Jim Mosher, member of the Felton Library Friends Steering Committee, explains the work planned for the park and environmental restoration work planned for the land around the library. (The sounds isn’t great on this video, so we’ve included a transcript after the video.)

TRANSCRIPT: We’re really excited about having this Nature Explorer park focused on environmental literacy attached to the library. What you see here is the Riparian Restoration area in green, and we’re going to restore this land in a model project that will tie into the programming in the library–how you do this, how landowners can protect the watershed and make it safe for the fauna and flora of our valley. And then outside the Riparian Zone, we’re going to have this Nature Explorer area for young children with these various areas that will give children an opportunity to engage in nature in a focused educational way but very active.

And then up here we’ll have a small stage and an open area. This is a small hill where we’ll be able to have programs and opportunities for active play.

This here an easement from the San Lorenzo Valley Water District in a project to expand the park. This is where we’re going to do a lot of mitigation for the disturbances to the Riparian Zone, part of the county requirement. Up here you see is the water district plant, and they’re a partner in this project. And part of what we can see visually here is very interesting here with the water district using the project as a means to reach out to the community and educate the community about what they can do in terms of environmental protection, watershed protection, how water gets delivered to our homes, how to do that in a way that’s safe, and how to deal with the drought long term.

So there’s just multiple opportunities for environmental education all tied into the concept of environmental literacy.

Environmental literacy is not only learning how to protect the environment but actively engaging in environmental protection as a lifelong endeavor. So this area is designed for all ages, and it’s going to have this enormous benefit to the community and enhance the library’s mission and the water district’s mission in a partnership. I can’t tell you how excited I am about what we’re up to.