leaf Community Day on Thursday August 27: FLF table will be attended by Michele, Barbara, and George (11:30-1:30), Nancy G. and Phyllis (1:30-3:30), and Frank and Paul (3:30-5:30).

JPB: Phyllis, Paul, and possibly Nancy H. will attend the 9/14 JPB meeting

JPB/Director meetings: Paul, George, and Michele reported on meetings with JPB members Beiers and Storey, and with Library Director Teresa Landers.

September Steering Committee meeting was set for September 29 (5th Tuesday) due to scheduling conflicts.

Felton Library Festival:

George reported on his efforts to mitigate the substantial hornet problem. George reported that the Post Office will provide sufficient outlets so that no generator will need to be rented. Paul reported that because the poster had already been released, the idea of a book as admission ticket could not be considered for this event. Michele brought posters, fliers, drawing tickets, and drawing instructions. Members signed up for postering and drawing ticket sales. Additional volunteers are needed for farmer’s market days and additional days at New Leaf. Paul discussed transport issues: pickup and return of sound system, chairs, and leftover books. He has contacted some young men who may help (for pay). Paul will contact Teresa regarding her fielding questions at the information booth after her remarks. Nancy confirmed that either Joe Simitian or his aide will speak as well. We agreed that name tags for Teal and Teresa, as well as SC volunteers, should be made available.

PM 8/26/09


FLF July 28, 2009

Present: Eunice LeMay, Frank Adamson, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, Beth Benjamin, George Wylie, Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Hofmann.

Barbara reflected on the book Where Light Takes Color From the Sea by James Houghton. Nancy Hofmann will do the next reflection.

New Leaf has designated Community Day on Thursday August 27 to benefit FLF. Sign-ups for the FLF table so far include: 11:30-1:30 — Michele, Barbara, George; 1:30-3:30 Nancy, Edna; 3:30-5:30 Frank, Paul. There is room for a third for the 2nd & 3rd shifts.

JPB: Paul will attend the 8/3 JPB meeting.

Belardi: A subcommittee (Nancy Gerdt, April, Bob) was identified to meet with members of the Belardi Board regarding future tenancy of the building.

JPB/Director meetings: Paul and Michele will meet with JPB member Kathryn Beiers on August 4. Paul, Michele, and George will meet with JPB member Sam Storey and Library Director Teresa Landers on August 11 (2 separate meetings that day). SC members were invited to be part of these meetings, either joining Paul and Michele or replacing one of them.

Boulder Creek Friends: Scheduling problems have prevented a meeting of the two Friends groups from occuring. We will try again after the Festival.

FAQ sheet: Members were urged to be prepared to answer questions from the public, using the FAQ sheet.

Felton Library Festival:

Hornet control was reviewed and the committee is satisfied at the efforts George will be making.

Paul agreed to further investigate the generator issue for the second ice cream freezer (after the meeting Paul confirmed that the service identified in March is still the best, a gas-powered generator that can be rented for $50).

A suggestion that admission to the Festival be a donated book was made; Paul will run by Susan Heinlein. The challenge of delivering the books to the FSCPL after the Festival was discussed.

The poster is ready for printing.

The entertainment has been confirmed: Beth Hollenbeck 12:45, Patti Maxine & Friends 1:30, The Marbeled Murrelets 2:00, Little People’s Theatre Singers 2:45, Prize drawings 3:15. Library Director Teresa Landers and State Senator Joe Simitian (or his aide) will give short remarks at appropriate places.

Free children’s activites so far confirmed are: Magic teaching tent (Brent), SLVUSD food activities booth, Camp Joy apple activities booth, Book making, Face painting (Mt. Hermon Playschool).
Raffle tickets will be ready for distribution to SC members at the SC meeting 8/25.
The offer of a BBQ from the Cowboy Bar and Grill was discussed. While appreciative, the SC decided for a number of reasons not to add this to the Festival: the existing refreshments seem sufficient and appropriate to FLF volunteer strength; the BBQ would not necessarily draw more people, which is the primary goal of the event; neither would the amount raised (which would depend very much on accurate estimates of food consumed) be so significant to override the above concerns. Michele or Nancy will contact the owner of the Cowboy Grill regarding the possibility of some future event being more appropriate.
The Cakewalk is officially changed to a Cupcake Walk.
The Drawing prizes are set, although a few components of the dining prizes are not quite confirmed: Felton Farmer’s Market, New leaf, Garden Diva Tour, Books (various bookshops), Dinners, Breakfasts.
Nancy Hofmann volunteered to work with Marilyn on the book making stand.

PM 7/30/09


FLF June 23, 2009

Present: Eunice LeMay, Frank Adamson, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, Beth Benjamin, Sue Kuivanan, Phylis Taylor, George Wylie, Donna Ziel, Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Hofmann, Brent Gifford, Sherry Skold.

Nancy reflected on the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran.” Barbara will do the next reflection.

New Leaf has designated Community Day on Thursday August 27 to benefit FLF.

Felton Library Festival:
September 12 date and hornet control (George) have both been cleared with Pat Verutti.

Michele will contact Bill for an update of the poster.

Paul reported that the entertainment lineup is nearly confirmed.

George and his wife will handle both chocolate and ice cream.

Still waiting for word from Cowboy Diner.

Marilyn Robertson (with help from Nancy Gerdt and probably Susan Rennison) will host the book making stand.
Sue reported on a food stand by the SLVUSD food services group.

We agreed that, if needed, our initial announcements of the Festival to FLF members will include a call for childrens books for the book swap/sale.

There will not be bubbles.

Camp Joy will host an “Apple Annex.”

A neighbor of Sue’s wants to do a “spin art” booth.

We have not heard yet from the snake or face painting people.

Beth reported that we will again have watermelons.

Beth will work to gather one or even two dining packages for the raffle, building on the gift certificate already received from Taqueria Vallarta.

We agreed to aim for repeats of the Garden Diva prize, the Farmer’s Market prize, the Bundled books prize, and the New Leaf prize (with this last one possibly to be replaced by a second dining prize).

Beth will ask Redwood Pizza to supply pizza, emphasizing the amount of pizza that might be needed.
Phyllis will continue to work with FSCPL on possible volunteers.

Boulder Creek Friends: Paul, April and Beth will meet with this sister chapter to discuss common ground.

FLF materials for raffle sales sites and at the Festival: FAQ sheet; FLF bookmark with the branch hours and FLF info; sign about why FLF is raising money (Michele will draft).

FLF statement on branch libraries: FLF approved the draft statement for the web, eventual email to membership, and possible publication in PB or VP. To be added: an appeal to order on the web and pick up books at the Felton Branch SC recommended that it be emailed to FLF

Advocacy: SC approved FLF advocating for at least one day of late afternoon hours for Felton (3-7).We will discuss strategy for this advocacy at next meeting. Possible ideas were to petition at the raffle sites and Festival booth and emailing JPB board members and the new director.

PM 6/25/09


FLF May 26, 2009

Present: Eunice LeMay, Frank Adamson, Lucy Martin, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, Beth Benjamin, Sue Kuivanan, Phylis Taylor, George Wylie, Donna Ziel, Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis.

Nancy will give her reflection at the June meeting.

Michele reported that the FLF account had $21,305.12 as of March 31, 2009, with a $500 matching gift added after that date.

Phyllis announced the FSCPL book sale.

POETRY: The annual Poetry Contest was discussed. We agreed to remove the word contest (probably simply calling it the SLV Poetry Reading) and would phrase the “judging” in such a way as to focus on the creation of a balance evening of poems rather than winners and losers. We also supported the idea of a book of all submitted poems, preferably done by an outside company from whom individual poets and parents could order (lulu.com was mentioned as such a company). We also agreed to insist that all poems be emailed to FLF, and that none be delivered by hand or mailed to the P.O. Box. Donna and Phyllis volunteered to coordinate the creation of the book of poems. Paul will create the form for each submitted poem that will give poet permission for publication in the book. We discussed having one copy of the book at the Felton branch and possibly one at Central.

JPB: Nancy reported on the JPB meeting in early May, at which the Board requested that the Acting Director return with one or more scenarios to balance the budget without closing any branch. Upon receipt of the packet for the June 1 meeting, Michele and Paul will decide what action, if any, FLF members might take on June 1 and whether an email to the membership is warranted.

STRATEGY: We discussed FLF strategy and priorities in the coming months. Paul suggested that FLF should hesitate before expending its energies on small fundraisers and other projects, but should focus on advocating for a strong branch in the SLV with the new Director and JPB members.

SUMMER ART: Sue proposed FLF involvement in a painting project for children at the Felton branch. Members were enthusiastic and suggested that she first coordinate with Lauren.

FESTIVAL: We agreed on the date September 12, 12:30-3:30.

Members volunteered for coordination posts for the Festival as follows (in parenthesis are people who will assist):

Raffle: Beth (Sue)
Setup/Cleanup/Chairs/Tables: George
Site (tents, stake out site plan, insurance, stage, etc.): Michele
Publicity (press, calendar, nespaper, newsletters, radio): Paul
Poster (design, printing, distribution): Sue
Entertainment (booking, confirm, PA, thank yous): Paul,Michele,Nancy
Volunteers (phone, confirm, deploy): Nancy
Ice cream (plan, get, set up): Lucy (Phyllis)
Food & drink (what food, makes calls, get drinks): Phyllis, Michele, Donna, Beth (watermelon)
Cakewalk (set up, run, plan): Phyllis
Children’s book sale/swap (sort, plan, set up): Sue
Children’s activities (contact facepainters, book makers, etc.) no one (Sue will assist)
Signs / boards: April?

PM 5/28/09


FLF April 28, 2009

Present: Eunice LeMay, Brent Gifford, Frank Adamson, Lucy Martin, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles, Beth Benjamin, Sue Kuivanan, Phylis Taylor.

Lucy gave the reflection, and read the final paragraph of George Eliot’s Middlemarch. Nancy will give the next reflection.

Phylis reported that the Friends has new officers and will sponsor the book sale soon. The SV chapter is planning a dinner, silent auction, and book sale; the Boulder Creek chapter is sponsoring a movie night and tutoring.

Nancy reported that Teresa Landers will begin as the new Library Director on July 1. She reported on the budget problems of the system and on proposals to be discussed at the May 11 JPB meeting (Brent and Paul will attend). She praised the improved library website (due in May).

Paul reported on the April Felton Task Force meeting, at which architect Teal Messer gave a draft presentation of slides and information that he will present formally to the JPB, probably in June.

FLF decided to proceed with a 2009 Felton Library Festival, on the Verutti property if the yellowjacket problem can be eliminated. If not, we will investigate closure of Gushee St. We will also investigate better ways to keep ice cream cold (gas freezers, generators). We did not determine a date yet. We agreed that we need additional volunteers or, possibly for some tasks, paid helpers.

We discussed an offer of a significant raffle prize, a quilt offer from a woman named Martine (Felton). Various themes and sizes were discussed, with preference for a relatively small quilt, either featuring children’s book themes or featuring a familiar SLV landmark such as the Covered Bridge. Also discussed were the pros and cons of a multi-panel quilt with contributions from various quilters. Paul and Sue will find photographs of quilts that might serve as models.

Brent announced that he will be moving to San Francisco in June.

Over email, Sue submitted the following slogans:

Created with love from the start
A Space For Everyone
A Safe Space For Everyone
The Village Home

Over email, Michele suggested:

A learning place for everyone

These are in addition to those suggested at the March meeting:

Education from 2 to 92
We read amd we vote
Cornerstone of democracy
Community connection
A place for everyone
A third place
A safety net

PM 4/29/09


FLF March 31, 2009

Present: Eunice LeMay, Brent Gifford, Frank Adamson, Lucy Martin, Robert Lewis, Donna Ziel, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna Lyles.

Paul gave the literary reflection, reading from Laura Miller’s Th
e Magician’s Book.

Paul announced a $500 donation to FLF from Lester Hoyt Watson (matched by GlaxoSmithKline).

Poetry Reading. The group discussed whether all entrants should be notified of their status (as winners or losers); the feeling was that while not necessary, if it is easily done over email, this would be considerate. The group agreed that in future, contest publicity will make it clear that only one poem may be submitted per poet. Also to be discussed before next year is whether FLF should request that all entrants be available for an FLF publication, should FLF choose to print a compilation someday. A volunteer list for the reading was distributed.

Michele will join members of FSCPL in a meeting with Assemblyman Bill Monning.

Brent will represent FLF at the April JPB meeting.

At the April meeting, we will discuss whether to present a Felton Library Festival in 2009, and, if so, discuss details including location.

Eunice reported that volunteers at the Felton branch are proving very helpful. She also reported briefly on discussions between the branches and the FSCPL regarding funds, fundraising, and other issues.

FLF messaging. We each presented a one-liner supporting the new branch. Among the messages were:
Education from 2 to 92
We read amd we vote
Cornerstone of democracy
Community connection
A place for everyone
A third place
A safety net

Paul Machlis 4/1/09


FLF February 24, 2009

Present: , Eunice LeMay, Phyllis Taylor, Brent Gifford, George Wylie, Marilyn Robertson, Frank Adamson, Lucy Martin, Robert Lewis, Donna Ziel, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, April Zilber

Michele gave the literary reflection, reading a chapter from Annie Lamott’s Grace (Eventually) called “Steinbeck Country.” PAUL will Do do the next reflection.

Poetry Reading. The group came up with a long list of potential readers (SLV notables) for the event this year as well as future years. Marilyn, Paul, and Nancy will work further on the choices for this year.

JPB Report: Nancy reported on continuing budgetary challenges in the library system. Nancy also reported on an application for federal funds being submitted by the County, as well as plans for additional applications for federal stimulus funds.

Felton Task Force: Paul, Nancy, and Michele spoke of the work of the Task Force, which is suspended while the completed preliminary design is submitted to various County agencies.

Paula Poundstone event: Michele reported that the proceeds, after expenses, for the event were about $1400 (about half from Gold Circle seats and about half from the party).

Ken and Shirley Whalen gift. Paul called attention to articles in the Valley Post and other publications regarding this generous gift from a Felton couple.

Paula Poundstone event planning is on track. We would like to get as many as 70 people to the benefit party after the show.

Friends report: Phyllis reported highlights of the January Friends meeting, including the suggestion that County residents shop locally to benefit the library and other local agencies. She also reported the library use is very high in comparison to past use.

Messaging and talking points discussion: The last portion of the meeting was spent in first efforts to review our slogans, messaging, and talking points. We agreed to make this a continuing part of future meetings, as further developments with funding and design require.

Paul Machlis 2/25/09


FLF January 27, 2009

Present: Sue Kuivanen, Eunice LeMay, Phyllis Taylor, Brent Gifford, George Wylie, Marilyn Robertson, Frank Adamson, Lucy Martin, Robert Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Donna Ziel, Beth Benjamin, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher

Beth gave the literary reflection, reading poems by David Whyte. Michele will to do the next reflection.

JPB Report: Nancy reported on a bequest to the Felton library. Mark Stone will let us know the exact amount whne it is settled. Library staff will be furloughed 4 hours a week (FT workers) and all branches will be closed Fridays. The director search is on. Paul will attend the JPB meeting 2/2.

Eunice LeMay asked for volunteers for shelving, shlf chicks, etc. at the Felton branch. Paul will draft an email to the FLF list regarding this, and send to Eunice to review. Volunteer signup forms are available at the Felton branch.

Poetry contest reading will be April 29 at the Felton Community Hall meting room. Marilyn will decide on the theme—the group gave suggestions. Nancy or Michele will make a flier and get it to the SLVUSD office for approval to send home with elementary and middle school students around March 1. April 3 will be the deadline for submission, preferably by email.

Paula Poundstone event planning is on track. We would like to get as many as 70 people to the benefit party after the show.

Felton Task Force is continuing to work on the plan with Achitect Teall Messer. FTF met with consultant Ruth Barefoot of San Jose PL system to review and comment on the interior space. Nancy showed the interior and exterior plans and recorded comments from the Steering Committee. Reaction was very favorable to the exterior design.

Michele Mosher 1/27/09