Felton Library Friends —

Last week, the Library Joint Powers Board voted to balance its 2009-2010 budget without closing any of the ten branches of the Santa Cruz Public Library System. For a report on the decision, go to http://www.thevalleypost.com/article.php?id=744

Acting Library Director Susan Elgin will soon submit to the Board various proposals for cutting the budget without closing branches. These will vary in how many hours different branches are kept open, how much money is retained for purchase of books and other materials, and how many library staff are affected. The Board will discuss those proposals at its meeting of June 1, at a location yet to be announced.

Felton Library Friends will continue to advocate for cuts that spread the pain of this economic crisis . This will help bring all library supporters together and will protect our system for the day when funds are more plentiful. We support San Lorenzo Valley library users accepting their share in cuts to branch hours and services. However, we will advocate for our community branch libraries, the heart of our system, not bearing a greater proportion of cuts than the larger branches.

Look for another FLF email soon regarding the coming proposals and the June 1 meeting.

“At the moment that we persuade a child, any child to cross that threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better” — Barack Obama