Felton Library Friends Meeting Wednesday, June 5, 2019

3:30-5:00 p.m. at the Felton Firehouse

Desired Outcomes:

  • Understanding of our project to date
  • Campaign update
  •  Understanding of Community Led Programming pilot program progress
  • Steering committee vote on  Resource Conservation District (RCD) proposal and FLF pledge to Boulder Creek  campaign


Facilitator: Judi Sherman

Notetaker: Jim Mosher


JM Brown (Supervisor McPherson’s office), Nancy Gerdt, Joe Griffin, Dan Lazarus (County Parks), Gail Levine, Lisa Lurie (Resource Conservation District), County Supervisor Bruce McPherson, Ralph Miljanich, Nina Moore, Jim Mosher, Michele Mosher, Lynn Rouse, Judi Sherman, Nancy Sherrod, Jessica Vaughn, Mary Jo Walker, Laura Whaley and Melanee Barish (Santa Cruz Public Libraries)

What Are You Grateful For About this Project? Judi Sherman

Major themes from participants:

  • Collaboration with so many groups
  • Opportunity to participate
  • Meaningful use of empty lot
  • Getting to know community

Project Progress: Nancy Gerdt

Library: Public Works project manager Damon Adlao has blog on our project on the library website under Measure S http://feltonlibraryconstruction.blogspot.com/.   Project appears to be on schedule for completion in November.  Library will then move in, which will take 2-3 months. 

Park: Pre Bid meeting occurred yesterday and bids will be opened June 18.  Work needs to start by end of July in order to be completed at the same time as the library.  Concern is that bids will come in substantially higher than projected by the County Parks Department.  If the bids come in over available budget, then construction may have to wait until next year.  Discussion ensued regarding whether FLF should help fund the park should the bids come in over budget.  The issue was tabled, and it was agreed that should the bids come in over budget, a special meeting will need to be held in order to decide whether FLF should contribute.

Community-led programming: Judi Sherman, Michele Mosher

Judi Sherman reported on progress with partners: Library staff, library Volunteer Coordinators and FLF.  We are still defining roles and responsibilities as partners in Community led programming. Next meeting is June 26.

Felton will be a pilot for this new opportunity to learn together, figure out roles, and create a model for the rest of the system. 

Michele Mosher reported on the programming survey created by FLF, which was distributed in hard copy and online in March and April.  There were 320 responses, with many responders volunteering to lead classes.  Other information included subjects of interest and days of week  and time of day preferences. Respondents said they were most likely to attend programs on the natural world and environment and local history, with many other topics being of Interest

Treasurer’s report: Michele Mosher

$228,000 was in our account as of April 30th.  The financial report for May was received after the meeting, bringing the total to $243,443.  Friends of Santa Cruz Public Libraries is conducting a matching grant campaign  for $300,000 for BC, Garfield Park, La Selva Beach.  Michele Mosher proposed  that FLF donate $1K to campaign.  Donna Ziel moved Jim Mosher  seconded.  Unanimous vote to approve by steering committee members present:  Nancy Gerdt, Nina Moore, Jim Mosher, Michele Mosher, Judi Sherman, Donna Ziel.

Community campaign overview and components: Nancy Gerdt  and Michele Mosher

Public artist Lea deWit is designing the Felton donor wall.  She needs to have all donor names that will be on the wall for the opening in January by the end of September. There will be an opportunity for people to donate after that. If individuals or businesses donate at a level appropriate for receiving  recognition on the donor wall, their names will be added at the end of 2020.

Business outreach Is being planned, with a personal letter to Felton and Ben Lomond businesses to be hand delivered with a packet that includes information about the campaign and a list of individual donors to date.  Thanks to the  8 people who signed up to deliver letters between June 17th and June 25th and to follow up with phone calls.

Donor recognition for individuals donating $100-$499 will be a book plate with their name on it,  to be placed in a book in the permanent Felton collection on the environment and local history. 

 Presentation on Children and Nature Network Conference:  Dan Lazarus

 Dan Lazarus attended the Children and Nature  Network Conference which included presentations on the California Global Education Project — building competence and how to teach global issues, particularly those focused on environmental literacy, sustainability and habitat restoration and preservation.  He stated that the conference provided numerous resources for educators, many of which are directly relevant to the library/park project and his own work at the County Parks Department. 

RCD Presentation and Proposal: Lisa Lurie

Lisa Lurie from the Resource Conservation District presented a proposal to FLF to assist in developing a long term programmatic agenda for the park/library, focused on environmental literacy.  The proposal includes a kickoff event, broader needs and opportunity assessment,  and outreach to potential partners.  See attached proposal for details.  Discussion ensued. 

Jim Mosher moved and Michele Mosher seconded a motion to approve the RCD proposal pending approval and possible modification by library and parks directors.Unanimous vote in favor by steering committee members present:  Nancy Gerdt, Nina Moore, Jim Mosher, Michele Mosher, Judi Sherman, Donna Ziel.

Events team report Michele Mosher

This year’s raffle will consist of 7 to 10 large prizes worth at least $200, either as an individual item or as a bundle of similar prizes.  Ticket purchasers can choose to put all their tickets towards one prize or divide their tickets among several or all the  prizes.   Raffle ticket sales will begin September 26th at the Wild Roots Market Community Day for Felton Library Friends. The drawing will be held at the Chili Cook-Off November 2. We will all have a chance to sell tickets to friends and groups  after September 26th. okay so I think I’ve done what I can hear is it after you left

Kickoff of summer reading program for kids will be at Highlands Park on June 16  from  noon to 3, with lots of activities and a drumming concert  at 1.  Felton Library friends is sponsoring two of the four summer programs for kids at the Felton Library this summer .

Next meeting:  August 7th 4pm – 5:30pm