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Felton Library Friends exists because of the inspiration and dedication of community volunteers. Now that we have the funds to build our new library, a revitalized chapter will shape the outcome of this exciting project. Your interest and passion is needed to bring this project to fruition. Please consider joining one of the newly formed teams below. Teams meet as needed to work on specific projects. The Co-Leaders of the teams make up the Steering Committee. Steering Committee meetings are announced through subscribers to FLF email and are announced in the Press Banner. The public is invited.

Grants/Funding Team

The Grants/Funding Team is working on raising money for special features in the new library and for the development of the Nature Explore and Restoration projects. The library and furnishings will be covered by Measure S funds; however, the community may want to add extra art, displays, special collections and equipment to enhance the branch. We will be required to raise the necessary funds to develop the children’s Nature Explore area, landscape the surrounding area, and complete the restoration of the riparian area.

Grants/funding team – Ralph Miljanich (Co-Leader), Jim Mosher (Co-Leader) Linda Fawcett, Joe Griffith, Donna Ziel, Kristin Praly, Nancy Gerdt, Kevin O’Connor, Jen Michelsen

Restoration Team

The Restoration will provide both physical support that may include removing invasive species and planting natives as well as planning for future support for maintenance of the land. Public education on restoration technique will be a focus in the future.

Restoration and Nature Explore Team – Linda Skeff (Co-Leader) Gene Ratcliffe (Co-Leader), Nina Moore, Helen Ratcliffe, Helen Power, Dean Dubbe, Joan McVay, Kelley Skwarek, Karen Holl, Sean Wharton, Mira Haslam, Kristin Praly, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Kirsten Hill, Patricia Moretti, April Zilbur, Leigh Ann Gessner

Nature Explore Team

The Nature Explore Team is focused on supporting the development of the children’s outdoor education area known as Nature Explore through collaboration with the Parks and Library staff to identify and develop future programming needs. Once developed the focus will shift to maintaining spaces in collaboration with community organizations and County Parks.

Nature Explore Team – Michele Mosher (Co-Leader) Nancy Gerdt (Co-Leader), Gene & Helen Ratcliffe, Helen Power, Joan McVay, Kelley Skwarek, Kelly Davis, Karen Holl, Patricia Moretti, Lisset Orozco

Community Events and Meetings Team

The Community Events and Meetings Team will work together to plan and execute future community events and meetings. This includes but is not limited to a May 2017 celebration on the land, the groundbreaking ceremony in 2018 and the Grand Opening in 2019.

Community Events/meetings – Diane McCormick (Co-Leader), Michele Mosher (Co-Leader), Kristen Praly, Diane McCormick, Marilyn Marzell, Phyllis Taylor, Nancy Gerdt

Publicity and Social Media Team

The Publicity & Social Media Team maintains the website, notifies local news sources of upcoming events, posts library news on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Publicity & Social Media – Shelly King Schuur (Co-Leader), Leigh Ann Gessner (Co-Leader), Paul Machis, Mitchell Kimbrough

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