1. Strengthen relationships among members and welcome new and potential members
  2. Shared understanding of current/future Library and FSCPL activities
  3. Agreement on Steering Committee membership
  4. A plan for FLF Member October meeting

In attendance: Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Diane McCormick, Judi Sherman, Jackie Danziger, Jenn Mount, Margaret Ingraham (guest)


Outcome and agenda review

Welcome new and potential members and introductions: Nancy Gerdt, Judi Sherman, Michele Mosher

Jenn Mount: Parent

Margaret Ingraham: Volunteer Coordinator with County Parks (potential member)

Bruce Cotter: 5th District Representative Library Advisory Commission (unable to attend)

The Library World

What is happening in the system and at the Felton Library? Jackie Danziger (Felton Librarian)

All staff meetings on Thursdays. Because of COVID-19 there is no date for opening yet. Talking about rethinking outdoor spaces for reference opportunities. People can pick up holds at curbside delivery. Thinking of putting some seating on the back patio. In the future, might try to use the back patio for outdoor service.

Jackie met with SLV water district staff to discuss ideas about programming. They are concerned about potential use of glyphosate near watershed. No one is using it in the park.  This is not within Jackie’s realm of responsibility.  Margaret suggested that Jackie refer them to County Parks Superintendent Rebecca Hurley who is responsible for maintenance staff in order to confirm that the park is not using it.

Discussion about programming: SLVWD has an outreach person, Carly Blanchard. Rick Rogers and Director Moran brainstormed ideas: tours of the Felton water treatment facility, possibly quarterly. They can provide water and ice cream. Jackie wants to develop STEAM crafts for the park and library. They are interested in STEAM activities: what can we do virtually and later in person? Jackie wants to bring Dan Lazarus from Quail Hollow into the discussion.

The Friends World

FLF News

Nancy Gerdt : Walked through the Park with Will Fourt to look at amenities that are needed. There isn’t enough shade seating in the middle of the day and looked at different options for adding seating and trees for shading.

Remodel of the human nest: working with Will Fourt, Park designer,  to figure out a re-design that could make the structure more interactive for kids.

Working with Kirsten Hill to prepare a plant list for fall planting.  Working with county volunteer coordinator, Margaret Ingraham on invasive plant removal. Two work events have taken place this summer. SLV Rotary club participated in the second work day. Organizing work days with  community volunteers is taking off.

Thompson builders is giving a credit to the Library to reweave the willow on the arbor.. A guerilla artist has put wings on the arbor. They need to be taken down. We’d like to know who the artist is. Use “Next Door” to invite a connection.

We need to add plaques for large contributions to the park that will be on the bridge. Michele and Nancy are meeting with sign designer Thursday.

Working with Angie to get display case in the library.

Michele Mosher (FLF Treasurer)

Official end of our campaign was in July. One of our Steering Committee charges is to advise on how we go forward with spending the funds. Include discussion on the next meeting agenda.

FSCPL News  Michele Mosher

ED left the position; now contracted with Martin Gomez as a consultant to be interim ED. Hiring an office mgr. Retreat in October to look at mission and what is needed to hire a new ED. Plan is to have an in person, outdoors retreat on the patio of the Felton Branch.

Steering Committee Membership

Open positions: Judi Sherman

Diane contacted Claire Hackett: liaison to ASB (teacher to both high school and middle school for student members), and Laurie Bruton, Superintendent, for staff members.

We will wait until we hear about the results of outreach before inviting others

Define “at large” positions

Diane: someone who is targeted by board who adds a perspective or from a specific interest group. Bring a special need. May change overtime.

Donna: qualities: maybe a major donor?

Jenn: further define what it means – someone who is overseeing all parts – brings a cohesive part

Someone who is passionate; doesn’t represent a specific constituency;

Might be an open position;

Member at large doesn’t have a specific goal, but serves as a liaison to the general membership


Someone might emerge from the upcoming meetings

Name this an “open seat” for now

Future FLF Member meetings

Suggestions to convene larger membership

Three areas for outcomes:

Meeting the new librarian

Update on library events

Recruiting for teams

Suggestions for planning

opportunities to work within the library – (ask Angie)

Names of people from the opening who are interested in Community Led learning

If it’s virtual, Judi will facilitate

When to get the word out? Three weeks prior

We’d like to do it on a Saturday morning – ask Jackie if she can do some flextime.

October 17 – reach out to Angie and Jackie if they can plan ahead. Judi to follow up.

Draft an agenda for our next meeting.

Next Steps

Next meeting: September 1, 2020

Agenda items:

Expending funds (treasurer)

Planning October

Steering Committee positions