Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Steering Committee Meeting November 29, 2011

Present: Thomas Wynn, Anita Lande, Phyllis Taylor, Edna Lyles, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Michele Mosher.

We opened with library news: The new ILS (computer system) and remaining problems, a coming new member and new chair to the JPB, new hours and staff at Felton in January, the FSCPL brochure just published, and a coming volunteer coordinator for non-Friends volunteers.

Read-a-Thon:  Nancy will work with Marilyn who will call readers.  We agreed to the branch as the location and discussed possible starting times.  Michele will work on the poster, Paul will handle PR.  Event will be the 2nd annual one and will be scheduled for February.  Marilyn will first check with the branch manager re scheduling.

Poetry Reading.  Anita will coordinate receipt of emailed poems.  Paul will handle PR.  Tentative date is Wednesday April 25 pending room availability.

Verutti land: A meeting in January will provide more information on the possibility of County ownership. Should that proceed, FLF would then meet with Director Landers regarding possible interim plans for the property.

We discussed how FLF might better represent itself with the SLV Chamber of Commerce and the two business associations.  Thomas discussed ways in which the three groups are cooperating, including beautification of the Valley.  FLF will try to have a rep at the mixers or the quarterly breakfast meetings.  Potential volunteers to this and/or the JPB are Michele, Paul, Anita, Phyllis, Donna, and Nancy.

Next meeting is January 24, 2012.


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