The FLF Executive team met on October 16, 2017, to consider the need for a more formal structure for FLF.  Within a formalized structure, team roles and responsibilities will be clearer and communication across teams will be enhanced. Additionally, community members interested in becoming involved will have a clear path to participation. Community engagement over time was identified as an important goal and a formal structure was identified as important to reach this goal. Last, it was noted that we have a special challenge to integrate the park and the library, making FLF different from other chapters of the parent friends group.  A more formal structure will help with the integration.


  1. Merge the Executive Team and the Steering CommitteeThe Steering Committee is the decision-making body of the FLF and is made up of representatives of all the teams. Currently, the Executive works acts as the primary contact with the county agencies and supervisor and represents FLF on the “Big Friends” (county-wide Library Friends). It makes recommendations to the Steering Committee. If the two merge, FLF leadership would be expanded and representation broadened. The officers would create the agenda for the Steering Committee and the focus would be on moving the project forward with perspectives from all teams.Requirements:
    • Clarify Steering Committee members as officers and co-leads of Development, Events, Park, and Public Relations teams
    • Hold monthly Steering Committee meetings
    • Document roles for Steering Committee members (officers and team leads)
    • Hold quarterly member-wide (include community) meeting; the agenda is developed by the Steering Committee
  2. Strengthen Team structureCurrently, each team has an understanding of its roles and responsibilities, but it is unclear if this information is shared across the organization. Formalizing the structure and instituting some consistency will ensure that people know what the teams do and how to become involved based on interest.Requirements:
    • Invite each team to review a proposed job description and add or change to finalize (facilitated by co-leads)
    • Each team meeting has an agenda and notes
    • De-commission the “Restoration” Team (not active as a team)
    • Propose that “Outdoor Design Team” become the “Park” team
    • Document a co-leader job description
      • Convene the team and create the agenda
      • Ensure notes are distributed/posted
      • Represent the team on the Steering Committee (or designate someone)
      • Submit activities and accomplishments to a monthly newsletter

Current team roles and responsibilities:

Executive Team

Membership: Officers plus co-lead of development team (invited because of importance of the development team to the overall goals of FLF)


  • Primary contact with county, library and parks staff and our supervisor;
  • Decision making body between steering committee meetings
  • Make recommendations to steering committee re spending and decisions not requiring immediate action.
  • Primary contact with FSCPL group

Steering Committee

Membership: Co-leads of teams plus officers


  • Decision-making body — vote on all fiscal decisions
  • Receive updates; opportunity for FLF members to see the “big picture”
  • Public invited as first point of introduction to FLF
  • Create opportunities for others to be involved
  • Ensure that Steering Committee minutes are posted on web site

Development Team

Membership: Two co-chairs plus interested FLF members


  • Makes recommendations to steering committee e.g. re hiring a fundraiser consultant)
  • Researches and takes action on funding opportunities, including both the major donor campaign and possible grants.

Working with other teams, develops funding goals and a timeline for funding needs.

Events Team

Membership: Two co-chairs plus interested FLF members


  • Plans and executes events to both friend-raise and fundraise
  • Raises funds through events, so overlaps with development team.
  • Up to this point, events have been a primary source of funding, including for a fundraising consultant.

Outdoor Design Team

Membership: Ad hoc committee.  Two co-chairs.  Membership selected by Executive Team based on expertise of members.


  • Gathering images based on outdoor design features desired by community
  • Develop PowerPoint for community and landscape architect who will create the detailed design
  • Inform development team about funds required for design
  • Link to county for outdoor design

Restoration Team


Public Relations

Membership: Not operating as a team.  Rather, three individuals have responsibilities for web management, blast e-mails, developing graphics, and other publicity tasks (e.g., contacting press).  Act upon request.  Nancy and Michele have been the ones to provide content and direction.