Enjoy an afternoon of art, music and food with neighbors while celebrating your new local library at the Fantastic Figures Festival:

Date and Time: Saturday, May 20, Noon – 4:00 pm
Location: Library land next to the Felton post office

An installation of sculptures by local artists will be featured on the land. The day’s events include family art activities, an online auction of the sculptures (May 20-June 19), a raffle and painting demonstrations by local artist Yeshe Jackson. Entertainment is provided by local musicians Patti Maxine and Friends, Ben Lonesome and the Highway Niners, Dave McClellan and Friends and Little People’s Theatre. Pizza, strawberries, and lemonade will be available for purchase. Local artists who have generously created the fantastic figures include Alexis Spakoski, Eileen Murray, Karen Asherah, Eleanor Carolan, Karen Close, Bill Jurgens, Nina Moore, Janet Silverglate, Lise Bixler, and Jennifer Hennig.

The event gives community members an opportunity to learn more about specific plans for the new library building and Bull Creek Discovery Park on the two-acre site, expected to break ground in 2018. Interested attendees can also get involved with the project and help create a new library that truly reflects and supports the community.

The festival is sponsored by Felton Library Friends, a chapter of Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. All proceeds will finance aspects of the new library that the community desires but are not covered by the bond measure passed by voters last fall. These include the outdoor Bull Creek Discovery Park and indoor amenities like special furniture and equipment, additions to the opening day collection, and art installations. We hope to see you there!
Online auction details will be available soon here at www.feltonlibraryfriends.org.