FLF November 18, 2008

Attending: Donna Ziel, Kris Waskell, Phylis Taylor, Lucy Martin, Beth Benjamin, Michele Mosher, Eunice LeMay, Brent Gifford, George Wylie, Sue Kuivanin, Edna Lyles, Frank Adamson, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Paul Machlis.

Brent reflected on the Janet Evanovitch series of Stephanie Plum mysteries that he hears as audiobooks. He shared his thoughts on the skills of those who read books aloud, and his enjoyment of the locales and dialects of this series. Beth will share in January.

Beth read a letter from Sheila Delaney, winner of the Festival drawing prize titled “Garden Divas Tour and Dinner.” She and her husband greatly enjoyed their visit to Love Apple Farm and Renee Shepherd’s garden, and then dinner at Renee’s. “Many thanks to the Felton Friends for having the raffle, and to Beth for the inspiration to have the Garden Divas Tour and Dinner as a prize!”

There will be no meeting in December; the next meeting is January 27, 2009.

Brent is attending meetings of the Felton Business Association, many of whose members are very enthusiastic about supporting FLF’s efforts.

Sue reported on a Paula Poundstone event that could potentially benefit FLF. Michele, Beth, Brent, and Paul will work with Sue on this. Together we will get answers regarding how FLF might profit financially, whether FSCPL approves FLF involvement, and how the FLF story and message can be incorporated into event promotion. The event will occur February 7 at the Rio Theater.

Paul solicited input on a meeting he and the president of the FSCPL will have with a representative of the recruitment firm for the Library Director position. Members discussed qualities they wish FLF to emphasize as desirable in the next Director.

Michele and Paul spoke about their visit (with Nancy Gerdt, Janis O’Driscoll of Library staff, and architect Teall Messer) to four branches of the San Jose Public Library system. Slides were shown of the marketplace concept, as well as children’s areas, homework centers, meeting rooms, and reading areas at the branches.

PM 11/18

FLF October 28, 2008

Members present: Frank Adamson, Barbara and Bob Lewis, Eunice LeMay, Edna Lyles, Phyllis Taylor, Brent Gifford, Nancy Gerdt, Sue Kuivanin, Beth Benjamin, Michele Mosher.

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Chairperson Phyllis Taylor. Barbara Lewis was asked and agreed to take minutes of the meeting. The volunteer hours sheet was passed around.

The next meeting will be November 18, a change to the third
Tuesday of the month, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

TreasurerMichele Mosher reported a balance of $18,702.20.

Nancy Gerdt reported on the Friends of the Library recognition of volunteer hours, which included many for Felton. She spoke about the hiring committee formed to work on the selection of a new director for the county’s library system.

It was decided to start meetings of the Felton Library Friends
with group members speaking briefly about a favorite book, CD, DVD, or periodical available at the library.

Sue Kuivanin spoke about a possible future special event benefit and will check out details about cost and venues and report back to us.

Nancy Gerdt gave a short history of design plan meetings for the proposed Felton library and showed us the floor plan produced by Teal Messer for comment.

Bob Lewis presented a slide show of the Watsonville and Freedom libraries. The Watsonville library has only been open a few months.

Barbara Lewis, November 1

FLF September 23, 2008 meeting

In attendance, Bob and Barbara Lewis, Frank Adamson, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Sue Kuivanen, Eunice LeMay, Lucy Martin, Beth Benjamin, George Wylie

1. Reflection: George thanked FLF for help in the campaign to pass the bond issue to help SLV schools. It was a heart-warming experience to see support for the importance of giving all, especially kids, the old-fashioned experience of exploring books. He is helping FLF as his way of thanking us for our help and to give back.

2. On behalf of the Steering Committee, Phyllis thanked Michele for her work on the Festival. Michele was given a card signed by all and a bouquet of flowers. Michele also thanked the committee and said that the community wants the event to continue. She estimated that 400-500 people attended.

3. Phyllis tabled a discussion about a new way to open meetings. It will be rescheduled to the October meeting.

4. Announcements/questions/volunteer sheet. Michele distributed the volunteer hours sign-up sheet. Paul bought a card for Brent. Eunice volunteered to check the P.O. box at Felton Post Office. The next meeting of the Board is Oct. 28 and all were invited to bring a friend. We are encouraging new members to join the steering committee.

5. Treasurer’s Report – Michele. Approximately $4,000 was netted from the Ice Cream Social. Desperately Seeking Chocolate donated approximately $400. The total net was about $1000 more than last year. New Leaf Community Day brought in $1,122. Total in FLF account now is nearly $19,000.

6. Festival Evaluation.

“Lots of happy kids!” Thanks were given to Julie Haff for allowing distribution of fliers to SLE families. Discussion about the yellow jacket problem at the current site lead to the decision to investigate alternate sites. Felton Covered Bridge Park was mentioned, as was the street outside of the Felton Firehouse. Other logistics were discussed.

Entertainment. Need to find a way to get more people in front of stage before entertainment begins. Microphone problem.

Food. Discussion about charging a little more for food. A comparison to the prices charged at the County Faire was made.

Time/Date Conflicts. Sue will check on the date for the next kite festival to avoid conflict. Other potential conflicts: County Fair, Ohlone Day. Consensus was to keep the event on a Saturday.

Books. Discussion as to the ideal number of seed books lead to agreement that 10 boxes of really good books should be enough. The book swap was well-organized and very popular.

Michele noted that FLF had received a letter from Susan Heinlein praising the event and organizers.

Volunteers. A suggestion was made to have tee shirts made for volunteers to wear at the event and possibly sell them, also.

Raffle prizes. Frank pointed out that tickets for the prizes sold well because the prizes were valuable and attractive, we had separate drawings for each prize and the boxes into which tickets were placed were attractive.

7. Joint Powers Board Report. No report (no meeting) The next meeting is the second Monday in October. George volunteered to represent FLF.

8. Felton Task Force Report. Tabled

Reminder: bring guests next time to join Board. Next meeting is October 28.

Donna Ziel

FLF Meeting 8/26/08


Attending: Edna Lyles, Beth Benjamin, Eunice LeMay, Frank Adamson, Michele Mosher, Nancy Gerdt, Sue Kuivanen, Brent Gifford, Phyllis Taylor, Lucy Martin, Paul Machlis, Bob Lewis, Donna Ziel, Sherry Skold.

Reflection/appreciations Beth
Paul announced the offer of a substantial amount of firewood for FLF’s benefit. FLF is working with the donor on how the gift might best be handled.

FSCPL Board. Phyllis repored on the following: a very successful festival of books, a documentary film festival being discussed for the fall, a grant received to improve youth services at the Boulder Creek branch, the move of the Friends headquarters to the new library headquarters building, a coming design change for the Friends website, and the growth of the Scotts Valley Friends group.

Joint Powers Board. No report, Brent will represent FLF on Sept. 8 and will invite JPB members to the Festival.

Felton Task Force. A full report will be given in September. Nancy, Michele, and Paul have met with the other task force members several times, and the work is proceeding very well.

The remainder of the meeting was spent on Felton Library Festival planning.

PM 8/27/08

FLF Meeting 7/22/08

Attending: Frank, Edna, Phyllis, Paul, Nancy, Michele, Eunice, Sue, Barbara, Brent, April, Beth, Lucy, Donna, Bob.
Brent gave the reflection. Beth will give the August 26 reflection.
Treasurer’s report. As of June 30, ending balance is $14,703.
FSCPL board report. None.
JPB report. New policy restricting activities at SCPL buildings (community rooms) when library closed because of insurance suit related to a fall at Aptos steps.

Felton Task Force report. Six members met on July 21, with initial discussion of site, expectations, etc. Site of library/parking. Meeting room – flexible space. Moving laptops. Comfortable furniture. Further report will be given in September.

The remainder of the meeting concerned Felton Library Festival 2008 planning. Detailed notes will be sent to members prior to next meeting.

FLF Meeting 6/24/08

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Phyllis Taylor, Frank Adamson, Bob Lewis, Brent Gifford, Michele Mosher, Eunice LeMay, Edna Lyles, Paul Machlis, Sue Kuivanen, Myra Gifford, Beth Benjamin, Lucy Martin.

Brent will do the reflection July 22.

Friends report. FSCPL had a retreat on fundraising; a fuller report will be given in September.

JPB report. Brent announced Festival. 2008/09 budget was proposed, with major expenses related to salaries, benefits, & remodeling of Headquarters. Next meeting is July 7, Phyllis and Michele will represent FLF.

Felton Library Festival. Planning continued for this event, to be held September 13, from 1-4 p.m. Detailed planning notes will be separately emailed to members.

PM 6/26/08

FLF Meeting 5/27/08

Attendees: Bob Lewis (facilitating), Barbara Lewis, Frank Adamson, Edna Lyles, Donna Ziel, Sherry Skold, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Kris Waskell, Brent Gifford, Sue Kuivanen, Lucy Martin, George Wylie, Lauren Suhd.

FLF Third Birthday recognition. Paul read the minutes of the first FLF meeting, May 23, 2005, and birthday cake was enjoyed by all.


Nancy distributed a letter for FLF members to sign, thanking Senator Simitian for his work on SB 1516. She will follow up with additional letters on behalf of FLF.

Nancy arranged for volunteer placard-bearers for election eve and election day. Paul will email the FLF membership regarding voting, urging neighbors to vote, and perhaps getting a few volunteers for placards.

Nancy distributed a card for the family of FLF member Toni Nagle that will be sent along with the title of a children’s book that FLF will donate to the Felton branch (to be selected by Lauren) in Toni’s memory.


Sherry reported on FSCPL, including reports to the JPB and news of the recent book sale.

Nancy reported on the proposed annual budget, discussed at the May JPB meeting. Brent agreed to represent FLF at the June JPB meeting


Planning continued for the Felton Library Festival (September 13). A comprehensive planning document will be maintained by Michele. Among the key decisions and action items were:

For children: book swap (Sue), bubbles (Sue, Lauren), face paints (Michele will confirm), pelts, bookmarks (Lauren), mini-horses (Brent), possible play area, possible games (Michele will check)

Food: Pizza (Paul will confirm), drinks, watermelon, ice cream.

Need to better plan setdown/cleanup.

Date confirmation: Pat Verutti, Jon Fasolas, Rob Campbell.


FLF Meeting 4/22/08

Attendees: Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Donna Ziel, Phyllis Taylor (facilitator), Lucy Martin, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Kris Waskell, Nancy Gerdt, Sherry Skold, Beth Benjamin, George Wylie, Brent Gifford, Eunice LeMay.

Reflection and appreciation: Sherry.


* Poetry reading will be W April 23, 7 p.m.
* New Leaf has given FLF a Community Day on August 28.
* Felton Task Force meeting postponed until after June election.
* FLF’s application to the Community Foundation was declined.
* Watsonville’s new library will have a grand opening on May 2, 2-4 p.m.


Phyllis and Sherry reported on FSCPL news, including completion of the chapter bylaws, a coming FSCPL board retreat, and a coming book sale.

Nancy reported that at the April JPB meeting, a revised wording of the resolution making Felton the top priority capital project was approved by a vote of 8 to 1. Wording will be posted at the FLF website. Phyllis and Sherry will represent FLF at the May 12 JPB meeting. At that time the generous donation by Pat Verutti will be announced.


FSCPL requirements: Paul will serve as FLF secretary and spokesperson, Michele as the FLF treasurer. Michele will convey these assignments to Susan Heinlein.

Measure R (Nancy). SLV is responsible for a huge percentage of Measure R endorsements than in any other part of the County. The cutoff date for endorsements is May 1. Absentee ballots go out on May 5, the election is June 3. FLF is delivering yard signs as requested. The sign-up sheet for tables at New Leaf, BC branch (Shakespeare to Go on May 17), the BC Arts & Wine Festival, and the Farmer’s Market was sent around for additional volunteers. Sherry reminded members of the May 7 candidates forum at the High School, where Measure R proponents and opponents will speak. Members noted the importance of retrieving signs after the election, and that the metal prongs can be re-used in future campaigns.

Events (Michele). members agreed on naming this year’s event “The Felton Library Festival: An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social and Watermelon Feed.” The date agreed upon is September 13. The steering committee meetings in June, July, and August will be chiefly focussed on event planning. At the June meeting, a timeline for planning will be presented.


FLF Meeting 3/25/08

Attendees: Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Donna Ziel, Phyllis Taylor (facilitator), Lucy Martin, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Kris Waskell, Nancy Gerdt, Sherry Skold

Reflection and appreciation: Donna.


* Poetry reading will be W April 23, 7 p.m. Deadline for entries is April 4th. Members signed up for refreshments and setup.
* New Leaf has given FLF a Community Day on August 28.
* Felton Task Force will meet with Teall Messer in April to resume design discussions
* On March 3 the JPB resolved that no other capital projects will be funded prior to that of the Felton branch.


Measure R (Nancy). FLF members are encouraged to publicize the gathering of endorsements. Members discussed their Scotts Valley connections, and Nancy agreed to work on getting volunteers for that area. FLF members wish to focus their efforts on the San Lorenzo Valley. This will include representing FLF at tables at public events. Nancy circulated a signup sheet for volunteers for FLF campaign efforts. Sherry announced the May 7 candidates forum at the High School, where Measure R proponents and opponents will speak.

Events (Michele). Members agreed that the monthly steering committee meetings shall be used to work on events, rather than have events delegated to a sub-committee. A second Ice Cream Social was approved, and members agreed that we should start early, and attempt to interest additional volunteers at an early stage.

Chapter Policies (Susan Heinlein, Managing Director, Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries). Susan discussed with the committee draft po
licies for FLF and other Friends chapters. A copy of the final version will be posted on the FLF website for reference.

Future Agenda Items

Followup to chapter policy discussion, including designation of FLF secretary, treasurer, and spokesperson.

Ice Cream social planning


FLF Meeting 2/26/08

Funding Forum with guests Jo Kenny and Supervisor Mark Stone.

Attendees: Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Donna Ziel, Beth Benjamin, Phyllis Taylor (facilitator), Lucy Martin, Eunice LeMay, Barbara Lewis, Eric Burman, April Zilber, Bob Lewis, Kris and Vince Waskell, Nancy Gerdt, Sean Wharton, Elicia Burton, Jim Rapoza, Jim Mosher, Gail Burman, George Wylie.

Reflection and appreciation: Eunice

* Library staff appreciation potluck dinner will be Thursday, March 13, 6:15 p.m. at Michele’s house.
* Phyllis will join the Friends of the SC PL Board as the FLF representative beginning 2/27.
* Poetry reading will be W April 23, 7 p.m.

Funding sources for new Felton branch

1. Report on foundation grant research (Jo Kenny)

Jo Kenny presented FLF with a chart listing 23 funding sources, a narrative report on her research, and a binder with detailed information about the funding sources identified by her. Her presentation included the following noteworthy points:

Start local, work out from there.
Enhanced library programs/services may require ongoing fundraising
Desirable to diversify funding base and not have one program/service funded from only one source.
Watershed walkway and wheelchair access could qualify the project in ways not researched yet.
Corporations often have both foundations and corporate giving programs. Important to make contact with local bank managers.
Surveying residents about where they work may identify other potential employer support.

2. Community Foundation grant application (Michele)
Michele Mosher reviewed the current Community Foundation grant and FLF’s application for a second, two-year, grant. She reminded members that FLF’s capital campaign can provide the “margin of excellence” that enhances the core infrastructure funded by the Library system.

3. Library system funding (Mark Stone)
Supervisor Stone introduced a measure he intended to propose at the March 3 Joint Powers Board meeting [the measure was passed] establishing Felton as the top priority capital project. He spoke of the need for passage of Measure R (permanent sales tax) so that the Board can look at large capital projects. He spoke of the importance of FLF members continuing to attend JPB meetings, as they have done since 2005.


FLF Meeting 1/29/08

Meeting with consultant Jane Lorn Wade.

Attendees: Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Frank Adamson, Donna Ziel, Beth Benjamin, Phyllis Taylor (facilitator), Lucy Martin, Eunice LeMay, Barbara Lewis, Eric Burman, April Zilber, Bob Lewis.

Announcements from the agenda:
* The design meeting with slides of six libraries was attended by about 30 people on January 8, many of whom gave written feedback on design element they liked.
* Foundation grants are now being researched by consultant Jo Kenny, who will have a report on likely possibilities by early February. Our 2/26 meeting will focus on funding.
* Supervisor Stone will attend 2/26 FLF meeting to talk about funding. Meeting will be 4:30-6 pm to accommodate his schedule.
* FLF will apply for another Community Foundation grant with a focus on organization and fundraising. The grant is due 2/15.
* Nancy Gerdt will be on the campaign committee for a permanent renewal of the library sales tax on the June ballot.
* Marilyn and Nancy are organizing the poetry contest; poetry reading will be W April 23, 7-8 pm.

Discussion items:
* April shared her appreciation of the Felton branch staff, and selected Eunice for the February reflection.
* Michele agreed to host a pot-luck dinner in appreciation of Felton branch staff on March 6 at 6:15 p.m. Menu planning will occur at the February 26 meeting.
*Bob agreed to organize participant notes from the January 8 slideshow and email them to Michele.
* Michele postponed planning for the next Ice-Cream Social until a later meeting.
*Michele reported on the January JPB meeting. Paul, Michele, and possibly Phillis and Lucy will attend the February 4 JPB meeting.

Phillis turned the meeting over to Jane. Jane will provide notes from the messaging discussion that will be added to below. Some of the key points were:

FLF needs a message in order to ask for support and money, first in terms of Measure B renewal and then for our capital project.

The FLF goal is ambitious. We do not want resistance, and instead want to build the community’s belief in the need for the new branch.

Messages must move past resistance and naysayers and should not argue with them.

Messages should be clear, concise, consistent, and compelling.

FLF must consider how express the need for the new Felton branch in relation to the existing Boulder Creek branch.

FLF can make it easier for the JPB to complete the project.

Different messages will be needed for different audiences.

Sample messages:
The library as a tool
Lifelong learning
The community library as a place for families in the SLV
The third place
The Felton branch, a long time coming
Gateway to the SLV
A legacy for the next generation
A library reflecting the spirit of the SLV