FLF Meeting — Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Attending: Lucy Flanigan, Marilyn Robertson, Eunice LeMay, April Zilber, Sherry Skold, Nancy Gerdt, Frank Adamson, Edna Lyles, Kate Stafford, Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis, Michele Mosher, Phyllis Taylor, John Golder, Paul Machlis. (Attending only the Laurel viewing: Bill Jurgens, Glenn Lyons, Donna Ziel).


1. Christian Science Church. Discussion focused on the following issues:

Size – Current size of 3023 SF is larger than the Belardi Memorial. However, the percentage of public space at Belardi is very high, perhaps as much as 1100 of the 1250 SF, whereas the goal at Laurel should correctly be to have staff workspace of approximately 32% (library standards) or 967 SF, leaving only 2056 public space or 806 more than the public space at Belardi.

Expansion – Does anyone know if setback, septic, or other factors would limit the possibility of expansion? If not, what would be the maximum amount of additional square footage allowable? Where is the leachfield. Concerns were raised about whether a second phase of construction would ever occur, given the history of planning and promises regarding the Felton branch.

Remodeling – Questions were raised about the estimate of $100,000-$200,000 for remodeling the building in Phase I.

Location – Members noted that it is situated in a beautiful residential area, easy to walk to on side streets (other than the highway), and is close to Henry Cowell park and the Farmer’s Market that runs for many months of the year. On the other hand, it is not accessible by bus, or easily accessible except by car for others: mothers with children, less able-bodied walkers such as seniors, or people with lots of books in hand. It is low on the visibility scale, meaning that people doing errands in town, or visitors unfamiliar with the area, would be less likely to think of going there. Road signs could help direct people to this less central location. The location does not seem ideal for maximizing usage, nor ideal as a community learning center that functions in the context of the bustling Felton downtown.

Neighborhood opinion – how do residents surrounding the building feel about the potential of a branch library? FLF members felt this is important to learn. While many people might welcome a library, others might not. It was agreed that almost any new occupant would generate more traffic than a church. FLF members are willing to conduct a door-to-door canvass of the neighborhood.

Cost – members asked about the comparative costs of Laurel and a new building on the Verutti site. What would be the total cost of the purchase price, remodeling, and expansion of Laurel in comparison to the cost of building on the Verutti site? Members asked if the building has been checked for asbestos?

2. Verutti property

All members prefer this site, and the Library Director was overhead to say the same (with the qualification that there is no money to build on it). She quoted 1.4 million and said that no site preparation has been done. Members asked for clarification about this site: What tests and permits have been completed by the library or the COE? Do we know that the site is acceptable for a library building, or are there riparian or other factors that are still in question? Because the architect works closely with the county, we assume that there are no known impediments to building on it, but we want to confirm this. Because of the central function of the post office, this location is much preferable. A question was raised about parking spots on this site – how many and where? A point was raised that starting from scratch at this site would mean that the building was up to code from day one; also we could pursue our vision of a green building.

Summary regarding Laurel and Verutti sites: FLF members have a number of concerns about the Laurel Drive building and site. These are concerns that FLF feels the Director and Board should consider carefully, as they directly relate to the library’s ability to provide maximum and excellent service to the a large service population. There was a general feeling in FLF that this seems a short-term and partial solution to a long-term problem, and that Laurel does not represent a significant enough improvement over the Belardi Memorial to justify consideration.

3. Joint-use community library.

Michele reported on discussion of this topic at the most recent school board meeting, including responses to the school district survey of parents and teachers (with some 71% in favor of further exploration of the proposal, 29% opposed), opposition by the classified employees union, and the related issues of a proposed combined middle/high school library (without a community library component) and a bond measure to fund library and arts facilities.

FLF has been asked by SLVSD Julie Haff to conduct a community survey or forum, but neither the Library director nor the JPB have discussed the proposal at all, so FLF is not prepared to act at present. FLF discussed the challenges providing adequate information to survey respondents so that they are aware of pros and cons of the proposal in the context of other site options. FLF members expressed interest in a cost comparison between a joint-use building and other options, given the understanding that school building standards cost about $400/SF or about twice normal library costs.


1. Paul expressed a wish to have a replacement FLF representative on the Felton Task Force, and the committee endorsed Michele Mosher for that position. This will be conveyed to the Task Force and the JPB.

2. The powerpoint presentation will be given to the SLV Rotary Club and the Felton Business Association. Michele and Paul will share the speaking roles. Sherry summarized a strong endorsement of FLF’s vision by the Valley Women’s Club that has been sent to the JPB. She also spoke of the need for members of the board of the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries to see it, and a date has been set in January for that.

3. Michele reported on a very valuable workshop on fundraising sponsored by the Community Foundation.

4. Nancy reported on a meeting with John Laird’s aid, and upcoming meetings with John Laird and Joe Simitian.


5. It was agreed to meet next in January (skipping December), but to have the newly reconstituted Events/Fundraising and Building Committees meet prior to then. Steering Committee members who were not able to attend are welcome to contact Michele (Events/Fundraising) or Nancy (Building) to attend the next meeting.
Building Committee volunteers are: John, Lucy, Nancy, Kate, and Bob.
Events/Fundraising Committee volunteers are Michele, April, Barbara, Sherry, John, Lucy, and Phylis.

6. Michele will facilitate the Steering Committee for the next three months; after that, another volunteer may facilitate meeting.


7. April will deliver FLF materials to the Brookdale Bluegrass Festival, where Eric and Elicia will help spread the word about FLF.

PM 12/4/06

FLF Meeting – 10/24/06

Attending: Eunice LeMay, Paul Machlis, Edna LeMay, Sherry Skold, Frank Adamson, Lucy Flanigan, Nancy Gerdt, Marilyn Robertson, Mira Haslam.

Paul gave a rehearsal of the powerpoint presentation scheduled for the Joint Powers Board for November 6. Comments and suggestions were noted.

We discussed the proposal that a joint school/public library be explored for the SLVHS campus. Concerns were raised about the location, opening hours, censorship issues, security issues, vandalism, parking, and traffic congestion. The largest concern was over the appropriateness of mixing the high-school population with the public, particularly families with children or seniors. Among the positive aspects mentioned were a bigge
r facility, better meeting rooms, financial advantages, and positive aspects of mixing parts of the population that are normally more segregated.

PM 11/13/06

Attending: Eunice LeMay, Paul Machlis, Edna LeMay, Sherry Skold, Kate Stafford, Frank Adamson, Lucy Flanigan, Barbara Lewis

1. Paul sent a letter to Julie Haff on behalf of FLF offering FLF assistance with the SLVHS Library situation. FLF members may be asked in October to assist SCPL staff in a program to enroll all SLVHS students in the SCPL system and to help them learn how to use the catalog and other online resources.

2. Paul will make a presentation to the JPB on November 6. We are looking for a large community turnout in support of this presentation on the Felton branch.

3. SCPL administration has instructed Felton staff to weed and reorganize the collection so that the windows are unobstructed. Apparently one or more of the windows needs repair, caulking, or weatherstripping. Bob Lewis will be asked to work with Dorcas to facilitate work if our help is wanted. [note: Dorcas later informed FLF that the Board is already working on this and does not currently need FLF assistance.]

4. Kate reported on visits she made to various libraries in the midwest. Paul requested names so that these libraries might help us in our vision of the future Felton branch.

5. The remainder of the time was spent viewing and commenting on the presentation that Paul is preparing. Excellent suggestions were made regarding content, visuals, speed of the spoken text, handouts, and other topics.

PM 9/29/06

FLF Meeting – 8/22/06

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna LeMay, Sherry Skold, Phyllis Taylor, Ollie Wright, Susan Retten

1. Eunice suggested we postpone discussion of a possible volunteer following each week’s two-day closure, given that the branch will go to a Tuesday through Saturday schedule beginning in September.

2. We postponed planning of any events but had a brief discussion of the various purposes for events (fundraising, organization exposure, publicity for a particular issue or stage of our work).

3. We spent the remainder of the meeting working through two more documents of our community presentation (Users and Needs, Overview document).

4. Publicity has been or will be placed in the Valley Post, Valley Women’s Club Newsletter, Valley Press, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Growing up in Santa Cruz, and email/web outlets for our September 26 meeting, which will include a public forum on the vision statement (one of the sections of our presentation).
PM 8/25/06

FLF 7/25/2006

Attending: Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Michele Mosher, Paul Machlis, Edna LeMay

1. No news at present on status of COE project.

2. Meeting previously scheduled for August 29 postponed indefinitely. Next meeting will be August 22 (4th Tuesday), usual time and place

3. The vision statement was discussed and improved. The revised version will be sent to newspapers and the membership in August and September with the goal of additional community input at the September meeting.

4. Nancy reported on some of the history of the Boulder Creek branch construction. The library itself spend considerable funds in the project.

5. The following events were discussed: 3rd annual poetry contest, a panel of writers or “celebrities” reading from favorite books, a garden tour in the Spring (with possible publicity in Sunset, AAA magazine, Chronicle), a “Valley Reads” event (in which lots of people read the same book), a yard sale, a chocolate-tasting event (probably with music and possibly a DVD with chocolate scenes from movies), a series of film screenings (probably documentaries, with discussion, and possibly with a visiting expert on the topic). We agreed that further discussion and plans could be made by the steering committee (rather than delegating to a smaller Events committee).

6. At our next meeting we will continue the events discussion, discuss additional components of the FLF presentation (Paul, Nancy, and Michele are working on this), and report on our success in getting a volunteer for Monday mornings (after Paul emails the membership).
PM 7/26/06

FLF Meeting – 6/27/06

Attending: Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Michele Mosher, Frank Adamson, April Zilber, Kate Stafford, Paul Machlis

1. In light of the failure of the Proposition 81 bond measure, we agreed that our first priority should be to learn of the status of the proposed dual-use facility with the COE. Nancy will discuss this with Mark Stone.

2. Kate will finalize plans for the August 29 meeting to be held at the Phillips home in Felton.

3. We agreed that FLF should create a document reflecting our vision of a new Felton library. Paul, Michele, and Nancy will work on this.

4. We discussed current weeding and acquisition policies and procedures for the Felton branch. Eunice weeds for the age or condition of materials. Annual, selectors weed at each branch. For each branch, the target collection size is intended to be maintained by having new acquisitions match materials that have been weeded.

5. We agreed that FLF should attempt to provide a volunteer for two hours each Monday morning at the branch beginning in September or late August. Paul will email the membership in mid August soliciting volunteers.

6. Barbara agreed to research the history of how the current Boulder Creek branch was funded and built.

7. Our next meeting will include brainstorming about Fall 2006 events, and reports from the above activities.
PM 7/05/06

FLF Meeting – 5/23/06

Attending: Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Michele Mosher, Frank Adamson, April Zilber, Kate Stafford, Sherry Skold, Paul Machlis

1. We began with Frank’s reflections on the importance of librarys in his life.

2. We reviewed details for our participation in the Felton Remembers Parade and the gathering in the Covered Bridge Park.

3. Bob Lewis will represent FLF at the JPB meeting on June 5, with Barbara Lewis probably also able to attend.

4. Sherry Skold volunteered to serve on the FSCPL Board beginning in September. We thanked Framk for his dedicated attendance at the board meetings for the past year.

5. Paul reported that soon FLF’s finances will be overseen by a professional. New procedures for receipts and incoming money will be announced as soon as they are set.

6. We discussed the potential use of FLF volunteers in the Felton branch, both for Saturday opening and for an hour or two on Monday mornings beginning in the Fall.
We agreed that FLF must be respectful of staff and union concerns regarding the use of volunteers. However, we agreed that FLF has sufficient volunteer energy to help with the Monday morning problem, assuming that we feel comfortable doing so. We will continue to discuss prior to the Fall.

7. Nancy, Michele, and Paul reported on their tours of the SCPL branches. We agreed that FLF would benefit from visiting various branches, especially when we are more involved in considering options for a new Felton branch building.

8. Paul presented a history called “Felton Library Friends — One Year Old” for steering club members and other contributors to our efforts. A shortened timeline version will be used for display and web purposes.

9. Eunice shared a notice from the Valley Press acknowledging the help of Bob Lewis (representing FLF) in having insulation installed in the Belardi Memorial.

10. FLF endorsed Proposition 81; Paul will make copies of the endorsement and information sheet for the May 27 parade and gathering.

PM 5/26/06

FLF Meeting – 4/25/06

Attending: Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis,
Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Edna Lyles, Michele Mosher, Frank Adamson, April Zilber, Lorraine Sintetos, Bill Jurgens, Fran Adamson, Kate Stafford

1. We first reflected on our April events, the many contributions of our hard-working members, and our favorite aspects of the month. We agreed to include a brief opportunity, at future meetings, for a member to speak about libraries in their life, and express appreciation for the work of another steering club member.

A. We confirmed our participation in the Felton Remembers Parade on Saturday May 27th. We will create a flyer for the Felton branch inviting library users to join us. We will set up a table and portable display, and have brochures, bookmarks, and notecards available. We will wear sandwich-board versions of our library quotes, and carry our banner and books. Paul will submit the application andprint the sandwich board posters. Frank and Edna volunteered to provide tables and/or chairs.

B. We will print bookmarks (Bill, Paul, April) reflecting our mission, library quotes, and motto.

C. Michele reported on April events, and the projected revenues of almost $7000. The Poetry Reading is the last event, this Thursday.

D. A notecards coordinator is needed to distribute and coordinate sales of the now-published notecards. Possible sale locations include the Mountain Community Arts Center, Mt. Hermon gift shop, Henry Cowell giftshop, Felton branch, Central branch, New Leaf, Claire’s, The White Raven.

E. A call for a bookkeeper has been made. FLF will keep detailed records of income and expenses from various projects and events, while the larger Friends organization will only have record of significant deposits and reimbursements, as well as direct donations.

F. The meeting at the home of Julie and Stu Phillips has been postponed, probably until August 29.

G. Lorraine will maintain a FLF presence at the FSCPL book sale May 12-13.

H. For a future meeting, we will discuss ways in which FLF can build ties to other SLV organizations, churches, groups.
PM 4/16/06

FLF Meeting – 3/28/06

Attending: Barbara Lewis, Robert Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Eunice LeMay, Edna Lyles, Michele Mosher, Frank Adamson, April Zilber, Lorraine Sintetos, Eric Burman

1. We brainstormed about future events and activities, all of which will be further discussed by subcommittees.

A. We agreed to participate in the Felton Remembers Parade on Saturday May 27th. We will create a flyer for the Felton branch inviting library users to join us. We discussed dressing as literary characters. We will set up a table and portable display, and have brochures and notecards available. We will use book trucks and our banner in the parade.

B. We discussed having bookmarks printed that present FLF and possibly include branch hours or other information.

C. We discussed but rejected selling wine with FLF labels. However, we liked the idea of a chocolate tasting event, possibly around Valentine’s Day, with donated chocolate.

D. We discussed a possible presentation including actors as historic or literary figures (Lincoln, Mark Twain), for assemblies at schools or public events.

E. We discussed an event on the Verutti property for late summer 2006. Toni Nagle’s suggestion of a theme of “Grow a Library Here,” including planting, an arbor, and other features was enthusiastically received.

F. A giant SLV book group, in which the community reads the same book, was discussed.

G. We discussed having a FLF T-Shirt.

2. We heard reports from our subcommittees:

A. The education surveys have all been received and a final report will be issued.

B. The building and grants committee had a productive first meeting. An application will be submitted to the Rotary Club of SLV for possible partnership with them.

C. The events committee reported on preparations for all of the upcoming events (chair auction, swing dance, poetry contest and reading, and New Leaf community day).

D. Outreach discussed the notecards, soon to be printed and packaged. We agreed at a selling price of $6.00 for 4 cards. We discussed the need for statistics and record-keeping: how many people attend each of our events, how much money is spent and received for each event. We agreed that it would be very desirable to have someone handle our financial records, but meanwhile Michele is willing to do this.
PM 4/12/06

FLF Meeting – 2/28/06

Felton Library Friends Steering Committee meeting, 2/28/06, minutes (draft; to be revised and approved at the March meeting)

Present: Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Michele Mosher, Eunice LeMay, Kate Stafford, Eric Burman, April Zilber, Paul Machlis, Dorcas Abbott, Nancy Wright, Elicia Burton, Nancy Gerdt.

Highlights/Action Items
April 20 New Leaf Community Day (2)
April volunteer needs (7)
Storytelling event places still available (7)
Building and Grants committee March 14 (10)

1. Minutes for 1/24/06 were approved with corrections.

2. Announcements: Eunice LeMay has been hired as the Felton branch manager. In 2005 FLF volunteered 720 hours. FLF will postpone its tour of the Live Oak branch until after May. Laura Dolson was acknowledged for her much-appreciated oversight of the FLF website for the past year. New Leaf Market has set aside April 20 as a “community day” during which FLF may conduct outreach and a portion of market sales will be donated to FLF.

3. Dorcas Abbott reported on various improvements to the Belardi Memorial, including insulation that is being coordinated with FLF’s Bob Lewis.

4. Paul reported on the Feb. 8 meeting of various parties involved in the proposed dual use of the Verutti property. Research by the County Office of Education is ongoing, and additional meetings will be organized by Supervisor Mark Stone.

5. Kate has arranged that FLF will meet at the Phillips home, May 23, at 3:00 p.m. (one hour earlier than usual). This will be a post-April-events meeting as well as a one-year anniversary for FLF. The change in time will be reflected on the web, emails to the membership, and calendar postings in the newspapers.

6. The survey of teachers continues, and results are expected shortly.

7. Michele reported on progress regarding April events celebrating the Belardi anniversary.

Newspaper publicity and postering has been completed for the Poetry Contest, and the Felton Community Hall meeting room secured for April 27, 7:00 p.m.

Artists will submit art chairs by March 11; the poster and publicity will be distributed well before the April 1 showing of all chairs at New Leaf Market, Felton. Locations for the display of individual chairs have been identified. The eBay auction will be handled by Mary Anderson, with links to eBay from the FLF website. An insert for the Friends newsletter has been prepared and volunteers are needed to fold and insert them; Dorcas noted that extra copies of the insert should be made available at branch libraries.

Publicity and posters for the Western Swing dance are being prepared.

A handful of places are still available for the storytelling event April 1 at the home of Marilyn Robertson.

Nancy is coordinating volunteer signups for all events.

8. Paul shared with members the portable display, the brochure, and the coloring sheets. He acknowledged the work of Toni, Lorraine, Nancy, Michele, Bill, and Lauren in bringing these outreach efforts to fruition. Paul will oversee revision of the brochure to include a tear-off section for donations to FLF and revision of the coloring sheet to include “grown-up” information only on the back of the Belardi coloring sheet, not on the second drawing (of the new building).

9. FLF will begin posting a monthly announcement similar to that done by FLOW; Paul will coordinate with Fran
, who distributes the FLOW announcements on a weekly basis.

10. Nancy Wright shared with FLF her experience with library plans and grants. The main conclusion was that it is never too early for FLF to become prepared on such topics as grant guidelines, application requirements and deadlines, desirable features of surveys and other documents showing community interest, and becoming clearer about our vision of a new library. We agreed to merge (at least for the present) the building and grants committees and to meet on Tuesday March 14, at 4:00 p.m. to begin deliberations on these and other topics.
PM 3/3/06

FLF Meeting – January 24, 2006

Felton Library Friends Steering Committee meeting, 1/24/06, minutes
Present: Lorraine Sintetos, Fran Adamson, Frank Adamson, Barbara Lewis, Bob Lewis, Toni Nagle, Michele Mosher, Eunice LeMay, Kate Stafford, Eric Burman, April Zilber, Paul Machlis, Nancy Gerdt.

1. Minutes for 12/27/05 were approved with corrections and will be sent to the website.

2. We agreed on the following rules for spending money for FLF purposes with the expectation of reimbursement from the Felton fund (maintained by the Friends). If the steering committee approves a project (such as an event, a survey, a display), one person will be assigned as lead person for the project and will have permission to spend up to $50 without additional approval; anything over $50 will require review by Paul, Nancy, and Michele. In addition, all receipts should be submitted to Paul, who will submit them at the end of each month to Pat for reimbursement, checks being sent to the individuals who spent the money.

3. At each meeting, Paul will pass around a signup sheet for attendee names and hours volunteered since the previous meeting; hours will include that day’s meeting.

4. We welcomed temporary Felton branch manager Eunice LeMay and look forward to her continuing participation in FLF.

5. We shared our stationery, which includes our Felton P.O. Box 1245, our phone 335-1135 (Michele’s), our email address (feltonlibraryfriends@gmail.com) and our website. Thanks to Bill and Michele for the beautiful letterhead and stationery.

6. We agreed that our monthly meetings should be listed in the Sentinel and any other outlets possible (Paul will handle this). Paul will also contact the new Sentinel contact for community stories, Gwen Michelson. Toni raised a question of whether FLF would at some point need to have “closed” discussion that might not be appropriate if large numbers of new people attended a meeting; we agreed to hold this question until it becomes an issue.

7. Kate will explore the possibility of holding the May meeting, or of having a gathering in addition to that meeting, at the Phillips home with a guest speaker from Ecology Action; this could be a one-year birthday event for the steering committee plus others.
8. The Belardi Board will take up the question of having insulation blown into the rafters, suggested by resident Eric Welty. Gwen gave us an overview of how the board works and who is responsible for various costs related to the building and the library. The Board will also consider an issue raised by Eunice related to the side parking space. We encourage any of our members who live in the Felton Fire District to volunteer to fill the current Belardi Board vacancy.

9. Nancy reported on the education survey. The public schools section of the is underway; Toni will soon launch the section related to under-Kindergarten level and family care/child protection children, and Kate will handle private schools. In addition, there will be outreach to homeschooling families. Results will be staggered in date, but are likely to all be in towards the end of February.

10. There was a discussion about low circulation statistics and building community use of the branch. We agreed that the small size of the collection and hours well below desirable standards are factors in low Felton circulation. We agreed that as plans for a new branch develop, FLF may wish to conduct some sort of campaign to build awareness of the library – tables downtown, house-to-house survey, etc. Meanwhile, in May Paul will email the large FLF list with a renewed call along the lines of the “use it or lose it” article.

11. Toni raised the idea of a comments book at the branch, where children and adults could comment on the library and their use of it; these comments could be useful in FLF promotion later on. No action was taken on this, but it may be pursued in future.

12. Michele reported on progress regarding the April events.

A. Marilyn Robertson will host storytelling by Gaye Dursey on April 1 at her home, first inviting people on her house-concert list, and then opening it up to people on the FLF email list.

B. The deadline for chairs is March 11, although Michele hopes to see some earlier. There will be a very short window for photographing the chairs and creating a poster (Bill) in time for the public display of all chairs at New Leaf on Saturday April 1. At the end of the day, the chairs will go to their assigned locations until they are once again assembled at New Leaf on Saturday April 22, prior to the community dance that night. The idea of a parade as the chairs are taken to the community hall was mentioned. Several people offered canopies in case of rain; alternative indoor locations are also being investigated. Contact has been made with the Sentinel for a special story on this event. Paul and Michele are working with Norah at the Friends regarding Ebay auctioning of the chairs, which is scheduled for April 13-22. Additional publicity will include contact with artist email lists, the art center, open studio lists, our website, and an insert in the Friends newsletter.
One member noted that Cabrillo College students have a program that provides free poster design, something that FLF may wish to use for a future event.

C. Marilyn Robertson is coordinating a poetry contest, with readings and winners set for the 3rd week in April. A preliminary version of the poster has been made, and Paul will work with Marilyn on addition outreach to poets.

D. Patti Maxine and her band Word of Mouth will be featured at the April 22 swing dance, including instruction. The Community hall has been reserved.
A member asked about the possibility of a summer event on the Verutti property, something to be discussed at a future meeting.
The suggestion was made that one of the art contest drawings be made into a coloring sheet for children, to coincide with the April celebrations. Paul will contact Bill and Lauren regarding the drawing and text for this; the back could include an invitation to imagine and draw the “new library building.” Possibly these could be displayed at the poetry and/or dance events.

13. Paul reported on various things related to outreach.

A. JPB meeting attendance: Paul and Toni will attend 2/6 and 3/6 with Bob available as backup, April as second backup.

B. Paul will contact Susan Elgin about a FLF tour of the new Live Oak branch.

C. Lorraine, Toni, and Paul will work on a portable folding display, with the goal of having it done for Eric’s March 11 bluegrass even at the Brookdale Lodge. They will also work on a handout to accompany the display, which can be available for chair display and other purposes.

D. Members were urged to think of individuals and groups in the SLV who might be interested in FLF if approached by one of our members. Barbara and Michele will discuss the Valley Women’s Club. We will also contact the woman involved with senior groups in the valley.

E. Toni and Paul will work on outreach to the Battle Mountain News.

F. Lorraine announced Friends events (children’s book sale and UCSC author series) and Kate announced the watershed event at the Boulder Creek branch.
PM 1/24/06