FLF Meeting – December 27, 2005

1. Minutes approved as amended.

2. Committee Reports

a. There was no building report this month.

b. Nancy Gerdt reported the education survey is complete and submitted to Julie Haff, Superintendent of SLV Schools for approval. Contact will be made after the holidays to determine when survey will be given to teachers. Survey is designed to address all grade levels and will look to be given to pre-schools, charter schools, and private/parochial schools later.

c. The event committee report given by Michelle Mosher included details about the April 22 Swing Dance Event to be held in the Community Hall in Felton. An approval for the deposit of $250 to hold the hall was given. There will be a raffle of one item during that evening and if people are not interested in the dance, they will be encouraged to purchase a raffle ticket for $5.00. Tickets will probably be sold for $12.00 in advance of the event and $15.00 at the door.

The second event discussed was the Poetry Contest. Discussion revolved around having the winning poetry read by “celebrities” such as Supervisors, Library Board Members, etc. The Prize might be poetry books possibly donated by Friends of the Library.

Another event will be the Artists Chair Auction. Agreements have been signed between 12 artists and the FLF. Consideration of the auction over e-bay might bring in more money than a local auction. Posters may be done collaborating the Chair Auction with the Swing Dance Event. Photos will be taken of the chairs and minimum bids will
be set. Hoping for a link from our website to the e-bay auction site. Possible display of chairs at branch libraries and main library. Additional ideas included yard sale, photo-journalist.

d. The Grants committee has not met and was advised later in the meeting to wait until the February building meeting has taken place to see what direction is recommended.

e. There were many announcements from Outreach (Paul). Letterhead will be ordered as it makes the group more official. A letter supporting our candidate for the JPB vacancy was announced. Paul indicated he will send out an e-mail requesting members to recount the number of volunteer hours spent this year. It is recorded by the main office reflecting volunteer hours at each branch. Paul attended the Valley Press meeting representing Friends of Felton Library.
There was a brief discussion of the JPB meeting held in December. There are three candidates for the coming vacancy of the board, two from Boulder Creek and our representative, Nancy Gerdt. A meeting will take place in February with the Verutti’s, Anne Turner, a representative or two from our group, Mark Stone, and representatives from the County Board of Education to discuss the future of a joint venture. We are waiting on the notecards and will then promote the possible
sale to banks, real estate agencies, mortgage brokers and gift shops.

The next JPB meeting is January 9 and our next meeting will be at 4:00 p.m. at the Firehouse in Felton on January 24.
Submitted by Sherry Skold

FLF Meeting – November 22, 2005

1. Picture of library friends group presented to Paul.
2. Short discussion of date for December meeting. Decided to leave the
meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month. December meeting will be
December 20. Future meetings will be posted on web site.

3. Short review of Saturday’s JPB five year planning meeting.

4. Nancy Gerdt was given an opportunity to express her views on the
position of the Joint Powers Board Citizen Seat. The Friends group
agreed to write a letter of support.

5. Committee Reports

a. Building Committee – One member has talked with Ecology Action and
has requested a member to come and address our group about green
building design. Paul will share ecology articles on our web site

b. Education Committee – The committee is working on a survey to give
to the schools. They are hoping to have the survey completed and
available to the schools in January.

c. Events/Fundraising – The group will be looking for a new date. Some
ideas are beginning to take shape. Garden party, storytelling event,
Chair Auction. More to come

d. Grants – Meeting will take place in January after holiday rush.

e. Outreach group is looking at display boards to promote the library.
Bill is working on note cards.

Submitted by:
Sherry Skold

FLF Meeting – July 19, 2005

Highlights and call for volunteers:
1. Volunteers needed for our October 15 fundraising event.
2. Donations needed for the October 15 raffle.
3. Volunteers still appreciated to represent FLF at meetings of the
Joint Powers Board and the Friends of the SCPL.

At the third meeting of Felton Library Friends, on Tuesday July 19, we
caught up on discussions of a new branch building, reviewed the 1999
community needs assessment of what our community wants in a library
branch, and made plans for a concert, raffle, art contest, and
community survey – all to occur on October 15 at the Felton Community

I have provided email contacts for members who are taking
responsibility for particular activities. Please contact them
directly if you wish to assist them, or contact me about more general

1. Our next meeting will be September 6, 7:15 p.m., at the Felton branch.

2. Laura Dolson (dolson@cruzio.com) will work with our web designer to
establish our website with the domain name “feltonlibraryfriends.org”.

3. Eric Burman (brookdalebluegrass@hotmail.com) will organize a
benefit for FLF of bluegrass music, October 15, 5-9 p.m. Although he
has many volunteers from his own organization, help from members of
FLF will be much appreciated, especially on the day of the event.
Left undecided for now is whether we will offer and/or sell food,
drink, and alcohol to the public, although we are definitely committed
to feeding the musicians who are donating their services.

4. Elicia Burton (burtonfddlr@aol.com) will organize the raffle for
the October 15 event, and is soliciting donated items; we are
especially interested in one or more big-value items, such as a tour.

5. Bill Jurgens (awjurgens@comcast.net) will organize an art contest
for drawings of the Faye Belardi building, with entries to be
displayed at the October 15 event (possibly on sale, if artists wish),
the winner to be announced at the event, and then following the event
the winning entry to be reproduced as a fundraising notecard for FLF.

6. Sherry Skold (sskold2@msn.com) and Laura Dolson will explore the
idea of a survey to augment and update the 1999 Community Needs
Assessment Project. They will consult with Library Administration
regarding statistics and other useful information in drafting the
survey, with the goal of making it available at the October 15 event.

7. The purpose of all of these activities will be to build community
interest in a new branch building and to raise money to support the
current and future needs of the branch.

8. Paul Machlis reported on emails from Library Director Anne Turner
and County Supervisor (and member of the JPB) Mark Stone on
preliminary discussions with representatives of the County Office of
Education regarding a dual-use building at the Verutti site. Although
there are questions regarding various aspects of this possibility,
especially on how the library system could fund its share of the
project, there is interest and enthusiasm
on the part of the various agencies.

9. We discussed the1999 Needs Assessment Project and the summary of
what the community and library staff appreciated in the current
building and wanted in a new one. We confirmed that the needs
identified are still relevant today: more materials of all kinds; more
computer terminals; better parking and bathroom facilities; separate
areas for children, youth, and adults; comfortable furniture and good
lighting; good handicap and stroller access; and a easily-accessed
downtown/centralized facility with an atmosphere reflective of the
“closeness” experienced within small towns. In the area of services,
the project identified retaining the friendliness and expertise of
current staff, and increasing activities of all kinds for all ages.
Based on the strong showing of students, from primary to high-school
level and including many homeschoolers, at the Joint Powers Meeting
about the proposed closure, FLF feels that the importance of the
Felton Branch for youth deserves special emphasis. In addition, FLF
discussed with enthusiasm the goal of having the new branch be a
“green” building — one that meets national standards for
environmentally sound materials, energy and water conservation,
and integration into the natural surroundings. We agreed this goal
could enhance the appeal of a new branch to grant agencies, donors,
and the community. Although “green” buildings can sometimes be
initially more expensive to build (with costs recouped through future
energy savings), government rebates and other incentives increasingly
make the construction of such buildings competitive in price to
conventional buildings.

Paul Machlis
for FLF

FLF Meeting – June 21, 2005

This is a report on our second meeting, which took place on Tuesday
June 21, at the Felton branch.

Highlights and opportunities to help:
A) Join the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (see #2)
B) Volunteer to attend one or two meetings of the Friends and/or the Joint
Powers Board during the coming year (see #5))
C) Volunteer to assist with fundraising (see #6)
1. I started by reporting on the growing interest in better addressing
the needs of Felton library users, including discussion by the Library
Joint Powers Board and preliminary discussions between Library
Director Ann Turner and several agencies — see the Sentinel article
at: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/archive/2005/June/08/local/stories/12local.htm.
I also reported that the library budget adopted on June 16 by the
Board maintains Felton hours and services at their current levels.

2. Jenny Heth, representing the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public
Libraries, welcomed Felton Library Friends and announced that the
Friends had voted to transfer $1000 to the Felton Library Project
fund, to be used in consultation with the branch librarian. As a part
of the larger Friends organization, FLF can take advantage of the
organization’s tax-exempt status and its budgetary and fundraising
expertise. Noting that only a small number of Friends members have
Felton addresses, our group strongly urges all members of FLF to join
the Friends. Rates are reasonable and the benefits to members as well
as the library system are substantial; application forms are at the
Felton branch or available at:
http://www.fscpl.org/member/membersform.html Jenny also invited
members of FLF to volunteer with the Friends, for instance in sorting
gift books for the book sales.

3. We adopted the mission statement and goals prepared by a
subcommittee (see below) and officially adopted the name Felton
Library Friends. We will ask our web volunteers to begin work on a

4. Jeanne Hofvendahl reported on the possibility that an
air-conditioning unit could be installed in a window in the Belardi
building, thereby helping with the summer heat problem. She will
continue to work on the issue. A question was raised about installing
a town clock on the building, one which we will pass on to the Belardi
Board trust.

5. In line with the third goal (below), we agreed that FLF should have
at least one representative at each meeting of the Library Joint
Powers Board and the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries; so
that no single member feels burdened by having to attend many
meetings, we agreed to build a volunteer group from among us, with
members representing FLF once or twice a year. We have volunteers
for the July 11 JPB meeting and the July 27 Friends meeting. This is
an opportunity for anyone on this mailing list to help out – please
contact me if willing to attend one or more meetings in the coming

6. Eric Burman reported on possible venues for a bluegrass fundraising
event and the group endorsed his exploring these further, with a view
towards an event on October 15. We also discussed having a notecard
featuring a drawing of the Belardi building as a fundraiser
(volunteers?), as well as harvesting leftover books from the Friends
sale for a Felton book sale.

7. We then proceeded to a general discussion of the future of the
Felton branch. We were fortunate to have JPB Chair Richard Gaughan (a
Boulder Creek resident), as well as Valley Press editor Bob Hines,
Gwen Eddy (Belardi Board treasurer and member of the Friends Board),
and Lorraine Sintetos (also a Friends Board member) as part of the
discussion, which included the topics of Measure B funds and how they
were used (thanks to Donna Ziel), the Felton Library Needs Assessment
Project report of 1999 (based on a community survey and community
meetings), a letter from architect Teall Messer regarding
possible expansion of the Belardi building (also 1999), and questions
regarding how any movement regarding Felton will take place. Our
conclusion was that the most important thing our group can do at
present is to present to Director Turner and the JPB a clear vision of
what we want in a new branch. For instance, the prospect of a
dual-use community/high school library at the SLVHS campus raises
important questions, among them parking, traffic,the needs of seniors
and families, and whether such a location will serve the community
role that we want. We agreed to focus some of our next meeting to a
discussion of such questions, and to consider whether a town-hall
gathering to solicit wider input might be worthwhile.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 19th, at 4 p.m. At
that time we should consider a request that regular meetings be moved
to another day and/or time.

Felton Library Friends
Felton Library Friends is dedicated to excellent library collections
and services for the residents of Felton and surrounding areas.
Central to our purpose is support for a Felton branch library —
including its staff, print and other materials, and activities — as
an essential component of the community life valued by our library

1. To support library service in the current building, including
building improvements if possible.
2. To support and participate in the planning, design, and completion
of a new branch building.
3. To increase participation by Felton Library users in the discussion
and resolution of issues of the Santa Cruz Library system as a whole,
especially as they pertain to Felton branch users.

Paul Machlis
For Felton Library Friends

FLF Meeting – May 23, 2005

On Monday, May 23, about twenty residents of Felton and surrounding
communities met at the Felton branch to discuss how we wish to continue to
work together, now that we have saved our library from closure. It was
a very successful and enjoyable gathering of people who care deeply
about the Felton branch and about the library system as a whole.
Below are the main topics of our meeting, including decisions,
requests, and suggestions.


1. The next meeting of “Felton Library Friends” will be at 4:00 p.m.,
Tuesday June 21, outside of the Felton branch. Please bring folding
chairs. At that meeting we will make a decision on what to call our
group (please email suggestions to me). Once we have a name, we will
register an internet domain name, and transfer responsibility for the
website at “saveourlibrary.com” to our group. We have volunteers
ready to design and manage our site.

ACTION: Five of us will prepare a Mission Statement and list of goals
for the group, to be presented at the next meeting.

2. Belardi building issues. Gwen Eddy, of the Belardi Board, provided
us information on restrictions, both financial and architectural
(because of the historic building status),
to improvements we might be able to make to the current Felton branch

ACTION: Jeanne Hofvendahl will approach the board regarding the
possibility of installing attic fans to address the heat problem.

3. New Felton branch building. We discussed the design prepared years
ago, current possibilities for a dual-use building, the status of the
land offer, the status of Measure B funds originally intended for
Felton library services, the desire for a Tier 2 Felton branch, and
possible alternative uses of the Belardi
building if the library were to move. We agreed that only after the
FLOW vote in July will our community be ready to start focussing on
such a large issue.

ACTION: Donna Ziel will research the status of Measure B funds and the
language of that measure for the next meeting
ACTION: Paul Machlis will meet with Mark Stone about this issue and
report at the next meeting.

4. Fundraising. Eric Burman offered to organize a fundraising event.
Although we recognize that a new branch building will require much
more money than can be raised by our group, various more modest
projects would benefit from such efforts, including improvements to
the existing branch or a particular room or collection in a new

ACTION: At the next meeting, agree on a date for the event planned by Eric.

4. Current status of the library budget and issues related to Director
Turner. Jeanne Hofvendhal presented an information sheet and urged
members to write various officials and newspapers about their
concerns. Copies were handed out and the text was emailed after the
meeting to almost 100 people who are on our email list.

ACTION: Members, please write City Manager Wilson, members of the
Santa Cruz City Council, and members of the Library Joint Powers Board
about your concerns.

ACTION: Members, please attend the next open meeting of the Joint
Powers Board, Monday, June 6, 7:30 p.m. It is important that Felton
branch users stay involved, and not disappear after saving the branch
from closure.

Go to www.saveourlibrary.com for copies of articles in the Sentinel
and other papers related to the Santa Cruz Library and the Felton
branch. Thanks to FLOW’s Jim Graham for maintaining that site.