Facilitator: Nancy Gerdt
Notetaker: Jim Mosher

Desired Outcomes

  1. Shared understanding of current library bid and budget
  2. Understanding of FLF Team activities and goals

Attending: Gaylynn Firth, Nancy Gerdt, Mary Hammer, Dan Lazarus, Diane McCormick, Ralph Miljanich, Nina Moore, Michele Mosher, Kristin Praly, Cindy Sekkel, Judy Sherman, Donna Ziel

Campaign Consultants: Nancy Sherrod, Linda Bixby

Library Bid and Budget Update

Nancy reviewed the low construction bid that is likely to be approved by the Board of Supervisors on August 28. Total bid is approximately $8.2 million and includes the metal roof, wall treatment, acoustical features, culvert removal, bridge, and patio. This is excellent news, as the Measure S funds plus the $1 million from the state budget can cover these costs. Thompson Building is a respected firm from Novato.

There are also some new potential sources of funds, although it is too early to discuss. The county is putting a sales tax measure on the ballot for November that would include $400,000 for the Felton Park. There are also unanticipated remainder funds from the Measure S bond measure. Discussions are now happening regarding how these funds will be distributed across the County’s library projects. In addition, there is $700,000 in contingency funds included in the budget for the library building. We should know relatively early in the building process whether there are cost overruns or whether it can be put toward the building.

Future agenda item for FLF: Make a prioritized list of original features to be possibly restored.

Parks Update

Michele reported that the next park stakeholders meeting with BASE Landscape Architecture is tomorrow. Will Fourt informed us that it will take about three months to complete the park once construction begins. This means that having both the library and park open at the same time is more feasible, as there will be more time to secure the needed funding. Will also stated the park will cost approximately $1.2 million. Funds have been identified for construction documents –between $150,000 and $225,000 to move the project along once the design phase is completed in September.

Groundbreaking Event

Nancy stated that the groundbreaking will occur on either September 14 or 21 (note: it is now slated for September 21) Susan Nemitz gave us a list of items needed for the event: shovels, hard hats, invite the dignitaries, tents w/ information, cake, drinks, photographer. Kristin and Nancy will contact SLV Steve for photographer. County and Library are taking the lead in
organizing the event.

Capital Campaign Leadership Team

Michele reported on follow up to the Hallcrest event. We got very positive feedback. People who didn’t make it have been contacted.

Nancy and Michele will be meeting with consultants to discuss next steps. We need to recalibrate the campaign goals in light of the good bid and possible additional funding. We originally thought the campaign would need to fund patio completion, but that is now included in the bid.

One idea is to shift from building needs to funding programs, including a possible legacy fund. Discussion ensued regarding who maintains the park, what is the role of the library and park staff in programming, and what role FLF could have in enhancing programming and engaging in programming planning.

Nancy reported that she and Michele discussed potential enhancements to the library—microscopes, opening collection, materials that relate to park– with Library Director Susan Nemitz. There was a brainstorming session regarding what other enhancements could be prioritized for the park and library that could be included in the new fundraising plan and goal.

Events Team

Gaylynn reported on behalf of the team. After some discussion, the team decided not to do a plastics presentation this fall.

Cary Coleman, the Business With Pleasure manager, and his wife Jenny offered to make FLF the beneficiary of 5th Annual SLV Chili Cookoff on November 3, at the Covered Bridge Park. They have sponsored the event in previous years, and donated $7,000 to the BC Rec District in 2017. FLF will be responsible for securing the park permit, as well as the alcohol permit and service, including a local craft beer involvement. Gaylynn is taking the lead in coordinating with Cary.

There is a group organizing a celebration of Felton’s 150 th anniversary on October 6. Speakers will present the town’s history, people will be wearing costumes, and there will be other events and activities. FLF will have a table or tent at the event. Kristin has been attending the organizing meetings. It was suggested that the library’s system celebration of its 150th year since its inception might be coordinated with the Felton event. Roaring camp will also have an event on the same day.

Foundation Grants Team

Jim reported that the team met two weeks ago. Jim, Ralph, and Donna met with staff at the Community Foundation, and after discussion concluded that the proposal to create a Single Agency Fund at CF to accept foundation grants for the Felton Discovery Park was not feasible. The CF staff gave us good leads on alternative fiscal sponsors, and the team is now investigating these possibilities. The team is also having to recalibrate its fundraising goals in light of the bid and funding possibilities (see above). The team will meet next week to discuss.


No report.


Nancy reported on meeting with FSCPL. An agreement was reached regarding the receiving and disbursement of capital campaign funds that meet our expectations. Nancy read the key language of the agreement that states that “the Felton Branch Library and the Nature Discovery Park are a joint project of the Santa Cruz Public Library and the Santa Cruz County Park Dept. Money contributed to the Felton Friends capital campaign is considered a donation to the joint project. Unless the donation is designated to be restricted to either the library or the park by the donor, the funds will be used for either as needs arise.”

Treasurer report

Michele provided the treasurer report. FLF had $25,468 in its account as of June 30.

Other Business

The Scotts Valley friends group hosted a brunch for all Friends’ groups attended by about 50 people. Kristin and Nina attended. Kristin reported that it was a very good event and that it promoted collaboration among the chapters. The hope is that friends chapters will host similar meetings.

Next meeting:
October 3, 4:00 pm at Felton Library