Felton Library Friend

You are invited to join in a
Special Meeting of the
Felton Library Friends Steering Comittee
with architect Teall Messer

Tuesday, February 13, 4-6 p.m.
Felton Firehouse (Gushee St., behind Felton Community Hall)

The architect has requested an initial meeting with a relatively small group of library supporters. This is our community’s first opportunity, since the original 2003 plans, to contribute new ideas regarding how we want the library to look and feel, and what services and features we consider most important. He will translate these ideas, in consultation with the Library Board’s Felton Task Force, into revised plans, which will then get a full airing in a well-publicized forum at the Felton Community Hall in March or April.

Please let us know if you are planning to come, so that we may plan enough seating (email and phone info below).

If you want an idea of the ideas that FLF members have already discussed regarding what we want in a library, you may read the attached summary or visit our website (www.feltonlibraryfriends.org) and follow the “design” links at the bottom left. You will find there an abundance of ideas regarding the exterior, interior, functions, and goals we envision for our new branch.