Dear Felton Library Friend —

We are delighted to report that last night the Library Joint Powers Board resolved that the Felton replacement branch be the first priority among Library capital projects, and that no other capital project will be funded until Felton receives funding. Six members voted in favor, one in opposition, and two members were absent.

We are grateful to the roughly thirty community members who attended the meeting in support of the resolution, and to the many who spoke so eloquently in favor of it. We are also very grateful to Supervisor Mark Stone, initiator of the resolution, and Board member Nancy Gerdt, who has represented the San Lorenzo Valley so strongly on this issue.

For all of us who have worked so long on the goal of a new library for the San Lorenzo Valley, last night’s vote expresses a clear recognition by Board members of the crucial need for this project to proceed. While funding remains a tremendous challenge, the Board’s resolution guarantees that the Felton branch issue will be addressed without any projects, even small ones, going ahead first.