Our Fantastic Figures Festival was a huge success. We excited to share the progress of the library and park with the community, and after all the hard work so far, it was great just to have some fun. We’ll have more information on the fundraising after the online auction is over. There are so many thanks for the great businesses and individuals in our community who made our festival a reality. So here goes.

Thank you!

Thank you to our amazing artists:  Alexis Spakoski, Bill Jurgens, Eileen Murray, Eleanor Carolan, Janet Silverglate, Jennifer Hennig, Karen Asherah, Karen Close, Lise Bixler, Nina Moore, Sophie Webb. Special thanks to art project organizers Eileen Murray & Nancy Gerdt.

Many thanks to the local businesses for their support: Redwood Pizzeria, Round Table, Pure Valley Water, Barry Tanner Sound, Driscoll’s, Felton Fire Protection District, Felton Paint and Hardware, 4-H, Hammer Construction, Horse Sense Education & Advocacy John Fasolas, Running Electric, Linda Skeff and S.C. County Parks Modern Woodmen, Palace Arts, Pacific Plug and Liner, Ron Campbell, Fresno House Movers, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Scarborough Lumber, Scotts Valley Feed, Scott Yates (Yates Woodworking), SLVUSD Nutrition Services, Teri Chanterai Flowers, Yeshi Jackson Fine Art

Our raffle couldn’t have happened without the support of our raffle donors: Cowboy Bar and Grill, Cremer House, Felton Farmers Market, Felton New Leaf Market, Horse Sense, Sushi San, Roaring Camp, Redwood Pizza

A big thank you to our local muscians and performers: Ben Lonesome and the Hwy.9ers, Dewey and the Decimaters, Little People’s Repertory Theater singers, Patti Maxine with Matt Bohn, Joshua Lowe, Alex Jones

Thank you Library Director Susan Nemitz and Supervisor Bruce McPherson for speaking and sharing your insights on the progress so far and the work left to do.

And we never would have made the festival happen without our volunteers. A whopping 91 volunteers came out to make this festival happen! There were way too many to name here, but every single one important! Special thanks to these FLF Teams:

Events: Diane McCormick, Kristin Praly, Nancy Gerdt, Marilyn Marzell, Michele Mosher, Phyllis Taylor
Graphics: Alexis Spkoski, Karen Asherah, Karen Close, Nina Moore
Publicity and Social Media: Leigh Ann Gessner, Mary Anderson, Paul Machlis, Shelly King Schuur

And thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day. We hope you had a great time!


Brian Frus of Given Light Photography took some gorgeous photos at the festival. Thank you, Brian!

Here’s a few photos of our own of the event. Thank you, everyone, who joined us for our festival!

A “behind the scenes” look at our volunteers putting together the Fantastic Figures Festival