FLF Members present:

Nancy Gerdt, Co-Chair; Jim Mosher, Co-Chair; Michele Mosher, Treasurer; Diane McCormick, Events Team Co-Leader; Linda Skeff, Restoration Team Co-Leader; Mary Hammer, Anita Lande, Judi Sherman, April Zilber, Kristen Praly, Katelyn Praly, Nina Moore, Karen Holl.
Library Staff: Felton Branch Manager, Paula Jansen,

Fantastic Figures Event (Diane McCormick)

Felton Library Friends hosted the Library Festival on Saturday, May 20, on the new library site. The purpose of the Festival was to celebrate the future Library and park, display site plans for the two-plus acre site, and share ways for community members to become involved. The event kicked off the on-line auction for the figures at feltonlibraryfriends.org. 91+ volunteers flourished in the heat and hosted several craft activities and served food/drink.

There were several highlights:

  • The Santa Cruz Libraries brought their book-bike
  • 4H-ers tied blankets to donate to Ronald McDonald house
  • Everyone looked at the great art
  • A scavenger hunt focused on the art pieces was a nice success
  • Music was provided by local bands
  • Local restaurants donated gift certificates for our successful raffle
  • The Felton Library Friends library tent was busy sharing information on the library and
    park project
  • Bruce McPherson, 5th district supervisor, and Susan Nemitz, Director of the SC Libraries
  • We are proud of Nancy Gerdt for being awarded the Hometown Hero Award by Modern
    Woodmen of America

The events committee had a great time getting to know each other better and benefitting from our combined strengths. The diversity of talent and resources were great. A very successful day!

Auction Report (Nancy Gerdt)

The online bidding is going well, and is up to around $3,000. Bidding ends at 5 pm June 16.

Treasurer’s Report (Michele Mosher)

We have started to rebuild our account after contributions to the CEQA application, the Measure S campaign, and funding the Nature Explore workshops. New Leaf Community Day, which netted $1524, and the event and raffle, which netted $2,421, have brought our account with FSCPL to $13,704. As our fiscal agent, FSCPL charges administrative fees of 5% on all deposits.

Project Progress (Nancy Gerdt)

The site plan for the library/park project will be submitted for review the week of June 12. This summer, a library estimator will come up with a formal estimate for the library building, parking lot, and furnishings. County Parks will work on an estimate for the park side that is not covered by Measure S funds. Both estimates will help determine our goals for fundraising. In anticipation of applying for grants, we will be working on securing “letters of intent” from community partners. We hope to use these for the grant applications and to determine how different community groups envision using the library/park.

Development/Fundraising (Jim Mosher)

The development team has been working with Supervisor McPherson’s office and the County Parks Department to name the park area across from Bull Creek the Karen Christensen Nature Discovery Park, honoring Ms. Christensen, a Felton resident who passed away last year. She is well known as an environmental advocate and champion whose work is well exemplified in the plans for the new park. The naming may also promote important fundraising opportunities in the environmental community. FLF filed a letter in support of the naming proposal to the County Parks Department (available on request) which will be considered first by the County Parks Commission and then the Board of Supervisors. Passage is accepted.

Development team co-chairs Jim Mosher and Ralph Miljanich conducted with a prospective fundraising consultant, Lana Weeks, who has extensive experience conducting major donor campaigns for environmental causes and was a colleague and friend of Karen Christensen. Lana will be coming to Felton Sunday and Monday, June 11-12 and will meet with members of the fundraising team to discuss a possible major donor campaign that could include an endowment fund. There was discussion regarding how such a campaign would be conducted, including possible fiscal agents and campaign committee members.

The team is also working with the County Parks Department on a grant proposal to the California Department of Parks and Wildlife. This looks to be a very good possibility for funding the park as the grant criteria fit well with the plans we are developing. The proposal will be due September 1; FLF will be expected to provide drafts of much of the grant narrative. Funding will go directly to the county parks department; the department expects to ask for between $200,000 and $270,000. Supervisor Mark Stone has been contacted and was enthusiastic about this funding idea. A possible problem is that we must obtain CEQA approval by October 31 to qualify for the grant. FLF is working with Supervisor McPherson’s office and county staff to insure CEQA approval is obtained in a timely manner.

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries Board (Jim Mosher)

They have hired Vivian Rogers as E.D. The board is in the process of reorganizing and Jim is serving as our chapter representative.

Call for Volunteer (Michele Mosher)

The library is planning a system-wide celebration of its 150th Anniversary next year, and would like to have a volunteer from each chapter on the planning committee. Please let Michele know if you are interested.

Library Advisory Committee (Nancy)

An explanation of the new governing structure included information on the Joint Powers Board and the Library Advisory Committee. Also mentioned was the great work being conducted by library staff in the areas of homelessness and mental health. Agendas and Minutes are available at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries website.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, August 30, 7:00 pm, at the Felton Library.