• Shared understanding of Capital Campaign progress and timeline
  • Input to the Campaign Vision Statement
  • Understanding of Team activities and formation of new team
  • Agreement on upcoming Steering Committee meetings

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Nina Moore, Nancy Sherrod (consultant), Shannon Howe, Kristin Prahly, Jim Mosher, Michele Mosher, Judi Sherman, Victor Willis, Laura Whaley, Ralph Miljanich


Jim gave a reflection on the book, Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

Capital Campaign

Nancy Sherrod reviewed the project timeline and budget, currently in the preparation and readiness stage
Members reviewed documents and provided feedback
Invitation to a training on February 24 from 9-noon at Judi Sherman’s home: “The Joy of Asking for Project Investment”

Team reports

  • Events: eight members attended a meeting this morning to plan the Garden Tour on May 19. Six gardens are confirmed with music and other activities. There will be a tent with FLF information outside one of the gardens. In addition, we are hopeful about a New Leaf Community Day in April. In October, a “no plastic straw” event will be held – more information to follow.
  • Media/PR: The team will meet on Friday and is working on the Instagram account and an update to the FLF website.
  • Development (except for Capital Campaign); Now the “Grants” team, which is meeting on 2/14 at the Mosher’s home from 4-5:30 pm. Jim Mosher has researched potential foundations and has a plan to identify contacts at those foundations.
  • New Team – “Restoration”: Shannon Howe represented this new team that will be invited to do on-site restoration with the AmeriCorps volunteers. They are flagging natives and non-natives on Bull Creek and counted the removal of 825 Blackberry crowns in the first two days. They will be on-site for two more weeks. Plans are underway to schedule a day for community volunteers to work with the Americorps team and help with restoration. Shannon is a county parks employee and is working with the county volunteer coordinator to help with our volunteer list. We will send an invitation to the entire email list to invite people to work on the last Americorps day.
  • Treasurer report: the January report from the Library Friends is not yet available, so Michele Mosher, Treasurer, reported from December. At the end of the Month, FLF had $24,750 in our account, up $4,450 from November. We suspect this represents end of the year donations.
  • County update – Patio progress: Laura Whalen reported about the meeting regarding the patio with the landscape architects. They presented plans on the base design and possible additional alternatives (add alts).

Next meeting: April 4, 2018, 4:00 – 5:30 at the Felton Library
Agenda item: Does FLF want to sponsor any Summer Reading Programs? What would be our expenditure? The amount is typically between $300 and $500 per performance.