Steering Committee Zoom meeting

In attendance:

Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Jim Mosher, Diane McCormick, Donna Ziel, Judi Sherman

Library update

Library has a healthy reserve of $2m, but with no tax money coming in, there will be a budget projection next week. Let go about 62 staff and will be cutting hours. Libraries closed two consecutive days. Hiring freeze for ’20-21. May need volunteers more than ever. Developing on line presence; only virtual summer reading programs; planning for a gradual reopening. 

FLF will do another newsletter when the plan is clearer. We have 650 people on email list. There is a lot of activity, especially in the last two weeks. Most library staff are involved in online effort and planning; we need to stay focused on our plans and work with Susan (and Laura) to move forward.

 Friends Policy

Board is revitalized with 12 members; 5 from chapters. Nominations open for new members (up to 18 members). Michele is on policy and procedures committee for FSCPL. New policy: if library asks for more than $1000, the Steering Committee will need to approve. Examples: performers for Summer Reading; telescope; display cabinet if not in original building budget.. FLF contributed $1500 to FSCPL campaign for virtual materials. The new ED is well-thought of and collaborative. She asked board members to call everyone who donated to the virtual materials campaign.

FLF donors

Sent postcards to donors on the wall with gratitude and looking forward to re-opening.

We will need to decide how to spend the remaining funds from the capital campaign in consultation with the Library and Parks.

Community led programming: 

Need to meet with new librarian, Jackie, and manager, Angie. 

Diane: large library organizations are focusing on programming; she will bring us information about the four stages of opening from Los Gatos; what about education and online workshops? Library is doing online activities now; Jim concerned about community education regarding fire preparedness

Suggestion: stay connected with Jackie and Angie with a virtual meeting. Michele, Nancy, Judi meet to plan the meeting, then reach out to the librarians for a meeting. 

Suggestion: reach out to RCD about their programming plans for the summer. Can we publicize to our list? What is their involvement in fire management planning? Jim will reach out. Also, what is RCD plan for park opening (Nancy).


Nancy and Michele talked to Susan Nemitz about budget issues earlier this week.  Staff is overwhelmed.  Expressed our need for accounting for how the Dondero and Community Foundation funds have been spent.  Will be difficult because the accounting is intermingled with county expenditures.  Complicated by the fact that Damon, the project manager, was absent toward the end of the project for personal reasons.  An example of the problem:  The library bought a staff refrigerator from the CF budget, but it should have come out of the county budget.  FLF had developed a detailed list of expenditures for the $50,000 (see link in document), that included $$ for programming.  We have responsibility to donors to make sure money is spent as donors expected.  

Are there any contingency funds left?  If so, how are they being spent?  

Every system is going to have to cut back in the coming period.  Bottom line:  we are responsible to donors.  But we need to recognize that the library will not have the funding we had expected.  We need a clear plan so we know how the money has been spent and we can report back to the donors. We need to provide support to Susan in figuring this out and be flexible.

July is the time when project books will be closed — all county/library projects must be closed eventually so that these issues need to be resolved.


There are mitigation areas that Janecki is responsible for that have not been completed.  Are the mitigation areas going to be handled by Janecki through a maintenance contract or is it turned over to county parks?  If turned over to the parks department, we may need to pay for some of the maintenance.

Good things happening in the park.  Margaret Ingraham,  Volunteer Coordinator for the parks department, sent out an e-mail to people who had expressed interest in volunteering in park.  About 10 people responded and she is working with them.  A couple of people are interested in working on a brochure regarding the plants.

Shade sails are going to be installed — a grant from a dermatology group will pay for it.

FLF Organization

Nancy highlighted the intention of expanding FLF and reaching out to the community.  

Areas we thought could be on-ramps for people to get involved:

  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Community led programming
  • Help at the library.

Judi is doing capacity building, retreats, break out rooms.  Lots of ways to do this on line.

How do we get organized to get this done?  

Judi will set up another meeting of the Steering Committee to focus on this topic.  Next meeting is June 20 from 9-10:30. Judi will send a zoom invite and agenda as we get closer.

Reference Google Doc: Felton Library Friends 2 year Plan