Tenth Annual SLV Poetry Reading

Felton Library Friends invites SLV residents to submit poems on the theme of “Sharing” for the 10th Annual San Lorenzo Valley Poetry Reading.

Entries must be submitted by March 28 by email to slvpoetryreading@gmail.com or by mail to Felton Library Friends, PO Box 1245, Felton, CA 95018. One poem per poet may be submitted, accompanied by the poet’s name, age category, email address, and phone number. The age categories are 4-8 (dictation OK), 9-12, 13-17, and adult.

Poems, selected from all age categories by former Santa Cruz County Poet Laureate David Swanger, will be read by their authors at the SLV Poetry Reading on Thursday, April 24, 7:00 p.m., at the Felton Community Hall. In addition, poems selected for the event will be published in the Press-Banner.

Poets may wish to consider the following questions in approaching this year’s theme:

Are there things or feelings you share?
Are there things or feelings you choose not to share?
How do things like the web/facebook/texting affect what we share?
What are some important things/ideas/feelings to share?
How do we decide with whom we share what?
How does a street person with a sign asking for money make you feel?
When your family sits around the table at night, what kinds of things do you share? Or not share?
In school, in your classroom, how is sharing regarded? How is sharing practiced?
When is sharing prohibited? (e.g. when taking a test.). When is it encouraged? (e.g. when working as a team.)
Are there humorous situations related to sharing (e.g. when something is shared that is not wanted)?