Felton Discovery Park

Park Features

This unique County park was designed to promote environmental literacy through its design and through programs offered by County parks and the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. 

  • Pollinator garden and riparian plant walkway
  • Natural play areas to engage children in climbing and exploration
  • Interpretive signs on pollinators, watershed, riparian zones, and restoring fire’s natural role
  • A “human sundial” to intrigue and inform
  • Musical instruments to play together
  • Watershed displays to promote conservation and environmental action
  • Gathering area for storytimes and environmental literacy programs
  • Benches and paths for strolling, conversation, and relaxing

Riparian Restoration, Pollinator and Native Plant Gardens

In 2016 the non-profit Nature Explore was engaged by Felton Library Friends to explore utilizing the north side of Bull Creek for outdoor discovery. Working with key county officials, preliminary plans were developed that laid the groundwork for next steps. In 2018 BASE Landscape Architecture was chosen by Santa Cruz County Parks to further develop plans for the north side of Bull Creek with an emphasis on riparian, native and pollinator plants.

The first phase of riparian restoration began in 2018 and included extensive removal of invasive species such as Himalayan blackberry hybrid, vinca, ivy, and Scotch broom. Crews from the California Conservation Corps and Americorps were invaluable during this two year period.

Plans and activities are now underway to continue restoration in the riparian area and to maintain the pollinator and native gardens using a team of community volunteers. The park will serve as a model and teaching site for students, volunteers, and residents interested in learning about protecting and preserving our natural world, and how to include native plants in home landscapes. To volunteer in the park, click here



Park Plant of the Month: Toyon

If you have been out walking in oak or mixed evergreen woodlands this fall, you may have noticed this multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a resplendent display of red berries and dark green leathery leaves. Although it could be mistaken for Pyracantha, or even English...

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Who designed the new park?

The Nature Discovery Park was designed by BASE Landscape Architecture, a San Francisco firm devoted to green design, sustainability, resource conservation, and public participation. Visit their website atbaselandscape.com.

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Restoration Talk and Walk with Linda Skeff

Felton Library Friends Restoration Team members visited Linda Skeff’s house to understand best methods for removing invasive English ivy and restoring the beauty and health of the native redwood forest. Linda restored the ivy ensnared forest around her home to a place...

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