Felton Library Friends is proud to be the sponsor of the annual San Lorenzo Valley Poetry Contest, held for the third time this year on April 26 at Felton Community Hall. Awards were made in four age categories. More than fifty entries were received and judged by poet and teacher Ken Weisner on the theme of “beginnings.” Winning poems were read by the poets, and guest readers presented some of their favorite poems.

Reading “My Favorite Poem” were local notables Beth Benjamin, Valley Women’s Club; Doug Morris, SLVHS; Kathryn Neill, The White Raven; Mark Stone, Fifth District Supervisor and Loren Suhd, Felton Library.
If new beginnings were green,
If frisbe could talk,
If clothes could walk,
If bamboo could dance,
If grass could see,
If cars were superheroes,
If pizza could bounce,
If weeds could pick flowers,
If you could walk backwards,
If baskets could hide,
If dogs could read,
If tables could do cartwheels,
If chairs could love,
If a BBQ could kiss,
If food could hug,
Then life would be delectable.
Madilyn Strubing, inspired by the book “If” by Sarah Perry, first place, age 5-8 category.
baby hamster sleeping
it’s beginning to rain

Violet Walker, runner up, 5-8 category

the beginning of spring
black kittens dancing
baby deer jumping
red bats sleeping
Katie May Johnson, honorable mention, 5-8 category
Fool’s Child (a poem for two voices on April Fool’s Day — one voice in black, the other in red, and sometimes having lines together)
Fool’s child. Fool’s Child.
I hop on one foot and lie upside down
Take one Leap,
And I Will be
Found. Found.
I say foolish things,
The Fool’s child I am.
I tell foolish Jokes
And do some tricks On April
The first. The first.
Yes, That’s our way.
Sunrise Is here
And if your birthday Is today.
You’re one of us, Hooray! You’re on of us, Hooray.
Natalie Gallagher and Marina Hallin, first place, 9-12 category. (photo of Natalie with Marilyn Robertson reading for Marina).
The second day of spring
Eating sorrel
In the forest
With my friends
and sitting under the trees
A spider spinning a web
Me and Josh
Racing to the bridge.
Gabriel Wooden, runner up, 9-12 category.
She bolts awake with a start
Moonlight flooding in the yard
The pounding in her heart
Listening for the silence marred
Remembers tonight she must leave
For a new life
It started with some small peeve
And now she won’t be his wife
Grabs her carefully packed bag
Slips out the old brown door
Ties on a luggage tag
She isn’t only dreaming of leaving anymore
Steps up to the gate
A car waiting for her there
Looks back at the house she’s come to hate
Her escape planned with so much care
Walks on the silver plane
Smiles out the window, she is free
Her life will not be lived in vain
The ticket to a beginning only a small fee.
Alisa Allen, first place, teen category
Five guest readers shared a favorite poem. Here, Supervisor Mark Stone reads two favorite poems, one by Ogden Nash and the other by T.S. Eliot. Other guests included Lauren Suhd, Youth Services Coordinator at the Felton branch library; Beth Benjamin, President of the Valley Women’s Club; Kathryn Neill, manager of the White Raven cafe; and Doug Morris, English teacher at SLVHS.

I heard
Your Smile
and it made me
turn around

Cimarron Conway, “the world’s shortest poem for Bonnie Bell,” runner up, adult category.

Again the white foam of plum,
The clambering spray of clematis along the back fence,
Seedlings of sweet pea, forgetmenot, and columbine opening its tiny leafy fans.
The varied thrush brightens day by day and practices its courting song.
The year exhales in fragrant bloom and green beginnings.
Today my daughter’s birthday, she pregnant, round as a plum herself,
Another spring baby soon to come –
What wonderful work lies ahead!
Beth Benjamin, first place, adult category.