Felton Library Friends Steering Committee

November 10, 2020


Desired Outcomes

  1. Strengthen relationships among members
  2. Shared understanding of current/future Library and FSCPL activities
  3. Understanding of Community Foundation Flex Fund; vote to proceed 
  4.  Plan for donor relations in upcoming months
  5. Agreement on direction for Steering Committee open positions

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Jennifer Mount, Bruce Cotter, Donna Ziel, Kirsten Hill, Cindy Sekkel, Jackie Danziger

Welcome.   Welcome new members Kirsten Hill (Park) and Cindy Sekkel (at large).

Kirsten is a Felton resident and a fount of information about plants; has a PhD in native grasses

Cindy is a Ben Lomond resident, a member of Rotary, and a great volunteer. Cindy and Ron were the first donors to name an area of the Library: The Ron and Cindy Sekkel Fireplace.. 

Question: what’s one thing you particularly enjoy about the park ?    

  • All the things to engage children especially the instruments
  • Everything about it and that our town has it; native plants and roses, sedges, snow berry, grasses
  • Music and how it’s integrated; that it was conceived as part of the library
  • Using the water pathway as part of the design and the bridge
  • Musical instruments
  • That there is such diversity in a small space; so much to discover
  • Watching my kids climb on things and they love it; 
  • Strolling through the park; so beautiful; learning about native plants
  • Memory from youth, playing in the park 
  • I love being able to walk there; emphasize the marimba – you can hear it all over 

Review outcomes and agenda. One addition to discuss debris flow and Bull Creek

The Library World                                                                   

What is happening in the system and at the Felton Branch? Jackie     

System-wide we’ve begun lobby services; there is someone to help you out; someone at the door asking to sanitize hands; Scotts Valley holds now at Felton; have had mixed feedback (Felton is the test site for lobby service). On the 14th, we will be having laptop service in the Community Room. We’re not back in the building 100% at the time except for story time where mask is off. People will have 45-minute intervals to use the computers. Santa Cruz just got moved to “red” again. Orange allows 75% occupancy but we’ll keep it lower. Halloween Spooky Story had 18 people virtually; all dressed up

Library Advisory Commission                                                            Bruce 

No meeting since our last meeting; next one is early next week. Chairman Bob White passed away unexpectedly. Trying to make accessibility to the commission easier

            FSCPL                                                                                                        Michele

FSCPL is the nonprofit that is the umbrella for five chapters. Retreat last month with interim executive director. Reaching out for an executive director soon. Currently in hiring process for a full-time office manager.

FLF discussion 

  • Park team Nancy/Kirsten
    • Excited to have  a Park Team: includes Jenn and Kirsten and Nancy
    • Team is “open”; others are welcome to join
    • Walked through the park and discussed different projects
    • Will bring to Steering Committee if there are fiscal decisions; recommendation coming about purchasing a bench near the musical interests
    • Learning about sun and shade areas to sit while children are playing
    • Interested in plant ID markers; Kirsten doing research about what botanic gardens use for plant markers; exploring QR codes as a possibility; learned about American Public Gardens document about how to label plants
    • Suggestion to talk to Arboretum at UCSC; reach out to Martin Quigley
    • Comment that sometimes people can’t access QR codes, so suggestion to include another method of identification such as a plant map
    • Questions about accessibility and how to maintain and keep up to date
    • Jenn has a container of toys to donate for the gravel pit
    • One of the issues is “loose parts” that can disappear; talking about ways to mitigate that
  • Treasurer’s report: Community Foundation Flex Fund Michele
    • Michele just received  the last pledge from the capital campaign!
    • Budget for 2021 has $50K for library; $10K for park; $100k for a Flex-fund for library and park; spoke to community foundation and Susan Nemitz about it who is supportive of this.
    • Nonprofit: Flex Fund would be held at CF and funds from it would support programing for library and park; not an endowment; can take out any amount of capital; 
    • There would be two signatories on the account; both from the FSCPL because it is the nonprofit; we would write the agreement that any funds would be used only for Felton Library and Park; our group would make a proposal and contract would be approved by FSCPL board and our Steering Committee
    • Motion: To authorize FSCPL and FLF representatives to meet with Community Foundation staff to negotiate an Agreement to invest $100,000 on behalf of Felton Library Friends, with annual returns to be used to support programming at the Felton Library and Felton Discovery Park.  Funds may also be withdrawn to be used  for any other emerging needs of the Felton Library or Discovery Park as approved by the FLF Steering Committee and FSCPL.  
    • Unanimous agreement to proceed.
    • MIchele will take to financial committee of FSCPL; they will make recommendation to the board.
    • Question: how do we have access to the funds when we want funds for programming?
    • No concern that funds can be used for park; make clear in the agreement
  • Donor relations ideas      Donna    
    • Need to address; we’ve been successful in realizing donations; important to continue to recognize those who made contributions
    • Donna looking for others to join her; need to develop a way to regularly communicate with our donors; can be newsletters or email now’
    • When we come back together, hold regular receptions in the lobby    
    • Michele, as co chair of events team will join
    • Cindy will join             
  • Steering Committee open positions: schools Jenn/Jackie  
    • Question about school connections: Jackie has connected with people from middle school
    • What is the difference between FLF relationship with the schools and with that of the librarian? 
    • Michele talked to Diane about teen representative; maybe two or more in an ad hoc committee;  
    • Also 0-5 community 
  • Debris flow and Bull Creek
    • Town Hall thru the County; Judi send link

Next steps

  • Next meeting December 1 at 4 pm
  • Agenda building: Guest Speakers – Quarterly or bi-annual? Bruce McPherson or Mark Stone? Susan Nemitz?  Author?
    • Wait on this till next year
    • Next meeting talk about what we want to hear from people; Susan Nemitz? Not limited to politicians
    • Donor relations
    • Steering committee membership
    • Flex fund