Felton Library Friends —

The Felton branch is once again threatened with closure. Acting Director Susan Elgin, in a memo posted on the library website today, outlines five possible scenarios to balance its budget. Two of these include the closure of the Felton branch. Others include cutting hours at all branches somewhat equally, cutting larger branches more while leaving community branches less affected, and other ways to reach a total budget cut of 1.2 million.

To read the entire document, go to the library website at:


and click the link under “What’s New” for “Library Budget – Closing the Gap between Revenues and Expenses (a Memo from the Acting Director).” Click “Library Budget Memo” to download and read the PDF.

This memo was released just prior to the monthly meeting of the Library Joint Powers Board tonight at the City of Santa Cruz Council Chambers at 7:30. Members of the FLF steering committee plan to attend and speak. Join us if you can. We will send out a follow-up email reporting on the meeting along with strategies on writing letters to Joint Powers Board members and attending future board meetings. We encourage you to pencil in the next Board meeting, currently scheduled for Monday, June 1, at 7:30 p.m. in Santa Cruz.

FLF will continue to advocate for the importance of keeping the Felton branch open during this dire economic situation.