Felton Library Timeline

1986 — Felton is considered by the library system to be the ideal location for a 15,600-square-foot Tier II regional branch due to its location as the gateway community to the densely populated (current CDP and CCD 29,724). It would serve San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley.

1987 — Felton Town Plan provides guidelines for the design of a new library branch in the core business district of Felton.

1990 — A 5,700-square-foot facility is proposed by the library for construction in 1998-1999, with Scotts Valley designated as the Tier II regional branch for the area as part of their Redevelopment agreement.

1996 — Santa Cruz County voters pass Measure B — a quarter-cent tax that expires in 2013, which is initially intended to augment branch library services in the underserved areas, including Felton, through expansion and renovation of facilities.

1999 — The Felton Library Needs Assessment Project gathers community and library staff input regarding location, design, services, collections, and other aspects of the proposed new Felton branch.

2001 — The Library’s five-year facilities master plan states that the Library Joint Powers Board plans to build a new branch with about 6,500 square feet, and additional office space for rent to a human service provider agency.

2002 — The Verutti family, longtime Valley residents formally offer a parcel of land for the new library branch next to the Felton Post Office. The LJPB notes its intention to accept the offer and directs the administration to proceed with design and construction. Funding for the 2.5 million dollar project will come from reserves and a loan with completion projected for December 2004.

2003 – The LJPB recommends that all capital projects except the Live Oak branch be delayed until such time as the economy becomes stronger.

2005 — Proposal to temporarily close the Felton library surfaced, followed by public protests and the board’s decision to keep the facility open.

2006 – Sept. Board appoints Task Force to pursue a viable plan for replacing the Felton Branch. Members include Board members Nancy Gerdt, Supervisor Stone, Felton Library representatives, Michele Mosher and Paul Machlis and library project coordinator, Heidi Jaeger-Smith.

2007 – Board recommendation: That the LJPB adopt a resolution appropriating $30,000 from the Felton Reserve Fund for architectural design and other technical services for the Felton replacement branch. Task Force explores 3 proposed sights and recommends a single use building on the Verutti site. Board Moves and passes resolution unanimously that the LJPB make a commitment to build a replacement Felton Branch on the Verutti property, as the primary site for consideration, and to inform the public of the intended site.

2007 – Year of community meetings and site plan exploration with County to lead to revised plans and Board’s request of a cost estimate

2008 — On Mar. 3, the board adopts resolution by Supervisor Mark Stone: That the Board move to set the Felton Library as the highest capital priority and that no other capital money be spent on any other capital projects including upgrades, remodels, changes or new starts, until the new Felton branch is funded. For further clarification this action would not apply to money spent from the operations budget for normal capital equipment expenditures such as for shelving, maintenance projects, etc.

2008 – Felton Task Force adds staff member, Janis O’Driscoll as adviser for youth services. Task Force begins detailed design work with architect Teall Messer.

2009 – Task Force completes design work with architect Teall Messer and plans are submits plans for a cost estimate

2009 – In February, the County of Santa Cruz on behalf of the Acting Director of the Library, Susan Elgin, and the Felton Library Friends, a chapter of the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Library, submit a Fiscal Year 2010 funding request to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo $500,000 fro the Transportation and Housing Bill and Economic Development Initiative for design development and construction documents.