Felton Library Friends Steering Committee

October 6, 2020

4:00-5:30 Via Zoom 

Desired Outcomes

  1. Strengthen relationships among members
  2. Shared understanding of current/future Library and FSCPL activities
  3. Vote on 2021 FLF budget
  4. Nominations for Steering Committee membership

Attendees: Bruce Cotter, Nancy Gerdt, Diane McCormick, Michele Mosher, Jennifer Mount, Donna Ziel

Library Staff: Jackie Danziger, Angie Lyons     

Welcome. Everyone named something that lately has been bringing  joy.                                

The Library World                                                                    

What is happening in the system and at Felton Library? Angie/Jackie    

Moving to a lobby model for self check, with late October target. Downtown internet café model is a pilot, will eventually come to Felton.

Angie/Jackie are both on Equity team – more inclusive work environment for staff.and equitable/inclusive for patrons

Staffing is down by 36% due to budget cuts. Organizational structure has moved away from regional approach to a systemwide model Librarians will be doing 50/50  programming and public services.

SLV middle school students will receive library cards, with all late fines removed. 

Jackie will be doing Halloween story time at 4pm Oct 30.

Library Advisory Commission                                                             Bruce 

Air quality continues to be an issue. When the AQI reaches 150, SC libraries are shutting down operations for the day. All libraries moving ahead with Covid reopening plans. There will be library closures around the holidays. Budget is stable for now after cuts. 

Bruce is leading the subcommittee to improve access to the Library Advisory Committee. Email Bruce with ideas or questions.hbrucecotter@aol.com. FLF newsletter can include a short article about LAC outreach/. Idea: Free Miro software for virtual collaboration – white board and post-it capability

Felton Discovery Park                                                                                 Nancy

Linda Skeff has arranged for Americorps to work the first week in December on clean up, chipping, and planting under the SLV Water District solar panels.  Confluence Restoration has a 1 yr contract with County Parks to maintain park mitigation plantings.

Nancy and Michele will meet with Park Planner Will Fourt October 7 to discuss the following  park enhancements. 

 –  Sundial improvements -expand signage and stain stain concrete for aesthetic improvements.

  • Plant markers – to identify specifics and connect to bar code and to a plant map – Would be a FLF expense. Annual contract for access to database – future expense
  • Bench in area under shade sails
  • Shade for gravel pit area, rope climb areas – both very hot. Donna offered to work on fundraising and grant writing if needed for additional shade sails

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries      Michele                                                                                

Interim ED Martin Gomez has extensive library experience.The board retreat will help define what they are looking for in a new ED. Fundraising for digital sources for schools has raised over $30,000 so far.

Budget discussion and vote                                                          Michele

2021 FLF Chapter Budget is required by FSCPL. How do we want to use funds raised in the Capital Campaign for library and park enhancements and programming?  Recommendations from President and Treasurer::

  • Up to $50,000 for the library Teen room and Community room improvements 
  • Up to $10k for Felton Discovery Park improvements 
  • $90-100,000 to support programming from 2023 on through annual interest from a Community Foundation Flex Fund.

Any funds not used will be retained in the FLF account at FSCPL

Motion to approve the 2021 budget as presented by Treasurer Michele Mosher, which includes $150k in library and park support.: Donna motioned; Bruce 2nd.  Motion passed unanimously 

Next steps:  Michele to take to FSCPL Finance Committee for recommendation to FSCPL Board. Donna to join Michele/Nancy to explore with Community Foundation

Decision-making on library and park enhancements

By December 2020 the FLF Steering Committee will create an ad-hoc Library team and Park team to collaborate with library or park staff on recommendations for funding specific enhancements. Teams will consist of FLF members and stakeholders when appropriate (such as teens for the Teen Room enhancements). The teams will bring funding recommendations to the FLF Steering Committee for discussion and vote                                                                                             

Steering Committee Membership

Suggestions for open positions: Park, schools, teen member, unrestricted open seat        

Park Position – Nancy to move forward with options 

Schools position: Jenn and Diane will work together to reconnect with Schools / for teens (Claire Hacket) and staff (Dr Bruton). Jen  – looking for touchpoint with PTA (Coordinate with Diane).  Possible sources: 

  • Environmental Clubs 
  • Library staff or Science connection 
  • Danielle Winters, SLE Principal 

Unrestricted seat –  contact two major donors – Michele

Next steps: Next meeting date: Nov 10 Tuesday – 4-5:30pm

Agenda-building suggestions:

Library and park budget advisory teams

Future FLF Member Meeting

Donor Relations – Donna to consider message. 

Guest Speakers – Quarterly or bi-annual? Bruce McP or Mark S?