First Friday Felton Art Walk
Felton Library Friends Fundraiser Friday, June 6, 6-9 p.m.
The Satellite (next to Don Quixote’s) 6265 Highway 9, Felton

Many FLF members have enjoyed Felton’s participation in First Friday Santa Cruz over the past five months. This Friday, one artist has offered to turn over all proceeds from sales of his work to FLF.  We invite you to view the large selection of paintings by Glenn Lyons and, if one seems perfect for your home or the home of a friend, please do discuss purchase with the artist, knowing that you will be contributing to the future Felton branch library. This offer stands only for paintings sold at the Friday opening.

Of his work, Glenn says, “I think of my paintings as experiments in color. Most paintings start out as imaginary landscapes—a seascape, mountain wall, cave or satellite image. The painting then moves sometimes toward more abstraction, other times towards more realism. Paintings often explore a group of analogous colors—blues and blue greens, earth colors, reds and oranges, etc.”

Glenn’s paintings are owned by over forty individuals in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, New York and South Carolina. They are also in permanent collections of two clinics in California and Nevada as well as in Felton and San Jose.