• Shared understanding of project progress
  • Guidance to Development Team regarding hiring a fundraising consultant
  • Agreement on new FLF structure
  • Approve establishment of a Parks Team
  • Agreement on next steps

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Nina Moore, Laura Whaley, Jim Mosher, Paula Jansen, Diane McCormick, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Judi Sherman, Shelly King, Joe Mount, Gene Ratcliffe, Missy Ratcliffe


I. Project Progress

  1. Zoning Administrator hearing (Nancy Gerdt).  The Zoning Administrator hearing occurred on Friday October 27, 2017.  The application for permits was approved with no additional contingencies and CEQA clearance was granted.  We needed the CEQA compliance by November 1 in order to qualify for the state grant for construction of the park infrastructure, so we just met this deadline.
  2. Library building negotiations (Nancy Gerdt).   The estimate for the library building construction is $11.5 million, which is $1.5 million over the $10 million allotment from Measure S.  County staff proposed reducing the size of the building in order to stay within the budget.  FLF Executive Team members have had several meetings with county staff, library staff, the architect, Supervisor McPherson and Robin Musitelli (Bruce McPherson’s aide) seeking to restore the original square footage of the building, maintain key architectural features, and identify additional funds to make up the budget deficit.  Negotiations are ongoing.  Supervisor McPherson, Robin Musitelli, and county staff are meeting on Monday, November 6 and a final decision is anticipated shortly thereafter.  The decision will affect FLF’s fundraising goals.
  3. Interior design meeting (Nancy Gerdt).  The meeting with the Noll and  Tam firm regarding the interior design for the library has been postponed until November 16.  The tentative date for the community meeting where the plans will be presented for community input is November 28.  An announcement will be sent out once the date is finalized.
  4. Public art update (Michele Mosher).  An artist and art instillation for the library has been nominated by the ad hoc group formed by the Art Commission, and its recommendation will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors at its December 2, 2017 meeting.  The artist will be making a presentation at that time.  Once the project has been approved, we can announce it to the public.

II.      Team updates

    1. Development Team (Jim Mosher)
      1. A subgroup of the Development Team has met with three potential fundraising consultants to assist us with a capital campaign.  The meetings have been very informative.  The group will report  to the full Development Team on potential next steps and anticipate bringing back a recommendation to the Steering Committee at the next meeting.
      2. The team has scheduled a special training on using the Santa Cruz Community Foundation’s database on potential funders, to occur on Monday, November 6, 11:00 – 12:30 at the Community Foundation offices.  Jim Mosher, Nina Moore, Linda Fawcett, Donna Ziel, Kevin O’Connor, and Nancy Macy (from Quail Hollow Friends) will be attending.
      3. The Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (of which FLF is a chapter) is hosting a special training by Stephen Slade of the Santa Cruz Land Trust entitled: “how to make a major  ask of a supporter” on Wednesday, November 8 , 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Community Foundation offices.  Jim Mosher and Nina Moore have confirmed to attend on behalf of FLF.  Others may attend.  Please let Jim know as soon as possible if you are interested.
      4. The Development Team will consider a proposal to split into two distinct teams, one to focus on foundation grants (primarily for the park) and the other to focus on the capital campaign.
    2. Events Team (Diane McCormick)
      1. Several events are being planned, including:
        • March/April: Groundbreaking event.  The team is considering a community celebration in conjunction with the groundbreaking for construction of the library building.
        • Last Thursday, April 26, 2018: Community Day at New Leaf.  An application has been submitted to New Leaf Markets.  Last time we did this we raised approximately $1,300.
        • May 19: Garden tour.  We are seeking 6-8 gardens, including gardens in Ben Lomond, not just in Felton.  Nancy Gerdt and Michele Mosher are now recruiting potential gardeners.
        • May 24: Felton Remembers parade.  FLF will carry a banner and walk in the parade.
      2. The team is also working on a water ecology event in fall of 2018.
      3. The team is considering the possibility of organizing events (such as author talks at the current library over the next several months, which will be coordinated with library staff.
    3. Outdoor Design [Parks] Team (Nina Moore)
      1. Meeting with San Lorenzo 2025.  The meeting was well attended with representatives from the Santa Cruz Water District, Water Quality & Fisheries, and County Parks.  Participants expressed support for our park project and are interested in partnering with us.  Several ideas for the park were discussed including watershed stewardship education, possible willow structures, berns, placements of big wood, adding meandering curves and holding pools in Bull Creek.  Pools will enhance the watershed and could help alleviate flood control strategy.  Kristen Kittleson’s presentation included riparian restoration, native plants, good fish habitat, and the challenges and benefits of educating landowners into stewards. She suggested Daniel McCormick & Mary O’Brien of Watershed Sculpture: to work with volunteers to create functional art to enhance Bull Creek. They would be willing to come do a site visit. ($250) www.watershedsculpture.com
      2. Design features.  The team has been meeting to develop plans to present to the landscape design firm that will be chosen by the County Parks Department to develop final plans for the park.  A presentation describing proposed features and materials is being prepared.*Request for quality images of local kids interacting with nature. (for presentation and perhaps also for social media team)
    4. Communications Team (Shelly King)
      1. Website and Social Media. Shelly informed the committee that she has been unable to participate in FLF activities for the last 6 weeks due to family illness.  She is now available and will make brainstorming new text for the website and our social media outlets a priority.  The discussions at the meeting provide a good starting point.  Steering Committee members and others can be helpful in providing pictures and highlights of activities.
      2. Newsletter.  Shelly is interested in editing a newsletter, with each team providing highlights of its activities.  Shelly requested that members send her sample organization newsletters to her to help her design FLF’s newsletter.
      3. It was noted that Shelly and Paul Machlis are the only active members of the team and that Paul is limiting his involvement to handling e-mail communications and thank you notes to donors.  A priority is to recruit new members to the team to work with Shelly, with finding new members to assist with the newsletter and with news media a priority.

III.    Proposal for new FLF structure (Judi Sherman)

Judi Sherman presented a memorandum prepared by the Executive Team proposing a new structure for FLF.  Key aspects of the proposal include:

      • Merge the Executive Team and Steering Committee
      • Hold monthly Steering Committee meetings, with officers developing the agenda
      • Hold quarterly member-wide meetings with the agenda developed by the Steering Committee
      • Sunset the ad hoc Outdoor Design team when it completes its current tasks and create a new standing Park Team
      • Work with Shelly King to establish a PR team (see above)
      • Strengthen team structure

Modifications to the proposal were made following discussion.  Please see attached proposal (which includes modifications), attached to these notes.  The Steering Committee voted unanimously to adopt the proposal.

IV.    Treasurer’s Report (Michele Mosher)

FLF has $17,303.33 as of September 30, 2017.  Additional donations have been received in October that total approximately $950.  FLF spent approximately $350 on chairs for the library in October.

V.      Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (Nancy Gerdt)

      1. FSCPL has hired Cosmic Design, a marketing firm, to develop a unified marketing plan for all 10 branches of the library system.  Jim Mosher, Nancy Gerdt, and Nina Moore will be filling out a survey that the firm has developed as a first step in the process.  Nina Moore will be attending a meeting along with representatives of other branches as the second step of the process.
      2. FSCPL is considering hiring a fundraiser, who would develop a capital campaign for the entire library system.  This may depend on funds being provided by the Joint Powers Board (see below).  Capitola Friends and FLF have decided to hire campaign consultants for their branches because timing is of the essence and FSCPL’s timeline for its campaign would be too late for funding our capital needs.  FLF anticipates close cooperation with FSCPL throughout the process.

VI.     Joint Powers Board Library Advisory Commission report (Nancy Gerdt)

The JPB will be meeting tomorrow, November 2, and will be considering proposals for spending a $2.6 million surplus in its budget.  Proposals include:

        • Allocating $1.2 million for capital projects in all the branches, with funds being allocated using the formula used in Measure S.  This could benefit the Felton branch shortfall.
        • Install solar panels in the branches
        • Hire a fundraiser for FSCPL.

VII.  Next Steps (Judi Sherman)

    1. Steering Committee meetings will occur on the first Wednesday of each month.  The next meeting will be Wednesday December 6, 4:00 p.m. at the Felton Library.
    2. For each team report, co-chairs will include a question for the Steering Committee to discuss.  This will promote more interaction and cross-team planning.
    3. Co-chairs for each team will review and edit the list of responsibilities outlined in the FLF restructuring document attached to these notes and will report back to the Steering Committee at the next meeting.
    4. The Steering Committee will plan the agenda for the membership quarterly meeting, including scheduling a date for the meeting.