Felton Library Friends Steering Committee

June 20, 2020

10 am – 11:30 pm


  1. Strengthen relationships among members
  2. Connections to Felton Librarians
  3. Agreement on Steering Committee membership
  4. A plan for future FLF meetings
  5. Shared understanding of Discovery Park status


  1. Connecting to our Librarians
    1. Introduction to librarian roles
      1. Angie: Branch Manager in Felton, responsible for the daily operations, including scheduling
      2. Jackie: Librarian, responsible for programming and community liaison. During this time in Santa Cruz, worked with the Zoom Team, Equity Team, and Emerging Youth Program. Behind scheduling and logistics for Summer Reading program; Knack for programming and partnerships. Roles: volunteers, programming, partnerships. Working with 
      3. Protocol for emailing? Cc Angie and Jackie
      4. How to divide time between Felton and other branches: Angie focused primarily on Felton; Jackie primary focus is Felton, but helping with BC and SV in the future (maybe a partial day at SV and BC for a specific program); Jackie wants to be known as the Felton librarian and now doing system-wide support. 
      5. We have never had two people in the past (celebrate!); Jackie doesn’t supervise any staff
  1. What is coming in the Library?
    1. Curbside service at Felton for 2 weeks; people following rules which is encouraging for limited opening
    2. Hours will be changing a little; 10% cut in payroll; all employees cutting 4 hours; thinking about what limited indoor service will look like
    3. Focused on Zoom programming and getting books into people’s hands.
    4. Putting together book displays on Instagram for Felton Library to interest people
    5. Future programming: created lots of new programming; need to put a hold on new programming as people get their holds; programming will be virtual for now
    6. Later: programming that is focused on nature and our environment; Thinks that virtual programming will continue to reach out to people who are unable to access the physical library
    7. Lots of discussion about partnering with the school district; immediately tried to connect with teachers, and library will continue to work with schools to offer services; craft kits included with summer reading sheets; Teacher Concierge service: reached out to teachers to offer help
    8. We are working with the parks – maybe programming outside before we can go inside, kits for kids in the park? Jackie is interested in connecting with park interpreter; Nancy facilitate connection with park
  1. How can we work together? How FLF allocates funds. 
    1. Big Friends formalizing procedure for how libraries ask for Friends’ chapter funds; procedural decision going to the full board in July; 
    2. Proposal: for requests under $1000 – Library Director or designee asks, and FSCPL ED and Chapter President approve; between $1000 and $10,000 approval  must come from Chapter  Steering Committee and ED. For requests over $10,000, the Chapter Steering Committee and the FSCPL Executive Director, and the FSCPL  Board
    3. If Jackie needs something for the branch, it will most likely go to our chapter; if it was something system-wide, it may go to the Big Friends. 
    4. Turnaround time: needs to go to full board might take longer; Exec Committee could approve by email; less would be faster (local)
    5. Proposal to Big Friends to support Zoom across the Friends’ chapters
    6. What’s left in the $50K already given to the Library? There may have been things in the county’s building budget that were purchased from our $50k contribution.
    7. Each chapter has their own line item separate from others in FSCPL budget. 
    8. Provide Jackie with copy of budget and the list of items we approved for purchase
    9. Michele will  send out the spreadsheet that we worked out with Laura for the $50K and the proposal about the procedure for allocating Friends’ funds.
  1. Plan small group to discuss Community-led Programming
    1. Judi to reach out to Laura about convening CLP planning team
  1. Steering Committee Membership
    1. Membership structure and representation: how many? Who? Profile?
      1. Original structure included representatives from each committee
      2. Jim: focus to bring in new people with new energy: include officers and identify people who might be future leaders; maybe make the group a little bigger; this would be one way to get engaged in the organization; maybe add 2-3 people
      3. Michele: we are required to have a president, secretary, and treasurer; we have representatives that should be on the board including the Big Friends representative; also Library Advisory Commission rep from 5th District. 
      4. We were in the middle of transitioning into a bigger group with a large community meeting in March; Look at other groups; Friends groups organize in many different ways
      5. Do we invite obvious people and do larger community outreach?
      6. Do a both/and: community members at large and representatives. 
      7. What do we want to do going forward?
        1. From notes: 5/23/20
          1. Fundraising, events, friends of the parks, Community-led Learning; Help at the Library
        2. Proposal: have a representative from library groups; members at large?
  1. Future FLF Member meetings
    1. Suggestions to convene larger membership
      1. We don’t know what new ideas will come from the community
      2. We should have a community meeting on Zoom
      3. Develop a community discussion about different topics
      4. Can put on the library website to broadcast the meeting
  1. Discovery Park Status
    1. See discussion in B viii
    2. Report on park
      1. Will Fourt, county park planner for county. Michele and Nancy did a walk through; Will would like to talk with the library about usage to make it more friendly and usable for library; Good to involve Dan Lazarus with Jackie and Friends; Will is open to making changes and would benefit from hearing from Jackie and Angie.
      2. Dan planning lots of summer programming and limited by Covid restrictions; may want to expand to Felton
      3. Jim working with water district and trying to encourage their outreach to Jackie; lots of possibilities for educational programming about watershed, etc. Friends of the San Lorenzo Valley Water
  1. Next Steps 
    1. Next meeting: July 11, 9-11am
    2. Plan for community gathering
    3. Agree on Steering Committee structure, membership, outreach