1. Agreements on membership, decision-making responsibilities, and FLF Secretary
  2. Shared understanding of project progress
  3. Approval of funding for CCC land clearing
  4. Agreement to expend funds for Felton Library furniture
  5. Representation on the Friends Board from FLF
  6. Agreement on next steps

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Nina Moore, Laura Whaley, Vivian Rogers, Jim Mosher, Paula Jansen, Ralph Miljanich, Diane McCormick, Paul Machlis, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Judi Sherman, Joe Griffin


    1. Membership and Leadership         (Jim Mosher/Michele Mosher)
      1. Steering Committee voting members are: Two co-presidents, secretary, treasurer, co-leaders of the Development, Events, Restoration, Publicity and Social Media and Outdoor Design (ad hoc). We need a quorum to vote (50% +1) which is 7 voters (two people hold two positions).
      2. We have formed an “Outdoor Design” ad hoc committee (Nina Moore and Jen Michaelson co-chairs). The intention is to organize existing community input, photos and ideas and create a timeline for the next two years to inform the design and restoration process for the outdoor space. Linda Skeff will help with timeline on restoration activities.
      3. The committee voted unanimously to name Judi Sherman as FLF Secretary
    2. Development and Fundraising (Jim Mosher/Nancy Gerdt)
      1. Karen’s family and friends have decided not to partner with us in naming the Bull Creek Park in honor of Karen.  Needless to say, we were disappointed to receive this news.  We were told that the decision was based on two factors: (1) Karen had specified in her will that gifts in her honor should be given to the Resource Conservation District; and (2) the RCD has identified a project associated with Scott Creek that may be more appropriate as a site for honoring Karen’s legacy. Ralph and Jim are hopeful that there may still be an opportunity to partner with Rick Jones, Karen’s husband, as well as her other family and friends in having some sort of memorial for Karen not necessarily associated with any fundraising.
      2. We submitted a version of the grant narrative to Will Fourt, park planner with County Parks (thanks to everyone who reviewed).  Will did an excellent job of incorporating the county park’s portion of the narrative and finalizing.  The request is for approximately $395,000 and would cover the costs associated with the construction of the park – bridges, trails, Nature Explore areas, grading, etc. The budget does not cover design costs or costs associated with habitat restoration (removing invasive plants and planting native plants).
      3. We have received to date 10 letters of support for organizations in SLV and the county (see attached).  More letters are welcome. Please use the template on Google Docs. Nancy recommends providing letter writers an overview of the project. Contact Nancy, Michele or Judi prior to asking for the letter if desired.
    3. Project Progress (Michele Mosher/Nancy Gerdt)
      1. It has been determined that the cost overrun for the library building and surrounding area (everything but the park) is in the range of $1.5m. In response, the architect, Teall Messer reduced the building footprint by 900 square feet (in essence made it smaller all around) and cut back on some materials. We have no documentation at this time. Diane requested that Vivian meet with Teall to consult about changes since our timeline is driven by the desire for bids to go out in February. (Every project in the county is over budget). The Friends might be able to raise funds for amenities.
      2. October 5 “Interior Meeting” is postponed two weeks. This meeting is an opportunity to share with the community the conceptual design. It will be announced via email to FL members
      3. Public Art process for the Library started in July. There were twelve initial submissions; two will go to a second interview on September 24. The review panel makes a recommendation to the Arts Commission which in turn recommends to the Board of Supervisors. If there is no “winner”, the process will reopen.
      4. Update on meeting with Library staff: Diane, Michele and Nancy met with library staff in Scotts and San Lorenzo Valleys to get acquainted and build relationships. Staff will tour the site after the CCC land clearing. A request was made to send an email to the Steering Committee when the date is set.
      5. Approve funding for CCC land clearing: the Steering Committee unanimously voted to expend up to $2,500 to contribute to the same amount from the SLV Water District and County Parks to clear the berries before they re-root and before AmeriCore comes in January.
    4. Treasurer’s Report (Michele Mosher)
      1. Current fund balance is $17,919. This does not include $2,000 paid to Lana Weeks or $1,000 received as a donation
      2. Procedure for money expenditures per FSCPL: every month Michele (Treasurer) receives a report from Vivian Rogers, Executive  Director of the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (FSCPL) with current budget expenses and revenue. We do not have a capital campaign account at this time. The Development Committee will discuss the need for a separate account. A note that the fiscal year is changing from fiscal (July 1 – June 30) to calendar, so the next budget will only be for six months. FLF Steering Committee needs to vote on any expenditures over $500 and the vote must be included in the minutes.
      3. Approve funds for new Felton Library chairs (vote): A motion was made to purchase two chairs for the current library. Michele presented a photo of chairs priced at IKEA at $159.00 each. Donna Ziel mentioned that her son has two chairs he could donate. Michele will look at them. The FLF will acquire them if they are appropriate. The Steering Committee voted unanimously to expend funds for new chairs if the donation is not a fit.
    5. Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries (Jim Mosher)
      1. Activities update: Vivian Rogers, Executive Director for FSCPL, reported that the goal this year is to strengthen the infrastructure. New board members are beginning their terms who represent different populations as well as branches across the system, including those without charters. A strong board will be important for a strong capital campaign.
      2. Recruit a new representative (Jim Mosher stepping down)
    6. Joint Powers Board/Library Advisory Commission report (Nancy Gerdt): No report. The Advisory Commission agreed to a naming policy; Susan Nemitz is working to have comparable leases for buildings which delineate responsibility for repairs, etc.
    7. Next steps (Jim Mother)
      1. Recommendation that Steering meet every two months
      2. Next meeting: November 1 at 4pm – 5:30pm